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Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14th

7:01AM: Officers were dispatched to a home on Rawson Road for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party stated that sometime between 9pm and 11pm the previous night someone threw eggs at their home. It appears this house was the only one targeted. This case is under investigation.

9:33AM: Police were dispatched to Women’s Health Services on Harvard Street for a disturbance. A woman believed a man, who was standing out front of the address, was videotaping her. The two exchanged words, the woman struck the man in the face then left the area. Police were able to identify the woman and summoned her to court for assault and battery.

1:44PM: Police were called to Harvard Street for an attempted shoplifting. The loss prevention employee told officers that he noticed a man concealing several items and trying to leave the store without paying. The employee confronted this man and made him wait in the loss prevention office for police to arrive. All the items were returned to the store. The suspect was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wednesday, March 13th

9:06AM: Officers were dispatched to Coolidge Street for a bat call. The reporting party told officers that at 1:30am she was awakened by something flying over her head. When she turned on the lights, she realized there was a bat in her room. The reporting party eventually trapped the bat in one of the bedrooms. Police arrived on scene but could not locate the bat. The Brookline Health Department has been notified of this incident.

4:37PM: Police were dispatched to Beacon Street for a past shoplifting. The manager of the business told police that she reviewed surveillance footage after she noticed a recently stocked shelf completely empty. While checking the cameras later that day, the reporting party noticed that at 2:20pm, a black male entered the store and began taking several items off the shelves and placing them into his bag. He then exited without paying. It is possible this suspect has shoplifted in this area before. Police are investigating.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tuesday, March 12th

9:03AM: Police were dispatched to Brookline High School for a report of graffiti inside the building. A school security guard told officers about the new graffiti he found, which appears to be a tag. This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Monday, March 11th

12:06PM:  Police were called to Tappan Street for found property. A woman found a single Nissan car key lying on a snowbank near her home. The key was brought to the station and secured in a property locker for safe keeping.

5:46PM: Police were dispatched to High Street for a malicious damage report. A man told police he parked his car on Saturday, March 9th, at around 11pm in the High Street parking lot. He returned to his vehicle on March 11th at 4pm and noticed both drivers’ side tires were flat. Upon further inspection, he noticed a slash mark in each of the tires. This case is being investigated.

11:44PM: Police were conducting a special attention assignment at the Brookline Town Hall due to recent reports of an individual trespassing on the property after hours. During a check of the building, officers found an unsecured door. Officers performed a building check and discovered a man sitting in one of the offices on the first floor. The man was placed under arrest and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Night Time with Intent to Commit a Misdemeanor.

Sunday, March 10th

3:30PM: Officers were dispatched to Browne Street for a past larceny. The reporting party told police that he had recently ordered a 3-pack of Nest indoor security cameras. FedEx claimed that the package was delivered at 12:18pm on Friday, March 8th. When the reporting party arrived home at 6pm, the package could not be located. Police are investigating.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Saturday, March 9th

5:58PM: A man called police to report malicious damage to his motor vehicle. The reporting party told officers that he rents a parking spot on Harvard Avenue and has had his vehicle parked there for 2 weeks. Today he received a phone call from the property owner telling him that one of his windows was broken. When he went to check on the car he noticed that the right side window was shattered but nothing was missing from the vehicle. The reporting party is unsure of when the damage took place. This case is under investigation.

6:12PM: Police were dispatched to Stetson Street for a bat call. Upon arrival, the reporting party told officers at 6pm he and his wife came home to a bat flying around their house. They called 911 and waited outside for police to arrive. It does not appear anyone was bitten by the animal but human exposure forms have been completed. The bat was detained and sent to the lab for rabies testing.

7:58PM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for shoplifting. The reporting party, a loss prevention employee, told police that a man in his 30’s had just fled the store with several articles of clothing. The suspect is described as a white male, 6’2”, wearing a dark colored hoodie, gray sweatpants, and a Patriots winter hat. It appears that the man stole multiple jackets and other clothing items. Police are investigating.

Friday, March 8th

3:04PM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, the loss prevention employee told police that he noticed a woman place several items in a shopping cart and only pay for a few. When confronted, the suspect admitted to taking several items without paying. Loss prevention employees detained the woman until officers arrived. The suspect was verbally advised of trespassing and will be summoned to court for shoplifting.

5:52PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. A loss prevention employee told officers that ultimately the items had been recovered, but the suspect fled. The reporting party noticed a man rolling up clothing items and placing them under his arm. When the loss prevention employee confronted the man, he returned the items but fled towards Beacon Street. The suspect is a Hispanic man in his 40’s, with a mustache or goatee, wearing a black jacket (possibly with “BU” letters) and blue jeans. Multiple units canvassed the area but could not locate the subject.

10:36PM: There was a report for shoplifting on Commonwealth Avenue. A man with multiple reusable shopping bags stole several items before fleeing towards St. Mary’s Street. An employee attempted to follow and stop the suspect but eventually lost him. The reporting party told officers that he did not recognize the suspect as a shopper in the store. The subject is described as a 40 year-old white male, wearing a green and white checkered jacket. This case is under investigation.

Thursday, March 7th

4:32PM: Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of shoplifting. The reporting party, the store’s manager, told officers that he noticed a recently restocked shelf completely empty. When he checked the surveillance footage, he recognized an individual from a previous shoplifting incident. The surveillance footage shows the suspect putting numerous boxes of tooth paste in a shopping bag, and exiting the store without paying. The suspect stole approximately $300 worth of toothpaste. Police are investigating. 

5:16PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. The reporting party, a loss prevention employee, told officers that a man had just attempted to leave the store without paying for several clothing items. When the reporting party confronted him, the suspect dropped the items and fled towards Harvard Avenue (Allston). A short time later, Brookline Officers stopped a man matching the description in a local coffee shop. He was positively identified by the loss prevention employee. He will be summoned to court for shoplifting.