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Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 19th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 10:45AM (12/19)- 294 Harvard Street

Angel Montes, 71 yrs, was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Police responded to CVS Pharmacy for reports of a shoplifter, police spoke with the employee who said he witnessed the suspect take two boxes of Tylenol and place them inside his coat, a further search revealed the suspect to be in possession of a total of six boxes of Tylenol valued at $59.94 collectively, the suspect was subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred at 3:49PM (12/19) - 302 Harvard Street 6793

Roy Privott, 40 yrs, was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Kimberly Bogarty, 34 yrs was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Police stopped two people outside of the Children’s Place after their descriptions matched the descriptions of two shoplifters. Police interviewed the suspects and in their possession discovered several items of clothing which were determined to have been stolen. The suspects were both subsequently arrested; the value of the stolen items is estimated at $96.50.

  • Occurred between 4PM and 4:45PM (12/19)- 18 Village Way

Carlos Mendoza, 36 yrs, was arrested and charged with Assault, and Malicious Damage.

Police responded to calls of a man acting irrationally and out of control and upon arrival police witnessed physical damage to the interior of the residence and it was also determined that an assault had occurred, Mendoza was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 12:12Am and 9AM (12/19)- 99 Harvard Street

Victim reported that sometime overnight his vehicles passenger side window had been smashed and his GPS navigation system valued at $350 had been stolen. In addition the suspect reported that his license plate had been stolen and replaced with another one.

  • Occurred between 7PM and 9PM (12/18)- 91 Middlesex Road

Victim reported that an unknown suspect had gained entry to her unlocked vehicle and stole a bag of clothes from the backseat; the items had a collective value of approximately $470.

  • Occurred at 9:03PM (12/19)- 24 Crafts Road

Victim reported that after taking a cab ride to his residence the victim informed the driver he would have to go inside to get cash in order to pay for the ride. The man gave the driver his cell phone valued at $499 as temporary collateral however when he returned to pay the suspect he was gone, this case is still under investigation.

Informational meeting regarding recent sexual assaults in the town of Brookline

Thursday December 20th


350 Washington Street- Public Safety Building

Community Room (First floor to your left)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 18th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 3:54PM (12/18) - 294 Harvard Street

Jean Tibbetts, 44 yrs, was arrested and charged with Forgery, Receiving Stolen property, Possession of a False License, and Fraud.

Police responded to CVS where an employee had reported a costumer was trying to use a fake I.D to cash checks, upon arrival police spoke with the suspect who attempted to provide police with a false name. However a short time later her true identity was discovered and she was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 5PM and 8PM (12/14) - Glen Road

Victim reported that while leaving her residence she noticed a package that was delivered to her when she returned a short time later the package was gone, the value of the package is unknown.

Informational meeting regarding recent sexual assaults in the town of Brookline

Thursday December 20th


350 Washington Street- Public Safety Building

Community Room (First floor to your left)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 17th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 6:46PM (12/17)- 302 Harvard Street

Keisha Eccles, 26 yrs, was arrested and charged with Shoplifting.

Latoya Vance, 31 yrs, was arrested and charged with Shoplifting and Receiving Stolen Property.

Police received a call from The Children’s Place stating that two shoplifters were currently leaving the store, police responded to the scene and were met by an employer who pointed to two women walking away from the store identifying them as the shoplifters. Police stopped the women and discovered several items of stolen clothing in their possession amounting to a value of approximately $34. The women were subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 5:40PM and 5:46PM (12/17)- 302 Harvard Street

Employee at The Children’s Place reported witnessing a woman walk around the store with an empty bag, however a few minutes later the employee reported the woman’s bag appeared to be full. Police met with another employee who had seen the woman put several items of clothing into her bag before leaving the store. An unknown amount of clothing was taken and the suspect is described as being a black female 5’06”-5’07” in her mid 20’s last seen wearing dark denim jeans and a dark windbreaker.

  • Occurred between 5:20PM and 7:20PM (12/17)- 399 Chestnut Hill Ave

Victim reported that his vehicles drivers’ side window had been smashed and his Ipod valued at $200 along with a GPS Navigation system valued at $400 were stolen.

