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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 22, 2018

Early on May 22, an officer was dispatched to Thorndike St for a report of two stolen bicycles. The reporting party stated that sometime between 9pm the previous night and 5:45am that morning his unsecured identical Trek bikes were removed from his backyard. The incident is being investigated.

On May 22, a woman came into the police station to report a past larceny. The reporting party stated that while working at a business on Station St the day before her wallet had been stolen. The woman stated that her purse had been located in an employee’s only section of the store and at one point she had walked back to her desk and observed an unknown female party located in the restricted section. The reporting party stated that a few minutes later the unknown female was gone and later that day she discovered her purse missing. Prior to coming to the police station to report the incident, the reporting party located her purse stuffed underneath a chair where the unknown female had been located the day before. The reporting party’s wallet was missing from her purse. The incident is under investigation.

In the evening of May 22, an officer responded to Egmont St for a report of a stolen bicycle. The reporting party stated that sometime between the morning of May 18 and 9am on May 22, her bike was stolen from where it had been locked in rear of her building. The incident is being investigated.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday, May 21st


8:55 AM - On Monday, an officer checked in on a local business on Commonwealth Avenue after a customer had received vehicle inspection services a few weeks ago and left without paying for them. The manager of the business stated to the officer that the suspect had still not come back to pay the service fee, as of yesterday. It was at that time that the officer dispatched was able to locate the suspect and inform her that leaving without paying for services is a larceny in the State of Massachusetts. The irritable suspect then began yelling at officers, still refusing to pay the overdue charges. Due to the suspect's persistent refusal, she was charged with Altering, Forging or Possessing Fake Vehicle Documents. A complaint was filed with Brookline District Court.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May 15th through May 20th


10:32 AM - Animal Control received a call about a dog bite incident that had occurred earlier this month at Amory Park. The caller explained that she was at the park with her brother and mother when an off-leash dog came up and bit her brother while he was riding his scooter. The owner of the dog was cooperative and provided the victim with his contact information, along with the dog’s rabies vaccination. Upon contacting the owner, Brookline Animal Control determined that the dog was not registered with the Town of Brookline and should not have been off-leash. The owner of the Hound/Lab mix was issued a violation for No License and Dog at Large.


9:22 AM – An officer was dispatched to Toxteth Street to take a report of a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The victim told the officer that she had parked her car in her driveway the night prior and upon coming out this morning noticed her vehicle had been rummaged through.

2:00 PM – An officer was dispatched to the front desk to take a report of a past Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. The victim stated that her vehicle was parked in her assigned spot last week. When going to her vehicle the next morning, she found that someone had rummaged through it, in addition to stealing loose change. An item not belonging to the victim was also found within her vehicle which will be submitted as evidence.


10:30 AM – On Thursday, an officer took a report of a stolen motor vehicle at the front desk of Brookline PD Headquarters. The victim had leased a vehicle from a local dealership and was unable to locate it. A stolen motor vehicle form was completed.


8:30 AM – Brookline PD Animal Control was dispatched to Walnut Street for a call regarding a bat that was hanging outside a bedroom door frame. The bat was taken to Angel Memorial Animal Hospital and was tested for rabies by the Department of Public Health.

2:20 PM – A Property Manager came into the station to report a past graffiti incident located on Marion Street on Friday. Photographs were taken of the graffiti on the company’s property. Police are investigating.

2:36 PM – An officer took a walk-in report at the front desk for a past package theft that occurred on Davis Ave earlier this month. After the victim received delivery confirmation, she was unable to locate the package.

6:50 PM – Officers were dispatched to St. Paul Street for a Past residential Breaking and Entering and Larceny. The victims told officers that someone had broken into their apartment and stole two laptops while they were not home. The apartment was processed. Brookline PD is continuing to investigate.


7:20 AM – An officer was dispatched to Boylston Street for a past attempted Breaking and Entering of a Commercial Property. The owner of the business told the officer that while he was opening up the business for the day last week earlier in the week, he observed pry marks on the exterior door. This investigation is on-going.

11:03 AM – Officers were dispatched to the area of Griggs Terrace for a report of a Breaking and Entering that had just occurred. The victim reported that she observed a stranger in an upstairs room within her home. After confronting the suspect, he left the residence and the victim called police. It was determined that the suspect had stolen a bag and 2 clothing items while inside the residence. Units were able to locate the suspect on Beacon Street shortly after the Breaking and Entering happened.  Brookline Police placed the 36 year-old Boston resident under arrest and was charged for Breaking and Entering with Intent to Commit a Felony.

7:44 PM – A person came into the station concerned about being a victim of identity fraud Saturday evening. The victim told the officer at the front desk that a neighbor had seen someone knocking at her front door this morning while she was not home. Upon returning back to her residence, she saw a note with her name on it requesting her to call the phone number listed. Upon calling, she was told by a woman when calling the number about an outstanding balance on an account. The woman claiming the victim had an outstanding balance would not give her any further information. Brookline PD provided the victim with proper contact information to document this incident.


5:40 PM – An officer was dispatched to Linden Street on Sunday to take a report for a past larceny. The victim told the responding officer that she had walked outside to take her child for a walk when she realized one of her baby strollers had been stolen off of her front porch. This is an active case.