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Thursday, January 21, 2021

January 21, 2021


1/20/2021 SUSPECTED FRAUD – Officers responded to a report from a bank manager on W Roxbury Parkway where they believed that a patron of the bank is the unknowing victim of a scam. The patron has been depositing their money to a bank in another state, believing that they will get the money back soon as part of their investment. This prompted the bank manager to call the police. The patron was reluctant in giving more information and at this time detectives are still investigating.

1/20/2021 PACKAGE THEFT – Officers took report of a package theft on Marion St. where the buyer received an email that their package had been delivered. Seeing that the package was not there, the merchant was contacted. They confirmed that the package was delivered and so the buyer reported to police that their package was stolen.

1/20/2021 UNEMPLOYMENT FRAUD – Officers took a report for unemployment fraud when they were contacted by a citizen stating that their employer received an unemployment claim in their name. Since they did not file for unemployment, a police report has been filed as well as a report with the Department of Unemployment.

1/20/2021 DISPUTE - Officers responded to an altercation on Beacon St. among two citizens. The dispute was over the usage of a parking spot, where a subject accused the other involved person of parking illegally. The accused subject stayed in their car until officers arrived to deescalate and resolve the dispute.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021

1/19/2021 ID FRAUD – Officers responded to an ID fraud report where the victim stated that they received mail in which several banks informed them of accounts opened in their name. Checks as well as debit cards were stated in their name. The victim has now canceled all fraudulent activity under their name.

1/19/2021 BREAKING AND ENTERING – Officers responded to a report for a breaking and entering at a commercial building on Washington St. Owners of the store returned to their property with several items out of place as well as other merchandise missing. Officers suspect that the perpetrator entered through the backdoor in the basement of the store. At this time, the evidence and surveillance is still being examined.

1/19/2021 PACKAGE THEFT – Officers responded to a package theft report on Adams St. where the owner relayed that while away for the weekend, the owner received a notification that their package was delivered and upon returning home, the package was not there.

1/19/2021 UNEMPLOYMENT FRAUD – Officers took 3 reports of unemployment fraud where citizens stated that unemployment benefits where claimed under their names but they never filed for benefits.

1/19/2021 ATTEMPTED LARCENY – Officers took report of attempted larceny where the reporting party observed a suspect on a bicycle attempting to open car doors on Naples Rd. The suspect attempted to open several car doors but was unable to gain entry into any vehicle. The suspect was described by the reporting party and officers are currently looking for the suspect. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

January 19, 2021


01/14/2021 SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to Walgreens on Harvard St. for a reported shoplifting.  The employees reported that the suspect had been in the store and was observed placing items into a bag and exited the store without purchasing.  An itemized receipt of the stolen product was provided by the merchant.

01/14/2021 FRAUD – Officers took a report of fraud which entailed several unauthorized withdrawals from several credit card accounts.


1/15/2021 SIMPLE ASSAULT – Officers took a report of an assault that occurred at a commercial establishment on Beacon St. The argument and simple assault ensued after a shopping cart was left behind a parked car.

1/15/2021 CREDIT CARD FRAUD – Officers took three reports of credit card fraud where the reporting parties located fraudulent charges on their credit card.

1/15/2021 PACKAGE THEFT – Officers took report of a package theft on Harvard St. where the party received a notification that their packages were delivered but upon arriving home, the packages had been opened and gone through and some contents were taken.

1/15/2021 LARCENY – Officers took report of larceny where the reporting party stated that valuable items were stolen from their home a year ago. The party waited to report because they did not want to make false allegations toward any other parties before backtracking where they could have lost the items.

1/15/2021 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – Officers took report of suspicious activity occurring at a home where the reporting party observed an individual in the rear of the house carrying what seemed to be a long screwdriver and was looking for another person. This individual walked away when confronted by the resident and then the resident of the home reported the incident.


1/16/2021 SHOPLIFTING – Officers took report of a shoplifting at Trader Joe’s on Beacon St. The suspect is a regular patron of the store and has shoplifted in the past.

1/16/2021 BREAKING & ENTERING – Officers took a report of a breaking and entering on Ivy St. where the reporting party was alerted by their security system to someone in his backyard. The suspect was not able to enter and the reporting party was not injured.

1/16/2021 FRAUD – Officers took a fraud report where the reporting party received an email that prompted them to purchase numerous Visa gift cards. The party then relayed the gift card information to the email sender. At this time, all the gift cards have been used.


1/17/2021 VEHICLE THEFT – Officers took a report of a motor vehicle theft where the vehicle owner stated that their van was taken from their driveway.


1/18/2021 BIKE LARCENY – Officers took report of a stolen bike at Brookline Village MBTA Stop. The reporting party locked their bike at the stop and took the train into work. Upon returning, the reporting party saw that their bike and lock were missing.  

1/18/2021 MALICIOUS DAMAGE TO AN AUTOMOBILE ­ - Officers took a malicious damage report that had occurred to a school bus. The reporting party stated that the front window of the school bus had been damaged by a rock while it had been parked.