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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Monday, April 29th

1:08AM: Police were dispatched to Tappan Street for a report of breaking and entering in progress. Upon arrival, police spoke to the reporting parties. They told police that they heard the sound of glass breaking at 1:05AM. They called out to the person, hoping it was one of their downstairs tenants. When no one responded, they called police. Officers quickly searched the area but could not locate the suspect. The front door was found ajar. Nothing appeared to be missing from the home. This case is under investigation.

8:54AM: Officers responded to Oakland Road for a report of a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated she parked her car at around 6PM on Sunday, April 28th. On Monday morning at 8AM, she discovered that her car had been rummaged through overnight. The vehicles center console was open and its contents were on the passenger seat. The reporting party stated that approximately $20.00 in quarters was missing and presumed stolen from the middle console. Police are investigating.

5:26PM: There was a report of a package theft on Marion Street. Upon arrival, police spoke to the reporting party that stated when she arrived home her package was missing. She received an email from Amazon at 3:01PM indicating that her package had been delivered and left in a "secure" area. But when she arrived home at 4PM, she could not locate the package. This case is under investigation.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Sunday, April 28th

5:48PM: Officers were dispatched to Intervale Road for a larceny report. The reporting party explained that he had an estate sale at his home today and the public was invited. At 3pm, the reporting party noticed his iPad was missing. The item is a black and silver iPad 3 in a red case. Police are investigating.

8:15PM: Police were called to Longwood Avenue for a past package theft. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the reporting party that stated a package containing a computer mouse has been stolen. He received an email from UPS on Thursday, April 25th, that his package had been delivered at 3:50PM. The reporting party asked his roommate and confirmed the package was safely in the vestibule. When the reporting party arrived home later that night, the item was missing and presumed stolen.

Friday, April 26th

7:23AM: Police were dispatched to Payson Road for a report of stolen tires. The reporting party explained that he parked his car in the driveway the night before at approximately 11pm. All of his tires and rims were still attached at this time. When he saw the car at 7am the next day, he noticed it was propped up on milk crates and three out of the four tires and rims had been removed from the vehicle. This case is under investigation.