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Friday, September 28, 2007

September 27th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 5PM (9/26) and 5:30AM (9/27)- 815 Newton Street

A Highway Department employee reported that sometime overnight an unknown suspect had gained entry into the lower bay area of the Highway Department and tampered with the buildings circuit breaker. No items were reported missing at this time.


  • Occurred at 5:11PM (9/25)- 1334 Beacon Street

A radio shack employee reported that a display television set had been stolen sometime yesterday. After reviewing the stores surveillance tape it appears as though the suspect who took the television is a male subject who was last seen wearing a gray and orange shirt. The television is valued at $269 and this case is still under investigation.

  • Occurred at 10:48PM (9/27)-1412 Beacon Street

Victim reports leaving Anna's Taqueria and forgetting his knapsack inside, upon retuning to Anna’s he noticed his bag was missing. The value of the bag is about $15.


  • Occurred between 10:47AM (9/25) and 10:47AM (9/27) - St Paul Street/ Francis Street

An officer directing traffic was nearly struck by a vehicle whose driver failed to follow the directions of the officer. The man additionally failed to pull his vehicle over when motioned to do so. The man drove away from the scene, however the officer was able to later contacted the man to come to the station to discuss the matter further. The officer explained the seriousness of the man’s actions and informed him that he will be summonsed to court for Operating to Endanger, Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, and additional motor vehicle infractions.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 26th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 8:10AM (9/26) - Webster Place/Harvard Street

Louis Brittle, 31 yrs, was arrested and charged with Malicious Destruction of Property.

Victim reports that while exiting a local Starbucks a panhandler asked him for spare change, when the victim stated he didn’t have any the suspect kicked over a newspaper stand which subsequently fell and struck the victims vehicle. The suspect identified as Brittle was found a short distance away and arrested.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred at 6:35PM (9/25) - Parkman Street/St Paul Street

Victim reports that while she was taking a left turn a man crossing the street deliberately and repeatedly smashed his briefcase against the hood of her car damaging it. The suspect is described as an older man around 65 years of age, 6’2, wearing glasses and a gray suit.


  • Occurred between 5:45AM and 7AM (9/26) - 678 Brookline Avenue

Victim reports that while the center was closed a suspect entered Brookline Animal Control and stole a donation box from the front desk. The amount of money in the box is unknown.

Attempted Larceny

  • Occurred between 9:30PM (9/25) and 11AM (9/26) - 50 Pleasant Street

Victim reports that sometime overnight someone had moved his scooter and tried to start it, severely damaging the vehicles steering mechanism. The cost of this damage is unknown.


  • Occurred at 11:15PM (9/26) - Harvard Street/Beals Street

Victim reports that while he was at dinner a suspect gained entry into his unlocked vehicle and stolen his portable GPS navigation system, along with a backpack containing several personal items. The collective cost of these items is approximately $750.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 25th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 6:30AM (9/25)- John Street/Babcock Street

Andrew Waisnor, 29 yrs, was arrested and charged with driving with an expired license, failure to stop before making a right turn on red, and driving a motor vehicle without an inspection sticker.

Police witnessed a vehicle make a right turn on red without stopping. Upon pulling the vehicle over it was discovered that the driver identified as Waisnor, had an expired/non renewable driver’s license. He was subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred at 9:35PM (9/25)-Pleasant Street/Beacon Street

Two juveniles were arrested and charged with Larceny and Receiving Stolen Property.

Police attempted to speak with two youths who were seen suspiciously riding bicycles in an area of recent bike thefts. When police approached the two youths they both rode away quickly attempting to elude police. After the two boys were eventually stopped it was learned that the bikes they were riding had been recently stolen from a Holiday Inn garage. The two juveniles were subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 12:30AM and 7AM (9/25) - 26 Thorndike Street

Victim reports that sometime over night 3 bicycles were stolen from his garage. The first bike is described as a 20 speed gray and brown boys Raleigh valued at $200. The second bike is a silver Diamondback Mountain bike valued at $250. The third bike stolen is described as a yellow and black Wha-Hoo Gary Fischer valued at $300.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 24th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 12:46AM (9/24)-1321 Beacon Street

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle traveling very slowly and constantly drifting over the marked lanes of the roadway. The officer’s who were driving behind this vehicle with their windows down, could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After pulling the vehicle over and approaching the drivers side window officers were overwhelmed with the smell of burnt marijuana. A subsequent search yelled a bag of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. The driver will be summonsed to court for Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana), operating a Motor Vehicle while Not Duly licensed, and a Marked Lanes Violation.

Attempted Breaking and Entering

  • Occurred between 7PM (9/23) and 10:30AM (9/24)- 223 St Paul Street

Victim reports that sometime overnight a suspect had tried to gain entry into her apartment through two different windows. A neighbor of the victim reported a similar incident happening about a month ago, this case is still under investigation.

Bad Check

  • Occurred between 11:28PM (9/24) and 12:41AM (9/25)- 1195 Boylston Street

A CVS employee called police to report that a customer had bought items with a fake American Express Travelers Check. The amount of the fraudulent check was $100. The suspect is described as a white female in her mid 20’s with dirty blonde hair worn in a pony tail. She was last seen wearing a beige short sleeve shirt with grey Capri pants and shower shoes.

