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Sunday, March 21, 2021

March 19, 2021

3/16/2021 BURGLARY - Officers responded to a report for breaking and entering on Russett Rd. The reporting party stated that their house which had been an active construction site was missing its modem from the basement. A camera in the area captured an individual walking to the property at 3:40AM. A copy of the footage is being prepared and examined by officers.

3/16/2021 FRAUD - Officers took a report regarding credit card fraud where the victim had a fraudulent charge on their account. Upon review of their bank statements, there were more fraudulent orders that they did not authorize. They contacted the vendor to cancel the charges and officers advised the victim to contact the Federal Trade Commission.

3/16/2021 FRAUD - Officers took a fraud report for an unemployment scam where the victim was attempting to file for benefits but discovered that their social security number was already used to make one.

3/16/2021 BURGLARY - Officers responded to a break and enter report on Warren St. where the reporting party was at their property that is in the process of being sold. Upon entering the house, they discovered the bathroom door locked and someone had turned off the lights. The reporting party then went outside noticed that the bathroom window was open and this was unusual since the window was never opened. This prompted them to call police and report a break and enter. When officers arrived, they determined the residence to be clear of the suspect and continued to sweep the area for the suspect. At this time, officers are obtaining video surveillance at the property.
3/17/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a fraud report from a manager at a company. The manager reported that withdrawals were made from the company account to one of the employees. Officers are attempting to contact that employee. 

3/17/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to an unemployment fraud report where the victim reported that they received an email from their employer stating that an unemployment claim had been filed under their name. Since they did not file for unemployment, they contacted police.

3/17/2021 BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to a report for a bike theft on Harrison St. where the reporting party stated that they noticed their kid's bike missing from their garage. The party also informed officers that their Ring camera got footage of the suspect entering their garage. Detectives are currently following up on the case. 
___________________________________________________________________________________3/18/2021 THREATS - Officers took a report for threats by phone where the reporting party shared that someone was interested in buying their property. The reporting party stated that the property was not for sale and this prompted the caller to get upset and make threats. Police called the subject to inquire about the previous phone call and they were uncooperative and agitated. 

3/18/2021  BURGLARY - Officers responded to a break and enter on Egmont St. where the reporting party stated that they heard someone in their living room. They left their bedroom and saw the subject looking at the ceiling and mumbling. When officers arrived they observed nothing to be missing from the apartment and continued to canvass the building.

3/18/2021 THEFT - Officers responded to a stolen license plate report on Kent St. where the reporting party stated that they returned to their car and saw that their license plate was missing. They retraced their steps and did not locate the plate which led them to conclude that it had been stolen. Upon reviewing surveillance footage of when the car was parked, no one was seen tampering with the car.  

3/18/2021 ASSAULT - Officers responded to a report on Commonwealth Ave. for a suspect brandishing a firearm. Employees at the establishment reported that someone attempted to buy products and upon the transaction being declined, they left the store. When they returned, the employees informed the subject that the store was closed, and this prompted the suspect to reached for their firearm. The employees ran to the back of the store and notified police. When police got to the scene they observed the suspect at the back of the establishment. Upon conducting a pat and frisk of the subject, they secured the firearm and determined that it was a BB gun. The subject was arrested.