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Friday, April 21, 2017

4-20 /21 - 2017


On 04-20-2017 Officers observed a red mini cooper fail to stop for the red light at the intersection of Washington St. southbound and Boylston St. eastbound. The Officer activated the blue emergency lights and safely initiated a traffic stop in front of 44 Washington St.  A CJIS query on the mobile laptop showed that the operator’s driver’s license was revoked.  The operator was placed under arrest.  A passenger in the vehicle was also arrested when it was discovered that he had 3 outstanding warrants. Both parties were transported to the Brookline Police Station where they were booked.

On 4-20-17 Officers responded to an accident at the  Horace James rotary.  Due to the impact, one vehicle drove on to the sidewalk of LaGrange and suffered front end damage from a telephone pole and various landscaping.  A citation was issued to an operator for Failing to Yield the right of way at a Rotary. No injuries reported.

On 4/20/17 at approximately 1005hrs Officers responded to an address on Harris Street to take a missing person’s report. It was reported that a resident of the group home had gone missing. A missing persons report was filed. At approximately 6:47pm on the same day, the “missing “person arrived back at the group home and everything checked out ok.  The report was removed from the files.

On 04/17/2017 An Officer was assigned to  a designated crossing station on Beacon St/ Hawes St along the Boston Marathon route.  At this crossing station was a MBTA Transit Police Officer along with Brookline HAZ MAT Team.  The officers were approached by a subject who stated that he was walking along the side of the train tracks at the intersection of Beacon St and Hawes St and noticed on the ground of the MBTA property, a small bag containing a white powder substance. The HAZ MAT Team was notified and  secured the area  until the CAT Team 6 arrived on scene. The evidence was then taken by CAT Team 6 and the results of the testing on this evidence is unknown at this point.

 On April 20, 2017  a party came into the Brookline Police Station to report a suspicious e-mail she had received.  The victim reports receiving an e-mail from an unfamiliar address by the name of "Death Race" stating "Someone paid me to kill you.. get spared, 48hrs to contact me.  If you inform the police or anybody...death is promised..."  The victim believed the email was a scam but wanted to report it. The victim did not respond and was advised to have no contact with the address and contact the police if she receives any more threatening e-mails.


On Friday April 21, 2017 Officers were dispatched to the Horace James Cir to assist with a single vehicle crash.  Upon arrival, the Officer observed a Black Hyundai Sedan stopped in the middle of the rotary.   As they approached the severely damaged vehicle they observed the operator, still seated in the drivers seat with the airbag deployed.    Fallon Ambulance was requested for an evaluation of the driver. While speaking with the operator the officer could smell a strong odor of Marijuana emanating from her person and vehicle.   The Officer reports the driver was agitated and appeared unfocused and incoherent. During the investigation into the crash a backup Officer observed a sandwich sized bag of marijuana on top of her pocket book.  The driver agreed to a field sobriety test and after the conclusion of these field sobriety tests,   the operator was placed under arrest without incident. The vehicle was towed and the sandwich sized bag of marijuana and a green marijuana grinder were placed in an Evidence Locker.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


4/19/17 – Motor Vehicle Accident
An officer was dispatched to the area of Washington St and Boylston St for a multi-vehicle crash with unknown injuries. The drivers’ accounts of the incident revealed that the second driver stopped short, with the driver behind him not having enough space to break, causing the third vehicle to hit the second vehicle, and the second vehicle to hit the first. The third driver was given a citation for following too closely.

4/19/17 – Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident
An officer was dispatched to Longwood Ave for a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle.
Driver and witness accounts of the accident revealed the pedestrian was on her cell phone and stepped off of the sidewalk into the roadway not looking toward oncoming traffic and was struck by the vehicle.

04/19/17 – Attempted Burglary
An officer responded to Washington St. for a report of malicious damage. The owner of the building stated that a tenant notified him of a ground level basement window being shattered. No items appeared to be disturbed or taken.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017



About 3:22 AM, on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, a woman walked into the Police Station to report an Assault.  The alleged incident was between an Uber driver and a passenger.  Due to the time of the incident, further investigation will be conducted to ensure finding the entire story.   Alcohol (passenger) may have played a factor in this incident.

On 04/18/2017, Officers responded to Fisher Hill Park for a Graffiti complaint. The Park Department Operations Manager reported at the lookout point of the park, the word "JEWS" was engraved into the wooden hand rail.   Photos of the damage were taken and workers were on scene to remove the damage.

On 04/18/2017, Officers responded to an address on Willow Crescent for alarm activation. As Officers made their way around the exterior of the house they observed several pieces of jewelry on the ground. There was also a back window that was open with the screen kicked out.  Several units responded to the area including two State Troopers with their K-9’s. Officers conducted a search of the residence, as well as a walk through with the residents when they arrived.  It appears the suspect(s) made entry through an unlocked side kitchen window. Several units canvassed the area with negative results.  Detectives were on scene to process for prints. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

On April 18, 2017, Officers responded to an address on Upland Road for an activated smoke detector. Brookline Fire determined it was necessary to use minimal force to enter the house to address the activated smoke detector.  A  halligan tool was used on a rear window.  The alarm appeared faulty.

