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Friday, June 23, 2017



1:13 am: Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street in the area of Washington Square for the report of a possibly intoxicated motorist. Officers located and approached the vehicle parked on Beacon Street. Officers observed the subjects words to be slurred, his eyes were glassy, and his breath smelled of liquor. The individual agreed to perform a series of field sobriety tests. From the field sobriety tests officers believed the subject to be operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor and he was placed under arrest. He was issued a Massachusetts Uniform Citation and officers applied for an Application of Criminal Complaint for the Town of Brookline By-Law Article VII, Sect 3: Impeding the Free Flow of Traffic and Operating a MV Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor.

7:20 am: Officers were dispatched to an address on Beacon Street to assist with a basement fire. Upon arrival the fire department had extinguished the fire and was assisting in venting the building. The reporting party explained that she had noticed an odor of burning rubber in the bedrooms of her apartment. She contacted the building superintendent and then called 911. The building superintendent discovered the source of the odor in the basement where he was met with a thick green smoke and no visibility. At this point the Fire Department arrived. The fire was contained to a single dryer with no visible building damage beyond the laundry room. The cause of the fire appeared to be a memory foam pillow. The building was deemed safe and control of the building was transferred back to the building construction supervisor who was made aware of all information regarding the fire including any damage during the initial investigation.

9:30 am: Officers responded to an address on Walnut Street for a B&E&L report. The victim stated his vehicle had been parked on Walnut Street from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on 6/21. He stated it was locked when he left it and when he returned to it, but found that someone had stolen a metal lock box containing a firearm from the floor of the back seat. The box is secured by a padlock. No other items in the vehicle were disturbed. The victim explained that he did not notice the weapon was missing until 8:00 am on 6/22. There were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle and no signs that anyone had been in the vehicle. Detectives will be following up on the case.

1:30 am: An officer was informed that the archway of a parking lot off of Harvard Street was tagged with white spray paint. The reporting party stated he noticed the graffiti on 6/16 at approximately 3:30 pm. The Community Service Division of the police department was notified in an attempt to identify the tagger.

Thursday, June 22, 2017



12:45 pm: Officers were dispatched Coolidge Corner for a shoplifter who had just left a business on Harvard Street. An officer noticed a female matching the description of the subject and approached her advising her on why he was present. Although the subject denied that she had stolen property in her possession, various clothing items with their retail price tags were found in her bags and a sale receipt was not present. While this officer spoke to the subject, another officer spoke to a store employee. She explained that the subject had entered the store at approximately 12:10 pm. The employee observed the subject conceal various items in her bag. As the subject went to leave, the employee attempted to approach her, but she exited the store. This employee then participated in a Show-Up Identification during which she identified the individual officers were speaking with as the shoplifter. The subject was placed under arrest for Larceny of $250.00, Furnishing False Name during the Booking Process, and for a warrant. The subject was also charged later with Possession of a Class B Drug. The items that were in her possession and a DVD of the security tape from the business have been placed into evidence.

4:40 pm: Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a report of suspicious activity. Upon arrival, the reporting party stated that at approximately 9:30 am he encountered a woman in his home. When questioned she stated that she was there doing an appraisal for a bank. The resident explained he did not do business with the bank she mentioned or know about an appraisal that was being done on his home. The woman stated she may have been mistaken, would delete the pictures she had, and left. The reporting party stated he was getting renovations done to his home, so he thought he might need an appraisal and did not contacted police earlier. Due to the renovations, his home is occupied by construction workers who may have let the woman in. He continued to say that she may have walked into the wrong home as several homes on the street are or sale or being remodeled. He stated he was unable to get any information from the bank about appraisals when contacted. He reported no items of value missing.

5:25 pm: An individual reported to the front desk of the police station that she was a victim of credit card fraud. She stated that she noticed a strange charge on her online bank statement and called her bank to cancel it immediately. She also received an email from the company from which the purchase was made. She noticed the billing address in the email contained her stolen information, but was in a different name and had a different address in Georgia. The individual looked up the name and address and confirmed that the subject owned property at that address. Detective follow-up was requested to try to locate the perpetrator of the fraudulent charges.

