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Friday, October 7, 2011



Occurred on 10/7 at 3:07 AM – Subway Restaurant (238 Harvard St.)

Officers responded to a business/commercial alarm for a rear door activation. Upon arrival, officers noticed the interior rear door had fresh pry marks near the lock, consistent with being forced open by a crow bar. A $5 bill was on the top step of the basement staircase. An empty cash drawer was discovered on the floor of the kitchen. A steel safe under the register appeared to be damaged, and the top drawer of the safe was pulled out. An investigation is being conducted.


Occurred on 10/7 at 1:12 AM – Beacon St./Park Drive

A cab driver reported he had been assaulted by three male parties who were now traveling in a different cab. The second cab was observed traveling on Beacon Street and the operator was stopped by police.

The reporting cab driver stated that he was flagged down in front of An Tua Nua bar (835 Beacon Street, Boston) by the males who asked to be taken to Newbury College. The driver then overheard them say that they had no money to pay the cab fare, and he pulled over and asked them to get out at Beacon Street and Park Drive. One of the parties started coming towards the driver yelling and calling him names. When the driver reached into the cab to retrieve his cell phone, he was punched in the ribs. When he did retrieve his phone, it was taken out of his hand and he was hit in the head with it. The same suspect then ripped the antenna off the cab and hit the truck, causing a dent. He was placed under arrest for: 1 count of Assault and Battery, 1 count of Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon (cell phone), Intimidation of a Witness, and Malicious Damage (cab antenna).


Occurred on 10/6 at 4:12 PM – Trader Joe’s (1309 Beacon St.)

Officers responded for a report of a shoplifter. An employee reported a female customer had placed several bottles of wine and a loaf of bread into a bag and appeared to be concealing it. She then attempted to leave the store through the rear entrance without paying for any items. The shoplifter will be summonsed to court for shoplifting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Motorcycle Crash:

Occurred on 10/5 at 5:21 – Pond Ave./Highland Rd.

Officers responded for a traffic crash. The operator of the motorcycle involved stated that he was traveling on Willow Pond Rd towards Pond Ave, when he went over some sand in the roadway and lost control. He was transported to the hospital.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Occurred on 10/3 at 4:40 PM – Vintage Jewelry (1382 Beacon St.)

Officers responded to the above business for a reported shoplifting.

The suspect left the store and ran down Beacon Street (east) onto Centre Street. She was described as a black female, 5'8, with black straight hair down to her shoulders. She was wearing a black overcoat, black pants, and had a green and white bag. There was video surveillance in the store.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Occurred 10/3-10/4, 11:30PM-12:45 AM – St. Mary’s Ct.

An officer was flagged down by a victim who stated that the tires and rims on his vehicle had been removed and that his vehicle was on cinder blocks. He had last seen his car in tact at approximately 11:30 PM on Monday, October 3rd, 2011. When he went out to his car at 12:45 AM he noticed that his tires and rims were gone. The four lug nuts for each tire were lying on the pavement around the vehicle. There were surveillance cameras in the area.

Pedestrian Accident:

Occurred on 10/3 at 4:05 PM – Clinton Path/Beacon St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of a pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he had been hit by a car as he began to walk across Clinton Path in the painted crosswalk. The operator stated that he was proceeding from the stop sign at the intersection and he did not see that the victim had entered the crosswalk. He stopped suddenly but hit the victim on the left side as he walked westbound. The operator was issued a citation for Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.

Occurred on 10/3 at 8 AM – Winchester St./Coolidge St.

Officers were dispatched to the area for the report of a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. According to the victim, she was walking her dog northbound on Winchester Street towards Brighton. She stated as she was crossing Coolidge Street in the crosswalk, she was struck by a vehicle that was making a left turn from Winchester Street onto Coolidge Street. The victim stated she saw the vehicle approaching at a very slow speed and was able to turn her body so shield the impact. The vehicle struck her backside and knocked her to the ground. The driver was issued a citation for Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.