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Friday, July 6, 2012

Police Reports 7/5

Malicious Damage: 7/5 at 10:45pm – Winthrop Rd.
Officers responded to a malicious damage report to a house that had been egged. The EGG-teriors of the home including the windows, deck, and front door were egged numerous times. The victim has not had any issues with anyone and no other reports have been taken for damage to homes in the area during the July fourth holiday. He was able to clean up the eggs after several hours of cleaning.

Not Duly Licensed: 7/5 at 5:52pm – West Roxbury Parkway
An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding while conducting traffic enforcement in the vicinity of 1281 West Roxbury Pkwy. The operator produced a registration but did not have a valid license. The subject was placed under arrest and charged with the following: Speeding and Not Duly Licensed.

Breaking and Entering: Reported 7/5 & Occurred 6/21 at night - Fuller St.
A resident came to the station to report a breaking and entering of their motor vehicle. She Stated that she left her vehicle unlocked overnight and returned the next morning to find that her wallet and international drivers license was taken. She canceled her card and no fraudulent charges have been made since. The vehicle was not processed due to length of time between the incident and the reporting of the crime.

Operating after Suspension: 7/5 at 7:53am - Davis Ave. at Cypress St.
Officer pulled over a vehicle that traveled through a red light. The registry confirmed the operator’s license was active, however, the vehicle registration was suspended. The operator was issued a citation for the red light violation and for operating with an unregistered motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Armed Robbery In Brookline; July 5th 2012

A female victim in her twenties reported today that as she was walking on Winchester Street around 12:30 AM she was robbed. She stated she was walking from Beacon Street towards Kelton Street when a vehicle approached from the opposite direction and stopped beside her. The driver was described as a middle aged light skinned black female who engaged the victim in a conversation asking for directions. While the victim was talking to the driver, a male subject walked past the victim and continued walking. When the victim resumed walking she spotted the same male subject standing near the intersection of Winchester and Fuller Streets. The male subject is described as being a middle aged black man, wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt. As the victim walked past the male subject he displayed a silver handgun and demanded her money. He then reached into her shoulder bag and took some cash and keys. He then walked away towards Beacon Street, telling the victim to walk in the opposite direction. A short time later as the victim continued walking the car returned. The same operator pulled alongside and asked if the victim was alright. The subject said she was and the vehicle left the area. The vehicle is described as a middle sized car with a baby seat in the back behind the driver. No further details are available at this time, it is unknown what the involvement of the car and operator are related to the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call the Brookline Police Department. 617-730-2222

Police Reports 7/3-7/4

Operating after Suspension: 7/3 at 6:40am – Harvard St and Beacon St.
A random query of a vehicle revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a Suspended Drivers License. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

Acc Multiple Vehicle/Property: - 7/3 at 8:24am - Cypress St.
Officer responded to a report of a Hit & Run Accident. Victim stated that a grey vehicle changed lanes and scraped the left side of her car. When the victim pulled over to exchange information, the suspect did not stop. A registration of the suspect’s license plate identified his information. Information was exchanged and both parties were further advised. The damage to both vehicles was minimal and did not rise to the level that would require a RMV Report.

Fraud: 7/3 at 9:30am – Babcock St.
Victim claimed that she had 3 separate cash withdrawals. The officer is requesting a warrant on a suspect for fraudulent use of credit cards and a follow up by detectives.

Larceny: 7/4 at 9:30am – Coolidge St.
Subject was interviewed on an investigation involving him in a recent incident. He stated that he used various dollar off coupons obtained using a false address on his courtesy card application. A complaint was filed charging the subject with larceny.

Larceny: 7/3 at 5:52pm – Harvard St.
Officer responded to a report of shoplifting. Suspect will be summonsed into court for shopliftin.  More charges may be filed at a later date pending the findings of the store’s asset protection team.

Trespassing: 7/4 at 6:37pm - Beacon St.
Subject refused to leave the store property. The vehicle he was driving was full of store items obtained by dumpster diving. He was issued a verbal no trespassing order.

Operating after Suspension: 7/5 at 12:30am – Beacon St.
A random query of a vehicle revealed that the registered owner had a revoked Massachusetts Drivers License. The query revealed that the vehicle's registered owner was not the operator. Subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station. Operator’s license was suspended.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate July 4th at Larz Anderson Park

Brookline Police will be out in full force tomorrow night, as Boston celebrates the fourth. In prior years, many residents have gone to the top of Summit Avenue in hopes of viewing the fireworks. This location may not actually be the best viewing spot. People will be allowed up there to enjoy their evening, but keep in mind that there are many trees and the view is blocked. Summit Ave. will have an alternate traffic pattern starting at 7:00PM. There will be no parking in the area. Residents are encouraged to walk up Summit Ave. A better viewing of the area to see the fireworks (weather permitted) is the Larz Anderson Park. This area will also be well staffed with Brookline Police and Civilian Park Interns. The top part of the park will be closed to all motor vehicle traffic at 7:00PM. People will be allowed to walk to the hill side for viewing of the fireworks. Reminder- No alcohol or fireworks are allowed. 

