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Friday, July 15, 2011


Breaking and Entering:

Occurred at 8:00 AM on 7/15 – Lancaster Terrace

Officers responded to the area for a report of Breaking and Entering. A security guard who was hired to watch the house while the owner was on vacation reported discovering the basement door ajar, and the door frame where it met the dead bolt splintered. Nothing was reported missing.


Occurred at 10:30 AM on 7/13, Reported on 7/14 – Westbourne Terrace

Officers responded to the area for a reported larceny. The victim reported 2 white males, approximately 30-35, and one was bald, knocking on her apartment door and announcing themselves as plumbers. She let them in the apartment, and did not watch over them as they looked at the bathroom and kitchen. When they left, she discovered an envelope with a large amount of money missing from the kitchen counter.


Occurred at 12:59 AM on 7/15 (Babcock St./Commonwealth Ave.)

Officers responded to a call of a motor vehicle accident, where the caller reported the other party was intoxicated. The officer reported a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the driver. After further investigation, it was determined that the driver was intoxicated and was subsequently placed under arrest.

Found Property:

Occurred at 8:14 PM (7/14) – Beacon St./Washington St.

A wallet was reported found in the area. There have been repeated attempts to contact the owner. The wallet is at the police station for safekeeping.

Occurred at 5:36 PM (7/14) – Clinton Rd./Dean Rd.

A handbag was reported found in the area, with no owner identification in it. The handbag is at the police station for safekeeping.

Occured at 2:15 PM (7/14) – Cypress St./Washington St.

A bakery owner in the area reported finding a passport in the shop. The passport was submitted to the property clerk.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



Occurred at 8:35 PM (7/13) – Beacon St./Harvard St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of shoplifting. The thief had called several times during the week inquiring about an electronic, and when he came into the store the salesperson retrieved it for him. The thief made off with it after it was left unattended for a few seconds at the register, and reportedly drove off in a red Nissan sedan. Police are reviewing surveillance footage.

Breaking and Entering:

Reported on 7/13, occurred at 8:00 AM (7/12) – Naples St./Commonwealth Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a reported Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. The caller had two visiting friends park their vehicles in her driveway overnight and in the morning both discovered their driver’s doors were ajar and their glove boxes and center consoles had been rummaged through. A GPS device was missing from one of the vehicles. This occurred around the same time as the Stetson St. incident, where the victim reported discovering her driver’s door ajar and the glove compartment and center console rummaged through. There, nothing of value was reported missing, and there were no signs of forced entry.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


With the recent rise in motor vehicle break-ins reported, the Brookline Police Department would like to remind residents to make sure their vehicles are secure.

Breaking and Entering/Burglary/Larceny:

Occurred at 2:05 AM (7/13) – Beacon St./Washington St.

Officers responded to the area for a possible Breaking and Entering in process. When they arrived, they canvassed the building looking for suspects. A male was discovered sleeping, and appeared intoxicated when officers attempted to arouse him. Another male was discovered sleeping in a chair, also appearing intoxicated. Nothing was reported missing by the owner. The two males were arrested and charged with Defacement of Property and Breaking and Entering in the Night.

Occurred at 2:10 PM (7/12) – Dummer St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of attempted Burglary of a store. The owner tried to unlock the door that morning but could not; upon calling a locksmith, he informed her that it looked like someone attempted to pick the lock. The burglary attempt was not successful, as nothing was reported missing.

Occurred at 1:13 PM (7/12) – Boylston St./Washington St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of attempted Breaking and Entering and Larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim responded parking her vehicle overnight. Upon returning to it the next day, she noticed that someone had attempted to pick her lock, causing damage to it. The break attempt was not successful, as the door was still locked and nothing was missing.

Occurred at 10:10 AM (7/12) – Babcock St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of Breaking and Entering and Larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim reported his GPS missing from his car, which he believes may have been left unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry.

Occurred at 7:20 AM (7/12) – Stetson St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of Breaking and Entering of a motor vehicle. The victim reported discovering her driver’s door ajar and the glove compartment and center console rummaged through. Nothing of value was reported missing. There were no signs of forced entry.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Occurred at 10:00 PM (7/11) – Chestnut St.

Officers were patrolling the area and observed a motor vehicle traveling on Cypress St. A query of the license plate number returned that there was an active arrest warrant for the registered owner of the vehicle. Officers pulled the vehicle over and discovered that the registered owner was driving it, after confirming through a photo from the RMV.

