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Friday, September 18, 2015


On September 17th officers responded to a store on Beacon Street for a report of two individuals trying to steal items out of the store. The store owner reported witnessing these individuals take things from the shelves. Both suspects were arrested without incident and charged with shoplifting.

On September 17th officers responded to a store on Harvard Street for a report of a larceny. Dispatch relayed a description of the suspect. When officers arrived the store owner described witnessing the suspect take two items and tries to conceal them in an over sized bag. Officers were also able to obtain surveillance footage of the store at the time of the larceny. This matter is still under investigation.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


On September 16th officers at the station took a larceny report. The victim reported going to a gym on Commonwealth Avenue, placing personal items in an unlocked locker in the men’s locker room. Upon his return he noticed some personal items missing. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 16th officers responded to a convenience store on Commonwealth Avenue for  a report of counterfeiting bills. Victim was able to give a description of the suspect and the matter is still under investigation.

On September 16th officers responded to Littell Road for a report of a bike theft. Victim reported coming home and leaving her bike in plain view in front of her residence. Victim came back out later to notice the bike was missing. A description of the bike was given and this matter is still under investigation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


September 14th- September 15th 
On September 14th officers responded to Chestnut Street for a report of a stolen package. The victim reported items were stolen off her front porch around the estimated time of delivery. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 14th officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Avenue for a report of a larceny from a convenience store. Officers were able to obtain evidence that help identify two suspects wanted in connection with the larceny. The suspects were arrested without incident.
On September 15th officers were approached by two individuals on Harvard Street who stated they just had a motorized scooter stolen from behind their apartment. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 15th officers observed a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on Station Street. Officers pulled the vehicle over to conduct a traffic stop. After obtaining the driver’s license and registration a query of the driver’s information came back that the driver had a suspended license. The individual was placed under arrest without incident.

On September 15th officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a suspicious person. Officers were able to locate the suspicious person and stop him for questioning. After identifying the individual the officers were able to query his name and dispatched relayed that the individual had a warrant out for his arrest. The individual was placed under arrest without incident.

Monday, September 14, 2015


09/13/2015    1:00pm                       B&E&L.

Victim reported that she left her apartment on St Paul St at approximately 9:00pm last night and when she returned this morning at approximately 10:15am her laptop was missing from her bed.  She has a first floor apartment.  She said that she left her windows ajar overnight.  Also, she left the back, exterior door which is located in her bedroom locked.  When she returned home it was unlocked.  No other property was taken.

09/13/2015    0209                B+E&L.

Victim stated he and his 3 roommates had all left their apartment on St Paul St for a couple of hours at 2230 hours on 09/12/2015 and when they returned at 0200 hours on 09/13/2015 he discovered his laptop missing.  Victim stated that he left one of his windows all the way open but the screen closed.   When he returned the screen was halfway up.


09/12/2015      3:40pm                     Larceny
Victim reports a larceny of a bicycle at his residence on the VFW Parkway . Victim stated that he and his wife went riding earlier in the day. They came home at 1200 hours, and left the bicycle next to the front door behind the bushes unlocked.
He came back out at 1500 hours and discovered the bicycle missing.

 9/12/15                        9:07am                     B&E&L          

Victim reports her motor vehicle was broken into on Monmouth Ct  She stated that her car was parked last night around 8:00pm. Upon coming out this morning around 9:00am she observed that both the Passenger door and rear driver's side door were ajar. Upon a closer look she observed that her black duffel bag containing numerous items was taken. Also someone had attempted to steal her radio.
A neighbor saw  a suspicious  Hispanic male, bald, in his mid 40's, about 6'00", 190lbs, wearing a long blk jacket, blk khaki pants, and red sneakers in the area prior to the break.


 09-11-2015     1127am                    Fraud

Victim reports her Bank VISA debit card had being used for a fraudulent transaction.  Victim reports that on 09-05-2015 a charge was made to her card in, Winchester VA.  Victim never lost control of her card and the bank has cancelled that number, a new card is being mailed to her.