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Monday, May 20, 2019

Sunday, May 19th

7:57PM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of an unarmed robbery. Two females were walking near Coolidge Corner when a man grabbed one of the women’s’ purses. The male suspect was accompanied by a female. An anonymous Good Samaritan stopped the male and demanded the return of the purse. The suspect let loose of the purse and fled. The female accompanying the male suspect was positively identified by the victim through a “Show Up”. The male was not located. Police are investigating this crime. 

Saturday, May 18th

8:34PM: Officers were dispatched to Greenough Street for a report of suspicious activity. The reporting party told police when she arrived home at 6PM she noticed a bicycle (not belonging to them) hidden in some bushes in her backyard. She asked her husband and he did not observe the bicycle when he left home this morning at 10AM. The bicycle is a black men’s Giant Iguana brand, multi speed bike. The item has been placed into an evidence locker for safe keeping.

10:19PM: Police responded to Goodnough Road for a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that his car was rummaged through while parked overnight on Friday, May 17th to Saturday morning, May 18th. He noticed his personal papers were strewn all over the interior but nothing of value was taken. The vehicle was left unlocked. Officers are investigating this case.

10:44PM: A woman came to the police station to report a dog bite. The reporting party was walking to the Brookline Library (Putterham branch) when a dog came running out of a home on West Roxbury Parkway. The dog growled and attacked the girl, ripping her shorts. When the reporting party tried to push the animal away, it bit her on the right hand. The dog is registered with the town and fully updated on their rabies shot.

Friday, May 17th

6:34AM: Police were dispatched to Wolcott Road for a report of breaking and entering with larceny of a motor vehicle. The reporting party last saw her vehicle fully intact on Thursday, May 16th at 8:30PM. Her husband left the home at 6AM this morning and noticed the passenger side door to be slightly ajar. Upon inspection of the car, they noticed the center console and glove box had been targeted. The reporting party believes the suspect rummaged through her car between 10:30PM, Thursday night, and 6:00AM, Friday morning. This case is under investigation.

8:55AM: Officers were dispatched to Pleasant Street for a package larceny. A woman was supposed to receive a package at 1:18PM on Friday, May 10th. The reporting party went to the lobby to check for the package at 2PM and again at 6PM. The item stolen was one IPhone XR. This case is being investigating.

10:57AM: Police responded to a breaking and entering and larceny of motor vehicle on Walnut Hill Road. The reporting party parked her car in her driveway at approximately 12PM on Thursday, May 16th. This morning, at 10:45AM she noticed her center console was open. The reporting party recalled leaving her wallet in the center console. She believes she left her car doors unlocked. Officers are investigating this case.

12:07AM: Police were following up on a series of overnight car breaks near Shaw Road. Police received information from a home owner that he caught a group of suspects on camera trying to break into his car. He also observed the group go next door to his neighbor’s house and observed the suspects enter his neighbor’s car and steal a tan full length women’s coat. Police are investigating.

Thursday, May 16th

9:34AM: A police officer was at Lincoln School when he was approached by a citizen that had found property. The reporting party was cleaning her desk when she found a men’s gold wedding ring that had been turned into her about a year ago. Upon closer look, police noticed the name “Julie” and the date “4/9/18” engraved on the inside band. The item has been placed in an evidence locker for safe keeping.  

2:08PM: A man contacted Brookline Police’s Animal Control unit to report a dog bite. The reporting party was walking his dog off leash at Amory Park at 10:30AM on May, 16th. The reporting party noticed a large Great Dane that was heading towards his direction. The Great Dane approached the reporting party’s dog and began to bark, snarl, and bite. Once the reporting party separated the animals, he confirmed his dog had no injuries. This is the second time the Great Dane has acted aggressively towards another dog in Amory Park. Both dogs are registered with the town and up to date on their vaccinations. The owner of the Great Dane was given a citation and the animal is suspended from off leash privileges for 30 days.

8:57PM: Officers received a report that a package had been stolen on Parkway Road. The reporting party ordered two pairs of shoes. They were to be delivered on Friday, May 10th at 12PM. He never received them and has been working with UPS to locate the package. It should be noted that the reporting party has just moved out of Brookline. Police are investigating this case.

Wednesday, May 15th

3:00PM: Officers were dispatched to Saint Paul Street for a report of a past package theft. The reporting party stated that he was expecting a Rocket Book Notebook from EBay to arrive at his apartment. The reporting party received an email from USPS saying his package was delivered at 3:21PM on Monday, May 13th. When he went to check the vestibule at 5PM, he could not locate the package. This case is under investigation.