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Friday, March 3, 2017

Blog 3/2/17

03/02/2017- Commonwealth Ave

Officer responded to a CVS on Commonwealth Ave for a shoplifter who had left the store.  Officers spoke to employees who stated that a subject had taken items from the store without purchasing. The subject is described as a white male in his 30’s wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the time.

03/02/2017- Brookline Public Library

Officers responded to the Main Branch of the Brookline Library for a report of suspicious person.   Officers spoke with the director of the library who stated that a patron currently in the library was believed to be the subject involved in an incident the day before at both the Coolidge Corner branch as well as the Main branch.  
Officers identified the subject, with the assistance of employees, and the male was placed under arrest and charged with Open and Gross Lewdness.

03/02/2017- Fairgreen PL

Officers were called to Fairgreen Place to take a report of fraudulent use of a credit card.  The victim reported that she was running errands throughout the day and left her purse in her car unlocked at the shops at Putterham.  She did not observe anything out to the ordinary until she received a fraud alert from the credit card company. 

03/02/2017- Egmont St

Victim reported to police that when they returned home from work, it appeared someone had gone through their belongings.  

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blog for 2/28 - 3/1

2/28/17 – Arrest
Officers responded to a call on Walnut St. about an unwanted person on private property. Officers found the suspect, and while looking into the suspect’s history they found two outstanding warrants. The suspect was placed under arrest and was transferred to Brookline Police Station.

3/1/17 – B&E
Officers responded to a Breaking and Entering in progress. Officers witnessed broken glass and upon searching the home officers spotted a single suspect. Officers placed the suspect into arrest.

3/1/2017 – Counterfeiting
An officer responded to a store on Beacon St for a report of someone passing a counterfeit bill.

The cashier stated that at around 1930-1945hrs a black male 6'3"  wearing a jean jacket with strings hanging off and a blue and red baseball hat came up to his cash register and purchased items with a counterfeit bill. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blog 2/23 - 2/27

2/23/17 – Operating After Suspension
An officer on Washington St. observed a vehicle without a valid inspection sticker and initiated a traffic stop. A query of the operator revealed that they had a Suspended License. The operator was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

2/23/17 – Lost Property
An officer responded to Washington St for a report of lost property. The victim stated that on 2/22/17 at approximately 1544hrs she left the store. After realizing she left her purse, the victim returned to the store but, employees couldn’t locate it. The purse is small and brown, containing several personal items.

2/23/17 - Larceny
An officer responded to a store on Beacon St for a report of a stolen wallet. The victim stated that between 1615hrs and 1630hrs her wallet was stolen. The suspects are described as a darker-skinned male, possibly Latino, in his 40s, wearing a pale flowery shirt, and a woman, darker-skinned and 20-30 years of age. The victim believes that the male and the woman were working together and the male distracted her so that the female could steal her wallet.

2/23/17 – Operating after Suspension
An officer observed a gray Ford SUV on Harvard St. A random query revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a Suspended Driver’s License. The officer initiated a traffic stop, advised the operator as to the reason for the stop, and placed him under arrest.

2/23/17 – Shoplifting
Officers were contacted by a store owner for a report of a shoplifting. The owner stated that three teen youths came in and one of the females stole water. The subject is described as a light skinned, black female, heavy set, glasses, wearing Grey spandex pants, Grey sneakers and a low cut grey shirt. The second female is described as a dark skinned, Black female, wearing jeans and a Grey cut off short shirt. She described the male as a Black male, white tee shirt and shorts. After speaking to the suspects, two of the individuals were under arrest for shoplifting.

2/24/17 – Not Duly Licensed
Officers at the intersection of Boylston St. and Cypress St. observed a blue sedan fail to stop at the traffic lights at the Cypress St. intersection. The officers initiated a motor vehicle stop and identified the operator who was then placed under arrest.

2/24/17 – Malicious Auto Damage
An officer responded to Pleasant St for a victim reporting that his black Chevy had been keyed between 1330hrs on 2/21/17 and 1130hrs on 2/24/17. The vehicle had obvious key marks along the center front hood, and the words "UGLY CAR" were scratched into the upper passenger side hood.

2/24/2017 – Found Property
An officer responded to Strathmore Road for a found property report. The large blue duffel bag was found on the sidewalk and taken to the police station.

2/24/17 – Bike Larceny
An officer responded to Beals St. for a past larceny of a bike. The bike was last seen on 2/16/17 at approximately 2100hrs and noticed to be missing on 2/21/17 at approximately 0800hrs. The victim described the bike as Black with a yellow brand name sticker on the middle bar, cargo platform in the rear, and a black bell on the left handle bar.

2/25/17 – Larceny

An officer responded to a store on Harvard St for a report of a recent shoplifting. The suspect is described as an older Black male, wearing a hat and a tan jacket. The manager stated he seen an older black male who he recognized from attempting to steal soap before, and a currently unidentified female with five bags in their hands. The manager asked them to leave the bags and they fled with two. The suspect was identified, found, and placed under arrest. The stolen objects were also found.