7:12 pm: Officers were dispatched to an address on Westbourne Terrace to take a report for the theft of a bicycle. The reporting party stated she had last checked her bicycle on 6/17 when it was locked to a school crossing sign. When she returned on 6/21 the bicycle was missing. She called the station to see if it had been removed by police, but a bicycle matching its description was not in the department database.

1:36 pm: An officer was dispatched to Washington Street/Goodwin Place for a report of an abandoned bicycle. The bicycle was located in the bushes and the serial number was checked in the CIJIS database. It was not found on file and was placed into evidence for safekeeping.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017



8:43 am: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a motor vehicle crash. Dispatch confirmed that one of the vehicles left the scene and headed north on Harvard Street toward Coolidge Corner. Upon arrival, the operator of the second vehicle stated he was stopped in traffic when he was struck from behind by the other driver. He stated he got out of his vehicle to exchange paperwork, but when he pulled over to the side of the road the other driver left heading north. His vehicle suffered minor damage to the left rear tail light. A witness also spoke to officers and described the incident. The operator who fled the scene was mailed a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for leaving the scene of a property damage accident and will be summonsed to court.

10:23 am: While conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Cypress Street and Harvard Street, an officer observed a vehicle travelling north on Cypress Street and take a left on Harvard Street. A query of the registration came back with a possible warrant for the owner. A traffic stop was conducted during which the operator confirmed he was the registered owner. Dispatch confirmed multiple warrants and the subject was placed under arrest. He was also issued citations for Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle and Revoked Registration.

10:56 am: Officers were dispatched to an address on Shaw Road for a larceny report. Upon arrival, the reporting party stated that some items were missing from her jewelry box. She explained that on March 24th or 25th, she had removed rings and placed them in a jewelry box she then placed in her dresser. She did not return to the box until 6/20 when she noticed a ring and other jewelry were missing. She did not notice any signs of a break and the only people with access to her house are her husband, mother, cleaning lady, and boss. Officers attempted to contact the cleaning service and left a voicemail. Detective follow up has been requested.

1:10 pm: Officers responded to an address on Perry Street for a report of fraud. The reporting party stated that he noticed several unauthorized transactions on his credit card. He spoke with a company representative and had been advised to file a report. The party was advised by officers to run a credit check to ensure that no other credit cards were opened in his name and he was also provided with the fraud victim hotline number to contact. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017



On Monday June 19, Officers responded to an address on Beacon St on a report of missing keys and a phone.  The reporting party was unwilling to provide enough details for the Officers to move forward. The reporting party was advised.

On 6/19/2017 Officers responded to an address on Glen Rd for a report of a suspicious person.  While en route Brookline Dispatch relayed that the caller stated a male, black hair, 5'10 was in the callers shed and then went behind his neighbor's house. When officers arrived they could hear what sounded like metal hitting against metal and saw a door open to the basement. At this time an individual matching the caller's description, exited the basement with a large white plastic bag in his hand.  After further investigation the subject was placed under arrest and charged with 2 counts : 266:18A B&E Day int Felony. And 1 Count 266:127B Malicious Destruction of $250 for the fence.

On Monday 06-19-17 at 0955 hours an officer initiated a Lost Property report relating to a white iPhone 6 for a party who came to the front desk of Police Headquarters.  The phone is a workplace phone and they requested that she make a report, she came to Brookline PD to make the report because she feels that she lost it last night while dining at a restaurant on Beacon Street.

On Monday June 19, 2017, Officers responded to the Brookline Police front desk for a report of Identity Fraud. The victim was notified by the Brookline Post Office that he had a package that he needed to pick up and believed this to be strange because he gets his mail sent to his home and has never put a stop on any mail before. The victim was told by the Post Office that someone had put a hold on his mail, and it appears that someone had taken out a credit card and made a large cash transfer under his identity . A follow-up will be conducted by the Detective Division.

On 6-19-2017 Officers responded to a traffic crash on Lagrange St. After an investigation it was determined that one of the operators had fallen asleep and crossed the center line, causing the accident. All parties were transported to the hospital and vehicles were towed.

On Monday 06-19-2017 Officers responded to an address on Pleasant St. to take a report for bicycles that were stolen from a bike rack near the sidewalk. Video surveillance is pending and a report was filed.