Once the warrant was confirmed through dispatch, officers returned to the vehicle to make an arrest. At this point, the passengers became irate and began yelling profanities at the officers, and one made a threat while throwing her sandal out the window. Once the arrest of the driver was made, one officer was attempting to explain the situation to one of the passengers, and was standing next to the vehicle while doing so. The passenger who had thrown the sandal kicked the rear door open, hitting the officer in the leg. This passenger was then ordered out the vehicle, but resisted. One officer attempted to reach into the vehicle to escort the passenger out, when another passenger pushed the officer backwards. The passenger whom the officer was attempting to arrest finally stepped out the vehicle, and was placed under arrest.

While one officer was radioing to dispatch, the passenger who had pushed the officer backwards charged at another officer and became involved in a physical struggle. O.C. pepper spray was used in taking custody of the subject. Two officers sustained minor injuries from this struggle and were treated at the scene.

Through inventory of the vehicle, marijuana was discovered, as well as empty plastic bags for distribution purposes. The three who were arrested were transported back to the station and are facing multiple charges, including Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Person, and Possession of Class D with intent to distribute.

Occurred at 9:55 PM (7/11) – Kent St.

Officers reported to the area for an attempted Breaking and Entering. When they arrived, they discovered the suspect trying to enter an apartment on the second floor of the building. The suspect was arrested on several charges, including a warrant out of Roxbury District Court.

Monday, July 11, 2011



Occurred at 1:15 PM (7/9) – Harvard St./Beacon St.

A cyclist came to the station to report being hit by a car, but was not seriously hurt. The driver gave him some money and a phone number and told him to contact him if he needed more money. The cyclist decided to contact him, but the phone number was wrong. He recorded the license plate number however, so the department is continuing the investigation.


Occurred at 12:15 AM (7/11) – Pine Manor College

Officers responded for a reported assault. The victim stated he had thrown a cup of water at the suspect, who was his classmate, and the suspect then threw a rock at him that struck his head. When questioned, the suspect confirmed this series of events. He was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon.

Occurred at 7:10 AM (7/9) – Cypress St./Boylston St.

An officer observed a driver make a right turn on a red light where a “No Turn on Red” sign was posted. The driver was pulled over and the officer asked for his license and registration. The driver did not produce a license, and the RMV had no record of him having a license. He was placed under arrest. Inventory of his property revealed a wallet belonging to a second person, as well as a passport belonging to a third person. Follow up is being conducted by the department.

Occurred at 9:15 AM (7/8) – Washington St.

Officers responded to a bank in the area to arrest a suspect in an ongoing forgery investigation. The suspect had opened a bank account and was depositing bad checks in it. She was then withdrawing the amount she had deposited before the bank was alerted that these were bad checks. As a result, she made out with a large sum of money. The Brookline Police Department was alerted, and surveillance commenced. When the suspect returned to the bank on 7/8, the police were able to make an arrest for Uttering Fraudulent Checks, Larceny, and Attempted Larceny.


Occurred at 8:30 PM (7/10) – Harvard St./Washington St.

A bicycle was reported stolen from the area between 7 and 8:30 PM. It’s described as a gray/tan Trek mountain bike worth $500-$1000.

Occurred at 8:57 AM (7/10) – Norfolk Rd.

Officers responded to the area for a report of larceny. 2 cast iron planters were stolen, weighing between 75 and 100 pounds each, sometime in the night. Officers are continuing the investigation.

Occurred at 12:43 PM (7/8) – Lyman Rd.

Officers responded to the area for a report of larceny. The victim had three Hosta shrubs, and two flowering bushes, which were dug up in the night and taken. The shrubs and bushes together are valued at over $2000.

Occurred at 11:35 AM (7/8) – Longwood Ave./Kent St.

Officers responded to the area for a reported past larceny. FedEx had delivered a package to the victim’s apartment building, which the concierge kept in an unlocked storage room behind the front desk. When the victim went to retrieve it the next day, it was missing. An investigation is continuing.


Occurred at 3:57 PM (7/10) – Strathmore Rd.

Officers reported to the area for a report of armed robbery with a knife. The victim parked his vehicle on Strathmore Road, and 2 black males approached. One was wielding a knife, cut the victim with the knife on his hand, and ordered him not to move. The other reached in his passenger side window and grabbed his backpack. They fled down the street and jumped into a motor vehicle, possibly a Honda or Toyota, which was tan/sand colored. The victim attempted to pursue the suspects but crashed his own vehicle.

Suspect # 1 (who came to the driver's side window) was described as a black male, late 20's, short hair, 5'8-5'9", thin build, wearing baggy blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and sneakers. The knife was described as a 4-5 inch, silver, straight edged blade.

Suspect # 2 (who came to the front passenger window) was described as a dark skinned black male, early-mid 20's, 5'10", chubby build, wearing dark blue shorts, white t-shirt, sneakers.

The investigation is ongoing.