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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tuesday, May 14th

2:00PM: Police were dispatched to Boylston Street for a loud dispute. Upon arrival, officers noticed several scratch marks on the male’s face. He reported that he was walking by a vehicle with his dog when he became involved in a verbal altercation with the female driver. The driver then ran out of the vehicle and struck the man in the face. The female will be summonsed to court for assault and battery.
4:25PM: A citizen came to the police station to report an incident of road rage on Beacon Street and Marion Street. The reporting party told police that at 8AM this morning, he was walking across Marion Street and Park Street when a vehicle did not stop for him. The pedestrian hit the vehicle with his umbrella as it went by. The driver then stopped in the middle of the intersection, got out of the vehicle, and threatened the pedestrian. The driver was charged with threatening to commit a crime. The pedestrian was charged for malicious damage of a vehicle.
4:29PM: Officers were approached by a citizen on Pleasant Street who stated her purse had been stolen. The reporting party was at the Coolidge Corner Library from approximately 3PM to 4PM. She noticed her purse was missing from the children’s room at 4PM. While using the “Find my IPhone” app officers located the purse in a trash can in the bathroom. The reporting party is still missing her white and brown L’arcobaleno wallet. This case is under investigation.
4:46PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting and trespassing. Several employees noticed a woman enter the store who had previously been given a “No Trespass” order. The female quickly left the store without approaching a register. Officers located a woman matching the description and found multiple stolen items in her possession. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting and trespassing.
5:30PM: Officers responded to Harvard Street for a report of a past package theft. The reporting party stated that she received a notification from Amazon that her package had been delivered today at 1:38PM. She returned home at 4:38PM but could not locate the package. The missing parcel was left in a vestibule behind a locked door. Police are investigating.
6:30PM: An Officer was on Dean Road when a vehicle passed by him without a registration sticker. A query of the vehicle came back as stolen. The car ran several stop signs before stopping for officers. The man was placed under arrest. He was charged with receiving a stolen vehicle and carrying a dangerous weapon.
10:14PM: Several units were dispatched to the area of Brookline Village for a report of a person threatened with a firearm. The reporting party told police he had just purchased marijuana from a Marijuana dispensary and was walking home. He heard a man in a squeaky bicycle approach him and ask for a cigarette. The reporting party said he did not have one and crossed the street. He then saw the same man again and worried he was being followed. While walking up Davis Avenue he heard the squeaky wheel again. When the reporting party turned around, the suspect appeared to be holding a small pistol and said “give me the weed or I will shoot you.” Officers in the area located the man responsible. He was arrested for attempting armed robbery and resisting arrest.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monday, May 13th

1:01PM: Police were dispatched to a residence on High Street for malicious damage. The reporting party arrived home on Sunday, May 12th, at 10:45PM. She discovered what appeared to be urine on the living room floor near her television. The reporting party also noticed water had been poured on both her televisions. The front door was left unsecured. Police are investigating.

3:18PM: Officers responded to Sumner Road for a larceny of a bicycle. The reporting party last saw his mountain bike in his garage at 9:30PM on Sunday, May 12th. At 11:30AM today, he noticed the bicycle had been stolen. The garage had been left opened overnight. The bike is described as yellow or orange with a Range Rover racing sticker on it. This case is under investigation.

Sunday, May 12th

2:48AM: Police were dispatched to a Bakery on Harvard Street for a report of an armed robbery. The reporting party told police he arrived at work at 1:40AM. He heard a noise and was confronted by a man armed with a knife. The man demanded the victim to “get back” and then the suspect escaped. He stole an undisclosed amount of cash from the registers. The subject was described as a white male wearing all black with a black ski mask. Police are investigating this case.
8:07AM: An anonymous person came to the Police Station to turn in a found tan purse and set of keys. The person said they found the purse in Brookline Village. No one has inquired about the items. The purse is now being secured in an evidence locker.
4:51PM: Officers responded to a report of stolen bicycles on Saint Paul Street. The reporting party stated that at noon today he noticed his two bicycles missing from the garage. He last saw both bicycles on Saturday, May 11th, at 7PM. The reporting party shares the garage with two other tenants and is unsure whether the door was left open or not. One bike is a Cannondale brand mountain bike and the other is a Specialized brand road bike. This case is under investigation.
6:07PM: Police were called to Lowell Road for a report of a larceny. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the reporting party who stated he last saw his bicycle mid-morning Saturday, May 11th. He noticed today that his silver Fuji brand 12 speed road bike was missing. The reporting party left his bicycle unsecured against the left side of his house. Police are investigating.

Saturday, May 11th

12:06AM: Police were dispatched to Green Street for a report of larceny. The two reporting parties told officers they observed a man steal a bottle of alcohol. When they attempted to speak with the man, he fled. They called police and officers were able to locate an individual matching the description of the suspect. Officers conducted a Show-Up ID and the reporting parties determined this man was the suspect who stole alcohol from their business. The man was summonsed for larceny.

11:48AM: Officers responded to a report of larceny on Commonwealth Avenue. Police spoke to an employee of the gym. He stated that a suspicious woman entered the business at approximately 9AM to use the restroom. The female left approximately an hour later. At 11:45AM, a woman noticed her bag had been stolen from the locker room. The suspect is described as a white female, 5’4, thin build, septum nose ring, and an undercut with a bun. Police are investigating.

12:24AM: There was a report of a stolen scooter on Francis Street. The reporting party told police she locked her Scooter to the bicycle rack at Pierce School on Thursday, May 9th. She accidentally left it overnight and noticed that at 8AM on Friday, May 10th, the Scooter was missing. The lock was still attached to the bike rack. Police are investigating.

8:45PM: Police were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a stolen scooter. The vehicle has been locked to a meter since January. The reporting party last saw the scooter today, May 11th, at 11AM. This evening at around 8:30PM, she noticed it was missing. The vehicle is described as a 2013 Lance Cali Classic Scooter. This case is being investigated.

9:03PM: A female reported the larceny of her wallet from a Hotel on Webster Street. The reporting party stated that she checked into the hotel at 3PM today. She left the room from 3:20PM to 4:20PM. At 4:50PM, she noticed her wallet was missing. Police are investigating.

Friday, May 10th

2:06PM: A student approached an officer at Brookline High School to report a bicycle theft.  The reporting party stated that he parked his bike in the bike rack near the main entrance of school at approximately 8:20AM on Thursday, May 9th. When he returned at 2:50PM, the bike was gone. The bike is described as a black Raleigh Cadet Hybrid 1. The bicycle was left unsecured in the bike rack during the day. This case is under investigation.
4:13PM: Police were dispatched to Bartlett Crescent for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party showed officers a two inch slash mark in his tire. He stated he parked his car on Thursday, May 9th at approximately 5PM. When he went to drive to work this morning at 5:30AM, he noticed one his tires was flat. Further inspection of the area showed that other vehicle’s tires were damaged as well. Police are investigating this incident.
8:25PM: Officers were dispatched to Brookline Music School for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival, police spoke to the reporting party that stated his headphones had been stolen. He left his wireless headphones charging in the building’s basement recording studio. He reports leaving the basement unattended for 5 minutes at 3:15PM. When he returned, his headphones were missing. The item is described as solid gray Apple Inc. Beats by Dre. Police are investigating.