On June 19, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street, for a report of a fire. Brookline Fire Department arrived and made entry into the basement and observed a light smoke condition and found the source coming from the air handling unit. In the process of checking for extension, the Firefighter's from Engine 5 forced entry into a locked basement door for the store. The owner of the store arrived on scene and was informed of the damage to the basement door. The fire was contained to the air handling unit and had been extinguished by BFD.

On June 19, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Greenough St for a report of an attempted breaking and entering.  Officers located a partially opened window with its screen popped open and shattered glass.  The building janitor reported hearing a loud bang and then seeing 2 subjects in the back corner of the court yard. After an investigation 2 subjects were arrested and charged with the following 274:6A Attempted Breaking and Entering Intent To  Commit A Felony, 266:49 Possession Burglarious Tools , 266:60A Receiving Stolen Property Under $250.00.

Monday, June 19, 2017

6/16 - 6/18

3:35 am: Officers on patrol preformed a query on a vehicle that had been parked in the same spot since 6/12/17 on Beacon St. It was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Boston on 6/12/17. Boston Police were notified of the recovery and the vehicle was towed away. Boston Police advised they would be making the recovery notification.

9:00 am: An officer at Brookline High School was notified that two laptops were taken sometime within the last twenty four hours. One teacher stated she put her laptop in her desk at 3:30 pm on 6/15/17 and returned on 6/16/17 to find it gone. The second laptop was put in a desk at 3:45 pm on 6/15/17 and also missing the morning of 6/16/17. Another teacher reported her laptop went missing from the building on 5/31/17. Some cash was also missing from a teacher’s desk.

11:30 am: An officer responded to Brookline High School regarding a theft. The reporting party stated that the digital cameras used for her class that are in a locked locker were missing. This was the second camera to go missing.

4:19 pm: An officer responded to a car rental company on Commonwealth Ave for a report of a stolen motor vehicle. The stolen vehicle was described as a black SUV. The reporting party stated an employee was washing the SUV in the parking lot and stepped away from the car for a brief moment. When he returned to the car, a male, assumed to be a customer, was sitting in the driver’s seat. After the employee approached him and the two spoke briefly, the unidentified male pulled out of the parking space and hit a yellow pole causing minor damage to the front right side of the vehicle. The car then fled onto Commonwealth Ave. The suspect was described as a middle-aged, dark skinned male, 5'9", medium build, wearing a navy blue baseball hat, black sun glasses, a dark sleeveless tank top and dark colored shorts. The suspect also had a slight, possibly Spanish, accent.

9:31 am: An officer responded to Babcock St. for a town property damage crash. A delivery truck was backing out of an alleyway with his vision obstructed and struck a town light pole with his right rear bumper, causing the pole to crack above the base and bend toward the roadway. There was no discernable damage to truck bumper and no injuries.

6:00 pm: An officer responded to Regent Circle on a report of fraudulent credit card use. The victim stated she received an alert detailing several credit card charges. After realizing she didn’t make such purchases, she discovered that she lost her wallet. The reporting party stated she was in a clothing store at around 3:00 pm and must’ve lost her wallet while in the store. She was advised to terminate her credit card account and monitor her personal information through credit card bureaus.

11:55 am: An officer on traffic duty at a church on Linden Place. The officer observed a Tall black male wearing a blue hospital scrub top, a black hat, and black pants with a large suite case. A minute later, dispatch gave out a report of a shoplifter from a store, with the description matching the male the officer had just spotted. The officer joined two other officers who were questioning the suspect. When looking through the suitcase, the officers observed that the items matched the description of the items taken from the store. A store employee stated he seen the suspect put several items in his suitcase and attempt to leave the store before being he confronted the suspect. The suspect denied the theft and left. Based on the footage from a security camera, the man officers spoke was confirmed as the suspect and was placed under arrest.

8:06 pm:  An officer responded to a store on Commonwealth Ave for a report of shoplifting.

The manager stated he saw the male enter the store at around 8:00 pm with a flat, empty draw string backpack and when he attempting to exit the bag looked full. The manager confronted the male party at the front of the store and asked him to return the items. The male party exited the store on a bike. The suspect is described as a white male, thin, 50's, wearing a gray hat, black jump suit, and a black drawstring bag while riding a black bike.