Massachusetts Fireworks Law prohibits private citizens to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts, or to purchase them legally elsewhere and then transport then into the state. In the case of selling fireworks, statute states that officers may arrest without a warrant and shall seize any fireworks. In the case of possession, use, and cause to explode of fireworks, statute provides for a fine upon conviction and automatic confiscation of fireworks.

Police Reports 7/2

Larceny: 7/02 at 6:01pm – Park St.
Officer responded to a report of a stolen scooter. Victim claimed she left it unlocked and noticed it missing when she returned. Se did not notice anyone suspicious in the area and did not have any reason to believe that anyone she knew would have taken it.

Threats: 7/2 at 3:43pm – Egmont St.
Witness observed a man gesturing his hands, as a handgun, and aimed and shot it at the bedroom window right next to his. A check of the subject’s criminal history revealed multiple adult arraignments with numerous charges. Due to the subject’s violent criminal history and the fact that he has defaulted from court numerous times, the responding officer requested that a warrant be issued for his arrest.

Operating after Revocation: 7/2 at 2:16pm – Harvard St.
After observing a crosswalk violation, an officer approached the operator of a vehicle and asked for a driver’s license and registration. A check revealed that the subject ‘s license had been revoked and had an active warrant. He was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

Fraud: Occurred 6/28/12-6/30/12
Victim noticed several different fraudulent transactions on her debit card. Transactions were made in multiple towns in both Maine and Connecticut.

Fraud: 7/2 at 12:30pm – Harvard St.
Victim reported a fraud by check. The check was assigned by a suspect who has a default warrant for his arrest. All evidence has been submitted into an evidence locker. Case is still under investigation.

Accident: 7/2 at 8:55am – Sumner Rd.
A cyclist was struck by a vehicle attempting to park. The operator stated that he did not see the cyclist. No one was injured.

Graffiti Law: 7/2 at 7:45am – Thayer St.
Officer responded to investigate a graffiti complaint on a rented truck. The truck was parked in the driveway at Thayer St. when it was marked with graffiti. The Walk & Talk unit will conduct a follow-up investigation if warranted.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Police Reports 6/30-7/1

Possession of Heroin: 7/1 at 8:11pm – Babcock St.

Officers were dispatched to a scene for a report of a drug overdose. Upon routine checks, the staff on scene discovered that the patient had locked herself in the bathroom and was not responding. The officer observed heroin, a controlled substance, among other items inside a plastic bag found on the scene. The plastic bag containing these items was placed into an evidence bag as is, and will be submitted to the property clerk for further analysis. Subject was transported to the hospital.

Warrant: 7/1 at 5:30pm – Washington St.

A random inquiry of a vehicle, traveling north on Washington St. towards Boylston St., revealed that the owner had an active default warrant for his arrest. The operator and registered owner of the vehicle stated he did not know he had a warrant for his arrest. Upon confirmation, the subject was wanted on an outstanding default warrant issued by the court. Subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

Larceny: 7/1 at 4:15am – Beacon St. and Tappan St.

Witness stated seeing 3 subjects stealing a resident’s bike. The officer questioned several men who fit the descriptions described by the witness. Based on the subjects’ proximity to the crime scene and the statements and identification made by a witness, they were placed under arrest and handcuffed without incident for Larceny. The subjects were also issued a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Receive Stolen Property: 7/1 at 4:10pm – Washington St.

A witness noted a bicycle that was similar to the one that had been stolen from his son. After observing the bicycle, he approached the suspect to inquire where he got the bike. The suspect immediately left the area before the officer’s arrival. For reasons of abandoning the bike, evading the police response, and the identification made by the witness, the suspect was subsequently placed under arrest. The witness took custody of the bicycle in question.

Found Property:

Citizen turned over a .22 caliber rifle that was found while cleaning his attic. He requested that the station take custody of it because the rifle was given to him by his dad. The rifle was placed into an evidence locker.

Found Property: 6/30 at 4:51am – Cypress St.

Officer found a lost check with the information of a resident. A message was left to have the check picked up.

Annoying Phone Calls: 6/30 at 4:00am – Coolidge House rehab facility

On numerous occasions, a woman stated to receiving harassing calls and messages. The unknown callers made derogatory statements of a sexual and profane nature. Upon investigation, the officer discovered that the harassment was a cause of personal conflict. The officer advised that any future correspondence will likely result in court action.

Fraud Credit Card: 6/30 at 4:00pm – Tappen St.

Man reported that his credit card had been stolen and used fraudulently. He claimed that they were stolen from his secured locker while he went for a 45 minute swim at the pool. The bank revealed that his cards were used to purchase a laptop.

Resisting Arrest: 6/30 at 1:57am – Harvard St.

Officers approached by a Boston cop. The operator requested assistance of his passenger. Passenger charged with Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, Fare Evasion, and Resisting Arrest.