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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Police Reports December 7th - 9th


Occurred at 12:50 am (12/8) Boylston St

  • Officers conducted a traffic stop for an expired inspection sticker. The operator was placed under arrest for operating on a revoked license.

Occurred at 1:45 am (12/9) Beacon St

  • Police were called for a fight in progress. Police spoke with the victim who stated that he was ‘jumped’ by two unknown parties and had items stolen. The two subjects were found by responding officers in the area and placed under arrest for assault and battery and larceny.


Occurred between 5:00 pm (12/5) and 7:10 am (12/7) 143 Cypress St

  • Officers responded to Sealey’s Restaurant for a report of broken glass. After speaking with the owners it was found that items were missing as well as damaged.

Occurred between 6:00 pm (12/6) and 10:49 (12/7) 1160 Boylston St

  • Victim reported that it appeared that someone attempted to gain access to their business during the above times

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 8:00 pm (12/6) and 8:00 am (12/7) Brington Rd

  • Victims reported that they had rented a moving truck that was parked in front of the residence. When they originally parked the vehicle there was no damage. When they returned there were two visible spray painted markings on the truck.

Occurred between 10:00 pm (12/4) and 8:30 am (12/7) Pleasant St

  • Victim reported that the front entrance way of the building was tagged by graffiti marks.

Occurred between 7:00 am (12/1) and 7:00 am (12/8) 541Harvard St

  • Officers took a report of graffiti along the side of the building of Rubin’s Deli

Larceny from Auto

Occurred between 11:00 am (12/6) and 2:44 pm (12/7) Pleasant St

  • Victim returned to their vehicle to find that all four tires had been stolen.


Occurred between 11:00 am (12/8) and 11:23 am (12/8) Carlton St

  • Victim reported that an aluminum ladder was taken off the property.

Occurred at 9:44 am (12/9) South St

  • Victim reported to officers that the snow shovel in front of the house was stolen

Occurred between 4:10 pm (12/9) and 4:15 pm (12/9) 1329 Beacon St

  • Officers responded to the AT&T store for reports of a stolen I-Phone from the display.

Occurred between 7:30 pm (12/9) and 9:15 pm (12/9) 361 Washington St

  • Victim reported to police that while at the Brookline Public Library their backpack was stolen along with their laptop computer.

Occurred between 9:00 pm (12/6) and 8:00 pm (12/9) St. Paul St

  • Victim reported to police that the front license plate of the vehicle had been stolen.

Monday, December 7, 2009

December 2nd - 6th Police Report


  • Occurred between 6:30PM(11/30) and 6:00PM(12/3) – 312 Tappan St

The victims report that while they were gone from their apartment (which they were moving out of) several items had been taken. It is believed that the items were taken while the management company was showing the apartment to possible new tenants. Police will be following up on this case.

Breaking and Entering into a Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 8:00AM and 3:30PM(12/2) – Webster St/ Kent St

Victim reports that upon returning to their vehicle the driver’s side window had been smashed. The GPS was missing. Police are following up on this case.


  • Occurred between 5:00PM and 6:30PM(12/2) – 283 Harvard St

Victim reports that a phone was stolen from the display. The victim didn’t notice anyone acting suspiciously in the store during that time frame. Detectives are following up on this case.

  • Occurred between 12:45PM and 1:15PM( 12/3) – 888 Commonwealth Ave

Victim reports that she left their bag on the ground next to their chair while she ate. When she went to leave the bag was missing. Neither the victim nor her friend noticed anyone acting suspiciously around their table. Detectives are following up on this case.

  • Occurred at 8:43PM(12/3) – 525 Harvard St

Store employee reports that they watched the suspect on the security cameras stuff multiple items into the bag they were carrying. When the suspect attempted to leave the store the store employee stopped the suspect and detained them until the police got there. The suspect was then arrested for shoplifting.

  • Occurred at 1:25PM(12/5) – 525 Harvard St

Store employee reports that the suspect placed an item into their pocket and attempted to leave without paying for it. The store employee detained the suspect until the police arrived. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.