Monday, September 24, 2007

September 23rd Police Reports


  • Occurred between 1:06AM and 3:08AM (9/23)- 208 Winthrop Rd

Matthew Krupski, 20 yrs, was arrested and charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Breaking and Entering with Intent to Commit a Misdemeanor.

Police received a report of a shirtless male seen breaking into a vacant apartment. When police arrived they found a suspect matching the description given by the caller, the man was intoxicated and was holding an open container of beer. Krupski immediately denied any knowledge of the incident however Police determined that Krupski had torn open the screen to the apartment when entering and when exiting had additionally damaged another screen in a separate window.

  • Occurred between 2:29AM and 3:13AM (9/23)- 55 Egmont Street

Lauren Burdick, 22 yrs, was arrested and charged with Operating while Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor, and Weaving.

Police noticed a vehicle weaving over marked lanes. Upon pulling the vehicle over it was determined that the driver identified as Burdick was under the influence of alcohol.


  • Occurred between 1:30PM (9/17) and 11:34Am (9/23)- 14 East Milton Rd

Victim reports that someone had entered his home and after breaking off a combination lock stole 2 keys to several additional residences. Nothing else is reported missing at this time however this case is still under investigation.


  • Occurred at 3:25PM (9/23)- 320 Harvard Street

Police were dispatched to Fire Opal where an employee reported that a Coat and 4 pairs of earrings had been stolen. The employee noticed the items missing right before closing the store for the evening, the employee reported to police that she believed an Asian woman in her late 20’s, 5’5-5’6 in height and around 100 lbs was responsible for the theft.


  • Occurred between 11AM and 4:45PM (9/23)-1281 West Roxbury Parkway

Victim reports that her vehicles driver’s side window had been smashed and her wallet, cell phone, glasses, and pocketbook were stolen from the vehicle, the wallet contained several bank and identification cards, the pocketbook contained prescription medication and a ring. The combined value of all the stolen items is approximately $620.


  • Occurred at 9:40PM (9/23)- Summit Ave/Atherton Rd

A USPS mailbox was ‘tagged’ with spray painted graffiti; this case is still under investigation.

September 22nd Police Reports


  • Occurred at 1:30AM (9/22)- Egmont St/Pleasant St

Micah Wall, 18yrs, was arrested and charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Malicious Damage, Disorderly Conduct, and Underage Drinking.

Stephen Wall, 21 yrs, was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Public Drinking, and having an Open Container of Alcohol.

Police on patrol noticed two individuals walking down the street, one of whom was holding an open beer the other was holding a bottle of vodka, Police arrested the first subject identified as Stephen Wall, however the second suspect identified as Micah Wall began resisting officers when they tried to place him in custody. He repeatedly was uncooperative and physically resistant.

  • Occurred at 1:39AM (9/22)- Washington St/Griggs Rd

Shanon Hakala, 23 yrs, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault and Battery of a Police Officer, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Malicious Damage of Town Property.

While Police were conducting a routine traffic stop the driver of the motor vehicle informed police he was uncomfortable with one of the passengers of his vehicle. When the woman exited the man’s vehicle it was clear she was intoxicated, she was additionally combative and uncooperative and police were forced to put her into protective custody. During the booking process at the station Hakala attempted to knee one of the officers in the groin, in addition to that assault she also attempted to damage one of the holding cells cameras.

  • Occurred between 1:57AM and 2:15AM (9/22)- Park St/ Harvard Ave

Jose Martinez, 19 yrs, was placed in protective custody.

Police on patrol noticed a male walking next to the roadway carrying a 20 ft. aluminum ladder as well as a 50 foot garden hose. The man claimed he had ‘found’ the two items in the trash although he was unable to provide police with an address of where the objects came from. Police determined that the man was intoxicated and placed him in protective custody.

  • Occurred at 6:24PM (9/22)- 1324 Beacon Street

Darryl Hall, 41 yrs, was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Police responded to an area CVS to a call of a shoplifter. The employee at CVS reported that a man had been seen trying steal an entire shelf of toothbrushes.


  • Occurred between 9AM (3/01) and 9PM (3/31)- 302 Harvard St.

Victim reports being called by a collection agency for charges that the victim did not make. The fraudulent charges amounted to $253.36, and this case is still under investigation.

September 21st Police Reports


  • Occurred at 6:40AM (9/21) - 9 Sewall Avenue

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle with a revoked registration sticker. Furthermore, while running information on the vehicle it was discovered the cars insurance had been revoked. The driver will be summonsed to court for Operating after Revocation of Registration, and Operating a Motor Vehicle without Insurance.

  • Occurred at 2:41PM (9/21) - 281 Harvard Street

Police noticed a vehicle traveling without a required front license plate. Upon stopping the vehicle it was discovered the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. Furthermore ,officers learned that the vehicles registration had been revoked, the man will be summonsed to court for Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Operating an Unregistered Vehicle, Failing to Submit Motor Vehicle for Inspection, Failure to Display a front License Plate, and other various Traffic Violations.


  • Occurred at 5:54PM (9/21) - 341 St. Paul Street

Victim reports receiving a call informing him of outstanding balances totaling $3,300 that had been fraudulently charged to various credit cards bearing his name, the victim never applied for any of the credit cards, and this case is still under investigation.


  • Occurred between 12:00PM and 12:22PM (9/21) - 0 Glen Road

Victim reports that his driver’s side window had been smashed and his GPS navigation system valued at $500 had been taken from the dashboard.