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Friday, June 8, 2018

Thursday, June 7th


On Thursday evening, officers responded to Thayer Street for a report of a breaking and entering/suspicious activity that had occurred on Tuesday, June 5th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the caller who stated she believed someone was in her apartment without her consent. When she had returned home from work that day she discovered that her refrigerator and freezer were completely emptied out and that both appeared to have been cleaned also. The caller looked around her residence and determined that nothing else had been removed.

Officers then spoke with residents of near-by apartments to see if they had noticed anything strange that past Tuesday. The residents stated that they didn't see anything out of the ordinary and that their own apartments had not been broken into.

After a quick investigation by police, it was found that an apartment within the same building was under renovation. Officers spoke with the new resident of the renovated apartment who was advised of the circumstances. She told officers that she had been expecting a house cleaner on Tuesday that never showed up. She also stated that she had spoke with the cleaner and was told by him that he was at her apartment and was cleaning out her refrigerator.

Brookline PD spoke with the cleaner, who admitted to being in the wrong apartment, cleaning out the freezer/refrigerator. He was apologetic and offered to replace any items over the confusion of the situation.

Officers then spoke with the original caller and notified her of the confusion. The caller was relieved and happy to know what happened. All parties in this matter have been identified.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Arrest Made / subject secretly videotaping

This afternoon detectives arrested a male subject and charged him with several counts of secretly videotaping people. The charges come after an investigation produced videos of patrons in a bathroom at his place of employment. The location is Taam China restaurant 423 Harvard Street Brookline Mass.
The subject has been arrested and is scheduled to be arraigned in Brookline District Court on Friday June 8, 2018.
The police need your help, we are trying to identify victims. If you were in this establishment on the following dates and used the restroom, kindly give us a call. Please check credit card receipts or your calendar to help confirm one of these dates.  Please call detectives at 617-730-2243
5/27/2015,  6/10/2016,  9/18/2016,  9/22/2016,  9/23/2016,  10/9/2016,  11/1/2016,  12/1/2016, 12/30/2016,  1/10/2017,  1/23/2017,  2/6/2017,  5/14/2017,  5/25/2017,  7/12/2017,  7/18/2017   1/10/2018,   1/25/2018,  2/12/2018,  2/15/2018

Wednesday, June 6th


At approximately 8:00 PM on Wednesday evening, Brookline Police Dispatch received a call regarding a Town of Brookline By-Law Violation. The reporting party stated that a construction crew had been working in their residential area past 7:00 PM. The reporting party stated that she had asked the crew to cease for the evening and the crew responded to her request in a confrontational way. An officer was dispatched to the area of Brington Road where the company and it's employees were advised of the Town's By-Law and began wrapping up their work for the day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5th


7:17 PM - An officer assigned to the front desk was met by a victim who wanted to report a stolen bicycle. The victim told police that she had placed her bike in her residential underground garage on Sewall Ave. the evening of Thursday, May 31st. During the afternoon of Sunday, June 3rd, she noticed her bike was gone. This incident is being investigated.

Overnight String of Malicious Damage Reports

Between approximately 5:45 PM and 9:30 PM Tuesday evening, several calls were made to Brookline Police regarding Malicious Damage to Automobiles.

Around 7:45, 4 motor vehicles parked on Prince Street had spray paint on them, appearing to be sprayed in a line. As police were talking to the Prince Street victims, Brookline Police Dispatch stated that a resident on Cypress Street also had malicious damage to their motor vehicle.

The officer responding to Cypress Street immediately observed multiple cars with white spray paint on them as they arrived on scene. While speaking with this victim in their driveway, the officer observed more white spray paint on the front of a restaurant near the victim's home. The Cypress Street victim was advised and the officer began to follow the trails of spray paint.

The officer began driving and noticed the same white spray paint on the front of a store. After pulling over, they began walking and observed fresh paint on a door, fence, grill and numerous spots on High Street. The officer was able to find 2 cans of spray paint located in some bushes on High Street that matched the colors observed on the various cars and properties. The cans were photographed as evidence.

Through the investigation, two juvenile suspects were developed and officers spoke with their parents. The youth admitted to the incidents.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Monday, June 4th


9:30 AM - An officer assigned to the front desk Monday morning was met by a man who wanted to report a case of fraud. The man told the officer that he found a letter in the mail attempting to extort money from him, claiming that they knew a "secret" that they would reveal if he did not make the necessary payment. Similar cases have been previously reported. If you believe you are a victim, it's advised that you contact Brookline Police and file a report. This incident is being investigated.