  • Occurred between 5:20Pm and 7:20PM (12/17)- 399 Chestnut Hill Ave

Victim reported that his vehicle’s driver’s side window had been smashed and his GPS Navigation system valued at $550 had been stolen.


  • Occurred at 7PM (12/17)- 289 Harvard Street

Victim reported seeing two male subjects hand each other a marker while going into the bathroom, the man checked the bathroom and discovered freshly written graffiti, this case is still under investigation.

Monday, December 17, 2007

December 16th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 1:14AM and 1:45AM (12/16)- Washington Street/ Juniper Street

Police will summons a driver to court after it was revealed she was driving an unregistered vehicle with Revoked Insurance, and Revoked Registration.

December 15th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 12:06AM (12/15)-Harvard Street /Babcock Street

Police on patrol witnessed a vehicle travel through a red light and upon stopping the car it was discovered the registration had been revoked, and was uninsured. The driver will be summonsed to court for Failure to stop at a red light, Operating a Motor Vehicle without Insurance, and Operating a Motor Vehicle after Revoked Registration.

  • Occurred at 12:20AM (12/15) - Gerry Road

Police responded to a loud party and upon arrival officers were able to hear a large group of people and after entering the apartment officers were able to discover several bottles of liquor, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Police were met by the resident and several of her friends all students at Brookline High School, they did not seem intoxicated however police will summons the resident to court for Minor In Possession of Alcohol and Disturbing the Peace.

  • Occurred at 10:08PM (12/15) – Kendall Street

Police responded to reports of an intoxicated juvenile and when they arrived the juvenile claimed she had been drinking at a friend’s house and the friend’s parents had furnished the alcohol. Police responded to the residence and upon entering the residence it was determined that the parents would be summonsed to court for Furnishing Alcohol to persons under 21.

Attempted Larceny

  • Occurred between 12PM and 12:15PM (12/15) - 599 Brookline Ave

The victim reported that he observed a suspect standing by his van with a set of tools, the victim immediately confronted the man however the suspect claimed he had found the tools. The suspect subsequently fled the scene empty-handed. The victim then inspected his van and discovered his back window had been smashed all the tools taken out of the van were successfully recovered. A subsequent search of the area for the suspect yielded negative results. The suspect is described as a light skinned Hispanic Male approximately 5’02”-5’03” with a skinny build, a mustache and short hair.


  • Occurred between 9AM (6/01) and 11:36AM (12/09) - 750 Commonwealth Avenue

A manager at Guitar Center noticed two items missing while checking inventory. The missing items are a keyboard valued at $1722.94 and Synthesizer valued at $429.43, the manager reported that the theft must have occurred in the interim since the last inventory check which was preformed during the summer.

  • Occurred at 5:36PM (12/15) - 302 Harvard Street

Victim reported placing his laptop computer worth between $2000 and $3000 dollars, down outside a fitting room inside the Gap Store. When the victim came out of the changing room he noticed the computer missing.

December 14th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 2PM (12/13) and 8:45AM (12/14) - 241 Washington Street

Police responded to Kunevich & Lau Insurance Agency and upon arrival observed the front door of the establishment had been pried open and it was reported that a cashbox containing about $20 in loose change was stolen.


  • Occurred between 6:20PM and 8:30PM (12/14)- 96 St Paul Street

Victim reported that she received two packages that were left in foyer of her building, however when the victim returned a short time later to retrieve the items they were gone. The two items reported stolen were a Sony radio valued at $200 and a Poland springs water dispenser valued at approximately $200

Attempted Larceny

  • Occurred at 11:46AM (12/14) - Hawthorn Road

Victim reported that she observed several men drive a pick-up truck into her drive in an attempt to steal her snow blower once she confronted the suspects they fled, they were described as two Hispanic males, one of them with a full beard victim also reported that the suspects were driving a red Dodge pickup truck.


  • Occurred between 8AM (12/05) and 4PM (12/10)

Victim reported that after posting an ad to sublet his apartment on Craigslist he was contacted by a man who sent the victim several cashiers checks and in return the victim deposited the false checks into his account in order to send a portion of the check back to the suspect; essentially loaning his own money until the cashiers check cleared. However when it was discovered the checks were fraudulent the victim realized the scam, the amount of total loss is estimated at $4400.