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Friday, December 7, 2012

Public Hearing: Aggressive Turkey

The Brookline Police Department would like to thank those citizens who showed up to expressed their concerns during last night’s public hearing. The public hearing was successful in addressing several issues pertaining to the increase of aggressive turkeys seen throughout town recently. The Department will follow-up on targeting reports of the three most hostile tom turkeys, as well as, all other turkey calls. In the mean time, we would like to remind the citizens of Brookline of ways in preventing conflicts with turkeys:

Don’t Feed Turkeys – Keep things wild! Feeding, whether direct or indirect, can cause turkeys to act tame and may lead to bold or aggressive behavior, especially in the breeding season

Keep Bird Feeder Areas Clean – Use feeders designed to keep seed off the ground, as the seed attracts turkeys and other wild animals. Clean up spilled seed from other types of feeders daily. Remove feeders in the spring, as there is plenty of natural food available for all birds.

Don’t Let Turkeys Intimidate You – Don’t hesitate to scare or threaten a bold, aggressive turkey with loud noises, swatting with a broom or water sprayed from hose. A dog on a leash is also an effective deterrent.

Cover Windows or Other Reflective Objects – If a turkey is pecking at a shiny object such as a vehicle or window, cover or otherwise disguise the object. Harass the bird by chasing it, squirting with a hose or other means of aggression.

Protect Your Gardens And Crops – You can harass turkeys searching for food in your garden. Dogs tethered on a run can also be effective in scaring turkeys away from gardens. Netting is another option to employ. In agricultural situations, some scare devices are effective.

Educate Your Neighbors – Pass this information along: Your efforts will be futile if neighbors are providing food for turkeys or neglecting to act boldly towards the birds. It requires the efforts of the entire neighborhood to help keep wild turkeys wild.

Police Reports 12/6

Larceny: 12/6 between 5:40pm & 6:10pm– James St
Tenant reported that her package was stolen from the front vestibule of her apartment building.

B&E of MV: 12/6 at 8:15pm – Stetson St
Victim reported that the driver’s side window of his vehicle was smashed and his GPS was stolen.

Robbery-Firearm: 12/6 at 11:02pm - Harvard Street
Officers responded to a report of an armed robbery of a store. Store employees stated that just before closing time, a suspect entered the store, displayed a black semi-automatic handgun, and ordered one of the employees to place the cash from the register inside a bag. The suspect then fled. Suspect is described as a white or light skinned Hispanic male, approximately 5'07", medium build, wearing a blue hooded pull- up sweatshirt, a black baseball cap, a black ski mask covering the lower half of his face, gray jeans (tattered on the bottom rear of the legs) and black sneakers.

Warrant: 12/6 at 9:30am – Egmont St
Officers arrested a female subject who had two active warrants on her record.

Operating After Revocation: 12/7 at 12:32am – Longwood Ave
A random query of a vehicle's registration check revealed that the operator had a revoked registration status. Operator will be charged for Operating After Revocation (Registration) and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

Larceny/Shoplifting: 12/6 at 7:57pm – Harvard St
Officers responded to a call for a shoplifting in progress. Upon arrival officers observed a female suspect fitting the description, given by dispatch, walking out of the store with a carriage containing several bags. The female suspect was placed under arrest and charged for shoplifting and three straight warrants.

Possession Marijuana: 12/7 at 12:53am – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling with a defective headlight. Upon approach, officer noticed a strong odor of fresh marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle. As the driver exited his vehicle, officer observed a plastic bag containing marijuana. Driver was charged for defective equipment and Possession of less then 1 ounce of Marijuana.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Police Reports 12/5

Fraud: 12/5 at 6:28pm – Bowker St
Victim reported that unauthorized charges were made to his account in England.

Fraud: 11/21 at 9:59pm – Washington St
Victim reported that unauthorized charges were made to her account.
Larceny: Between 12/3 & 12/5 – Greenough St
A teacher reported items stolen from a locked cabinet from inside a classroom.

Larceny/Shoplifting: 12/5 at 11:45am – Commonwealth Ave
Store clerk reported that a female suspect was displaying suspicious activity. Upon arrival, officers recovered various items from the suspect that had not been purchased. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged for shoplifting. A similar incident was reported on Washington St of the same suspect displaying similar behavior.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On December 4,2012 a Brookline Officer was approached by a woman who stated  that a man had just exposed himself to her and her son. She said she was on Babcock Street when it happened and described the suspect as an older W/M, grey hair, wearing a white blazer and dark colored pants.  Officers were able to locate the suspect, and he was positively identified by the victim. The Suspect was placed under arrest and charged with Open and Gross.

On December 4, 2012 officers assigned to the 541 marked cruiser observed a white Chevy Tahoe traveling on Amory street. The officers  recognized the operator and had information that the operator had a revoked license status. The officers initiated a traffic stop on Amory Street, confirmed the operators status as revoked and then placed the operator under arrest.