12:12 PM - Officers responded to Park Street Monday afternoon for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the reporting party who stated on behalf of the victim that three of her rings had gone missing. This incident is being investigated.

1:26 PM - An officer stationed to the front desk at Brookline PD was met by a victim who wanted to report a past package theft that occurred on Wolcott Road. The victim stated that she had ordered a camera on the internet towards the end of May. Multiple e-mails notified her that her package had shipped and also provided her with a tracking number. The victim finally received another email saying that her package had been delivered to her residence. She reported that she had been home that day and that no one had come to her door to make a delivery, nor was a package left for her at her residence. This incident is being investigated.

7:14 PM - Several units responded to Freeman Street to take a report of a package theft Monday evening. The caller told police that he had witness two individuals open packages and throw the empty boxes into recycling bins on the sidewalk. While exiting his vehicle, a man on the other side of Freeman Street stated that he also witnessed these two individuals placing boxes into recycling bins. Officers were able to locate the two empty packages, each one addressed to two different addresses/addressees. Officers then spoke with one of the victims, a Babcock Street resident, that stated he and his girlfriend had been expecting a package in the mail over the last few days. At the time of reporting, Brookline PD was unable to reach the other victim of these package thefts for more information. The retrieved packaging was placed into evidence. This incident is being investigated.

Monday, June 4, 2018

June 1st through June 3rd


10:58 AM - Police were dispatched to Pleasant Street to take a report of a stolen bicycle. The victim stated that she had put her unlocked bike in the front of her building's garden on Thursday 5/31. Friday morning the victim returned to the location she had left her bike to find it missing. Officers are trying to identify a suspect at this time.

1:12 PM - An officer responded to the area of Washington Street at Griggs Road for a report of a larceny of bicycle that had just occurred. The reporting party witnessed a young male, wearing beige pants and a light colored shirt take a bike from his neighbor's yard. The witness told police that he yelled at the suspect upon seeing him take the bike from over his neighbor's fence. Police canvassed the area and found a man that matched the witness' description where he immediately was honest with officers stating that he had taken the bike from that residence. The 23 year old Boston resident was placed under arrest.

9:52 PM - An officer at a traffic post was approached by a man who wanted to report that someone had broken into his car and stole a pair of sunglasses. The victim continued to tell the officer that around 5:00 PM that day, a witness approached the victim while he was making his way to his car. The witness told the victim that he watched a person in the parking lot attempt to gain access to vehicles and that one of them looked like his. The victim then observed that his car had been rummaged through and a pair of sunglasses had been stolen. Although the witness stated he saw the suspect attempt to gain access to more than one vehicle, Brookline PD has no other victims who had filed a report during the time this car break occurred.

11:00 PM - Police were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a past shoplifting Friday night. The responding officer spoke with the manager who stated they had observed footage of a man stuff approximately 6 graphic t-shirts into a bag a couple of hours prior. A follow-up has been requested.


10:00 AM - An officer was informed that a tree company was blocking pedestrian access on Marion Street Saturday morning. It was found that the company didn't have proper signage at the work site so an officer responded to Marion Street and spoke with the work foreman. The work foreman asked the officer to contact his supervisor to settle the matter. The company at hand has been warned numerous times by the Town of Brookline regarding Town By-Law Violations. On the basis of this incident, the owner of the company is being summonsed to Brookline District Court for Willful Violation of Town By-Law: Construction in the Streets.

12:31 PM - Officers responded to Park Street for a report of a missing ring. The reporting party stated that a family member's ring had went missing on May 31st. The reporting party was advised to follow up with places the ring may have gone missing. There is no more information at this time as police investigate the whereabouts of the ring.

9:58 PM - Police responded to Blake Road Saturday night for a past residential breaking and entering. The home owners told officers that their neighbor had seen a person walking around their property on Friday. On Saturday, the victims noticed that the rear door to their basement had been forced open. No property was reported missing and no other damage was reported at their residence. Police are continuing to investigate.


10:22 AM - An officer was dispatched to Monmouth Street to take a larceny report. Upon arrival, the officer was met with the victim who stated that her bicycle that she had placed in her unlocked shed was missing. No other items were taken from the victim's shed. This incident is under investigation.

1:36 PM - Police responded to Beacon Street Sunday afternoon to take a report of a past shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a store employee who stated that a female had stolen several items from the store a few days prior. After discussing with the owner, they decided against filling a report until a person, believed to be the same woman, entered the store on Sunday. After being confronted by store employees, she stated that she was not from the area and left the store. A follow up has been requested.