On April 17, 2017 while assigned to the Boston Marathon, Officers were approached by an unidentified person who alerted them to an unattended tablet computer laying on the ground in front of an address on Beacon Street.  Officers asked people in the area if it belonged to them but nobody claimed it. The tablet was removed and secured it in to evidence as found property.

On 04/18/2017 Officers observed a white Toyota Avalon make an illegal U-Turn in front of 300 Harvard Street. There are multiple No U-Turn signs posted in the area.  Officers stopped the vehicle and approached the operator.  After some questioning and a check through the Registry of Motor vehicles the operator was placed under arrest for Operating Without a License.

On Tuesday 4/18/2017 Officers responded to an address on Babcock St for a past larceny. The victim reports having several items taken from under her desk at her office.  This location is a rather busy place with lots of foot traffic. Management could not recall anything, or anyone that looked suspicious. Officers checked the surrounding area to see if any items had been discarded but nothing was located.

On 04/18/2017 Officers responded to an address on Harvard Street for a report of Internet fraud.  The victim reports  numerous on-line orders for children's shoes had been placed using several different credit cards.  All of the orders were credit card transactions, and all orders were denied for insufficient funds. None of the orders were processed.  The orders were made from different credit cards. The store transaction system was rechecked for any software glitches and none were found. The victim was informed to contact Topeka Police Department who advised her to contact the local police in her jurisdiction.

On April 18, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Davis Ave for a Break and Entering of a Motor vehicle. The victim reports parking  her vehicle in her driveway and upon returning to it in the morning. Later in the day when she looked into her wallet (which she had left in her vehicle console) she noticed that her  credit card, debit card and 25.00 dollars in cash was missing.  The victim called and canceled her debit card and her credit card. The victim reports the cards were used at several locations in Jamaica Plain. A follow-up will be conducted by Brookline detectives.
On 04-18-2017 Officers responded to an address on Mason Ter. for a reported stolen bicycle tire. The victim reports that the front tire to his Trek bicycle was stolen sometime in the last day. . The victim reports his bicycle has a quick release latch on the tires that provide easy access to replacing the tires if needed.  Officers checked surrounding buildings for security cameras but did not see any.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/13 - 4/17

4/13/17 – Larceny
An officer responded to Parkman St for a package theft report. The reporting party was alerted to the package being stolen by an officer who found the package with the items missing in a parking lot near Browne St. The package was taken sometime between 1645 hours on 4/12/17 and 1815 hours on 4/13/17.

4/14/17 – Warrant Arrest
Officers were dispatched to South Street for a male party with four warrants. The subject was placed under arrest without incident.

4/14/17 – Operating Under the Influence
Officers were dispatched to the area of Longwood Ave and Sewall Ave for a traffic crash with unknown injuries. While speaking with one of the drivers, officers observed him to have bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from his breath and were unsteady on his feet. Based on the officers’ observations and the operator’s unsuccessful attempts at the three Standardized Field Sobriety Tests it was confirmed the subject was Operating a Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Liquor and placed under arrest.

4/15/17 – Robbery
An officer responded to a call of a Robbery of a gas station on Harvard St. The suspect demanded money and left on foot northbound on Harvard St. A description of the suspect was given out as being a black male in his mid-20s, 5'8" to 5'9", wearing all black with a hood over his head and a black baseball hat. The reporting employee stated that the suspect did not show a weapon but had his hand in his pocket. The suspect walked in the store at 2358 hours and left at 2359 hours.

4/15/17 – Motor Vehicle Accident
An officer on Boylston St. observed two males proceed eastbound wearing no helmets on a black scooter. The officer proceeded behind the scooter and attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the operator continued to move until the scooter collided with the officer’s parked car and another car. The occupants of the scooter began to flee the scene on foot. Another officer arrived and assisted in stopping the passenger while officers chased after the operator. After a brief struggle, the operator was stopped by two officers and placed under arrest.

4/15/17 – Larceny
An officer responded to Village Way for the report of a stolen bike. The victim stated that at approximately 1500 hours she put her dark green bike in the lobby and at approximately 1600 hours she returned to find the bike no longer where she left it.

4/15/17 – Larceny
An officer at the front desk was approached by a subject who wanted to report a theft. The reporting party stated that between 1600 hours and 1700 hours on 4/14/17 someone came into his home’s breezeway and stole his child’s red Baseball Tote Bag.

4/15/17 – B&E & Larceny of a Motor Vehicle
An officer responded to Tappan St. for a Breaking & Entering and Larceny of a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he parked his car at around 2200 hours on 4/15/17 and returned at around 2330 hours to find the trunk hatch open and his black laptop bag missing along with his MacBook and a green wallet containing keys.

4/17/17 –Bike Larceny

An officer responded to Hurd Rd for a stolen bicycle report. The victim stated that at approximately 1900 hours on 4/16/17 he left his bicycle on the rear porch of his apartment and returned at approximately 0500 hours on 4/17/17 to find the bicycle was gone. The bicycle is described as black, with front and rear lights, a Mass General Hospital Bike sticker, and a bag/satchel underneath the seat.