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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 14th

10:55AM- Officers responded to the area of Boylston Street and High street for a report of road rage.  The reporting party stated that while traveling east bound on Boylston Street she passed through the intersection of Cypress Street cutting off a gray Ford Escape. The operator of the Ford drove next to her making aggressive gestures and giving her the middle finger.  The reporting party allowed him to pass and drove behind him.  He began slamming on his brakes in front of her.  When she changed lanes he swerved in front of her and slammed on his brakes again.  The reporting party exited her vehicle and approached the Ford asking him why he was trying to cause an accident. The driver of the Ford then exited his vehicle holding a gold colored lacrosse stick in his hand and he began swinging the stick at her.  The reporting party put her hands up in front of her face and the stick hit her left hand. She then took the bottle of water she was holding and threw some water on him and retreated back to her car. The Ford driver then slammed the butt end of the stick onto the hood of the car casing two half dollar size dents. The reporting party then called the police. She described the suspect and a partial plate to officers on scene.  Officers in the Cypress/ Boylston Street area observed a car matching the description making an illegal U-turn and stopped him.  The man in the vehicle matched the description of the suspect the reporting party described.  The operator was arrested for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle and issued a citation for an illegal U-turn.

7:05PM- A report of a shoplifting incident was taken on Harvard Street.  The loss prevention manager of the store led officers to the suspect upon their arrival.  The suspect reported taking three items, exiting the store and placing them in her personal vehicle.  An officer recovered the items which appeared to be damaged by having the straps removed from the purses in order to remove the security tags.  The suspect is being charged with Larceny Shoplifting and Malicious Destruction of Property. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Monday, November 12th

7:50AM- An animal bite that occurred on 11/8 was reported.  The reporting party stated that on 11/8 around 9:30AM she was jogging and pushing a baby carriage on Heath Street onto Cramond Road.  As she turned onto Cramond Road she saw a landscaping crew working and the crew’s cars parked across the street.  She observed a male standing at one of the parked cars open the car door. A dog exited the opened door and ran around the car to the front of the vehicle, and headed across the street toward her. She observed the dog to be unleashed. The dog paused at the front of the baby carriage she was pushing, quickly moved around the carriage and behind the reporting party.  The dog then hopped up and bit her on the hip. She remained calm, did not scream, as she was trying to not enrage the dog or panic the baby.  She continued slowly jogging, moving the baby and herself further away from the dog.  She then observed the owner placing the dog back in the vehicle and approached him to request his information, and the dog’s information.  Officers contacted him and he was issues a bylaw citation for a Dog at Large and Bitten or Injuring a Person.

12:22PM- Officers received notification of a shoplifting incident occurring at a store on Harvard Street.  The description of the suspect was radioed to responding officers.  An employee from the store was said to have followed the suspect to another store on Harvard Street.  The suspect was observed by the employee entering the establishment.  Officers that arrived on scene were met by the employee who provided an updated description of the suspect.  An officer located two people arguing towards the rear of the store and entered an employee’s only section where he found the two people one matching the description of the suspect.  The second person, the store manager of the second location reported witnessing the suspect place items into his backpack.  The suspect was placed under arrest.  After acquiring the suspects identification officers were made aware that he had four arrest warrants.   

Sunday, November 11th

12:10AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street and Saint Paul Street for a past assault and battery.  The caller was following the assaulting party north on Saint Paul street towards Freeman Street.  The two individuals were located on Pleasant Street.  The victim, a cab driver reported picking up a person in the area of Kenmore square and driving him to a location on Beacon Street in Brookline.  The driver reported upon arriving at the destination the passenger did not have enough money to pay the fare so he exited the car and walked away.  The driver reported exiting the cab and walking toward the man insisting that he pay the fare.  The man refused and became assaultive, punching the driver.  The driver informed the defendant that he was calling the police and the defendant left the scene.  The driver followed the defendant from a distance on foot to Pleasant Street.  The defendant was located and will be summonsed to court for assault and battery.

Saturday, November 10th

3:00PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a larceny report.  The victim reported that around 12:45PM a subject entered the store and stole his cell phone and mail that was on the counter.  The subject was observed on camera entering the store, walking around appearing to steal loose mail off of a counter, placing it in a white plastic bag he was carrying and taking a black colored cell phone off a table and quickly exiting the store.  The suspect was described in detail to officers.  This case is being investigated. 

6:07PM- Officers were dispatched to Saint Paul Street for a break and entering of a motor vehicle.  The caller stated he parked his car on 11/9 around 4:00PM in his garage.  Around 7:00AM on 11/10 he noticed his vehicle had been rummaged through.  The glove compartment was left open, papers were thrown onto the floor of the vehicle, money and a few other items were taken.  The vehicle was left unlocked.  This case is under investigation.

Friday, November 9th

11:09AM- A report of a break, entering and larceny of a motor vehicle was made at the Brookline Police Station.  The reporting party stated he parked his vehicle overnight on 11/8 around 9:06PM at the John Street/Babcock Street Lot.  When he returned to his vehicle on 11/9 around 8:00AM he noticed his bag was missing from the rear seat.  This case is being investigated.

3:38PM- Officers assisted in attempting to locate a missing vehicle on Still Street.  The reporting party stated he parked his vehicle in its assigned parking spot around 6:30PM on 11/8 and locked the doors.  He noticed his vehicle was missing on 11/9 around 3:30PM.  Officers searched the area and contacted tow companies yielding negative results.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, November 8th

9:33AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon St for a report of malicious damage.  A building manager reported that the glass window of the front door to the main entrance had been shattered.  His surveillance footage displayed a male subject kicking the glass window on 11/7 around 1:50PM.  This case is under investigation.

12:52PM- Officers took a report of an attempted break and entering of a home on University Road.  The reporting party stated her screen window had two holes cut in at each bottom corner and it was pushed open several inches.  This case is being investigated. 

3:00PM- A student from the Brookline High School reported her bike stolen during the school day.  The Schwinn bicycle was left unlocked in the quad around 8:20AM.  She returned around 2:30PM and discovered it was missing.  This case is under investigation. 

3:48PM- A larceny report was taken on Commonwealth Avenue.  The reporting party reported attending a local gym around 1:45PM.  He left items in an unlocked locker and when he returned around 3:45PM they were gone.  This case is being investigated.

11:10PM- A larceny from a building was reported on Pleasant Street.  The complainant relayed that her downstairs neighbor observed packages belonging to herself and the complainant in the foyer when she arrived home around 3:00PM.  She left the residence and returned around 6:20PM to find all the packages gone.  This case is under investigation.