On December 4, 2012 Officers responded to East Coast Alpine Store, Commonwealth Ave for a report of suspicious persons in the store. The manager had called the Brookline Police because he had people in his store that he believed had shop lifted in the past. Upon further investigation one subject was found to have several outstanding warrants and he was placed under arrest. A second subject was charged with Larceny Over $250 and was also found to be in possession of a switch blade knife. An additional charge of Possession of a Dangerous Weapon was also filed.

On December 4, 2012 Officers were monitoring traffic in the area of 400 Washington Street when they observed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. The Officers initiated a traffic stop for the sticker violation, and upon a Registry check of the operator it was found that he had a suspended license. The driver was placed under arrest. As the operator was being removed from the vehicle he dropped a clear plastic baggie out of his pocket onto the ground. The officers retrieved the baggie and found it to contain a brown powdery substance. Based on the officers training and experience they believed the substance to be heroin. During a search of the subject a hypodermic needle was located in his front pocket. The operator was charged with Operating after suspension,  Failure to submit a vehicle for inspection and Possession of Class A Heroin.   

On December 4, Officers observed a motor vehicle fail to stop for the red traffic signal  at 6 Harvard Street. A traffic stop was conducted and it was confirmed through The Registry of Motor Vehicles that the operator’s license status was suspended. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Brookline Police Station.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Police Reports 11/30-12/4

Operating After Suspension: 12/3 at 10:33pm – Boylston St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. A vehicle’s registration check revealed that the operator’s driver’s license was suspended. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with operating after suspension and speeding.

Malicious Damage: 12/1 at 6:00pm – Freeman St/Amory St
Officer responded to a report of vandalism on her parked vehicle. Officer observed blue spray paint on the front and rear license plate.

Fraud: 11/30 at 8:00am – Stearns Rd
Victim reported that two unauthorized charges were made to her account.

Malicious Damage: 12/2 at 9:00pm – Beacon St
Victim reported scratches on her vehicle. Victim reported similar incidents in the area.

Operating After Suspension: 12/4 at 1:31am – Washington St
Officer observed a vehicle failing to stop for a red light. A query check revealed that the operator had a suspended registration. Owner of the vehicle will be charged for an unregistered motor vehicle and suspended registration.

Larceny: 12/3 at 7:30pm – Stanton Rd
Victim reported her unsecured bike stolen from the rear porch area of Stanton Rd.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Police Reports 11/30-12/2

Operating After Revocation: 11/30 at 10:08am - Harvard St/ Thorndike St
Officer observed a vehicle failing to stay within the marked lanes of the roadway. A vehicle’s registration check revealed that the operator had a revoked registration status. Operator will be charged for Operating After Revocation. (registration), Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Marked Lanes Violation.

Operating After Suspension: 12/1 at 12:09am – Harvard St/Coolidge St
A random vehicle's registration check revealed that the registered owner of a vehicle had a suspended drivers license. The driver/owner was placed under arrest and charged for Operating After Suspension.

Operating After Suspension: 12/2 at 2:11am – Beacon St/Pleasant St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling without a valid inspection sticker. A vehicle’s registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating After Suspension (license) and Failure to Submit Motor Vehicle for inspection.

Disturbing/Peace: 12/2 at 3:07am – Freeman St
Officers responded to Dexter Park for a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers could hear yelling and shouting. A friend of both residents stated that the two subjects were having a verbal argument and that they were yelling and shouting at each other very loudly. The two subjects will be charged for Disturbing the Peace.

Burglary: 11/30 at 8:00am – Beacon St
Resident stated that he returned home to find that his front door was pried open and his bedroom rummaged through. Resident noticed several items of value missing. Detectives processed the scene and a follow up investigation will be conducted.

Burglary: 11/30 between 10:30am & 7:15pm - Carlton St
Resident reported that the front door of her apartment was pried open and items were discovered missing from within the apartment.

Larceny: 11/30 at 7:00pm – Harvard St
Employee reported that cash was taken from the cash drawer which was left unsecured.

Larceny: 12/1 at 9:00am – Beacon St
Victim reported that her wallet was stolen and two credit cards were used to make purchases.

Burglary: 12/2 at 9:00pm – Downing Rd
Resident stated that her apartment had been entered and rummaged through. Several items of jewelry were found missing.

Fraud/Credit Card: 11/30 at 3:24pm – Jordan Rd
Victim reported that fraudulent charges were made to her account in London, England. Account has since been cancelled.

Malicious Damage: 12/2 at 2:00pm – Washington St
Victim reported that his parked vehicle had been keyed. This is the third vehicle to be targeted at this location.

Fraud: 12/1 at 4:38pm – Cypress St
Victim reported that unauthorized transactions were made to his account in Italy.

General Information: 11/30 at 10:00pm – Beaconsfield Rd
Resident reported that his rear window was hit with a paintball projectile by a subject described as a white or Hispanic male in his 20s, 5’ 10’, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, and light blue jeans.

MV Theft: 11/30 b/t 6:30am and 4:00pm– Hammond St
Victim reported his vehicle stolen from a parking space in the rear of his residence. There were no signs of broken glass or anything out of the ordinary in the area of the parking area.

B&E&L of MV: 11/30 at 8:47am – Woodland Rd
Victim reported that overnight someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole all her credit cards.