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Friday, July 31, 2009

July 30th Police Reports

July 30th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 6:10AM (7/15) and 6:20AM (7/15) – 173 Woodland Rd.

Victim reported that she had sent a check to a friend in London who had, stated through Facebook, that she had been a victim of an armed robbery. Victim stated that she learned that her friend’s Facebook account had been hacked into and the money she sent was to the impersonator. Victim has closed her account and cancelled the check she had sent. Police have requested a copy of the canceled check or the bank statement that lists the canceled check.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 29th Police Reports

July 29th Police Reports


  • Occurred 3:00PM (7/29) – 97 Centre St.

Victim reported that an unknown suspect had unscrewed and stolen the storage rack that was affixed to his bicycle. Victim stated that he had secured his bike locked to the stair railing outside his building. Upon further investigation, victim found that his bike seat had been loosened and the rear break from the tire had been removed. Victim was advised to keep his bike indoors.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 28th Police Reports

July 28th Police Reports

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

· Occurred between 10:45AM (7/27) and 6:30AM (7/28) – 365 Russett Rd.

Victim reported his passenger car door left ajar. Victim stated that his GPS was missing from his glove compartment, which had been left open. Also missing was change that had been left in the center console.


· Occurred between 7:00PM (7/27) and 2:00PM (7/28) – 127 Naples Rd.

Victim reported that someone had broken into his garage and had attempted to steal his mountain bike. Victim had found the bike stuck in one of the garage door windows. It appeared that the suspect had gained access through a side window and was attempting to steal only the bike. Police are following up on the case.

Violation of Court Order

· Occurred 10:02AM (7/28) – Alton Pl.

Victim reported that she had been recently contacted through a series of emails from her ex-boyfriend. Victim stated that she currently had a restraining order against him. Suspect was placed under arrest for the violation of the restraining order.


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27th Police Reports

July 27th Police Reports


  • Occurred 8:19AM (7/22) – 26 Greenough

Victim reported unfamiliar charges posted on her debit card account. Victim was advised to contact the credit companies. The companies, from who the purchases were made, will be investigating the charges.


  • Occurred 7:44PM (7/27) – 156 Boylston St.

Victim reported that not only was a bike of one of her children’s taken, but a second bike had parts that had been stolen off it. Victim states that upon further investigation she discovered a scooter missing as well. Victim had the bikes and scooter secured in the basement. Police will follow up on the case.

  • Occurred 12:00AM (7/27) – 1717 Beacon St.

Victim reported that her purse was taken from a shopping cart. Victim asked the front desk at the supermarket if anyone had returned the purse and was told not at this time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 23rd-26th Police Reports

Tip of the week: Secure Bicycles to Bicycle racks with an adequate lock.

July 23rd-26th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 2:44AM (7/23) and 3:00AM (7/23) – 227 Summit Av.

Police responded to a call in regards to an altercation between two males and a female yelling in distress. The female victim stated that the two men had gotten into a wrestling match. She had tried to stop the two but ended up falling and sustaining a head injury. A request for a hearing for assault and battery was filed for both men

  • Occurred 10:27AM (7/25) – 1 Harvard St.

Police responded to a call by a parking enforcement officer who had been hit by a red jeep while on duty. Officer identified the operator of the red jeep as a black male with dreadlocks. The male suspect was identified and placed under arrest. The jeep was towed and the officer was transported to a local hospital. Suspect was cited for operating to endanger recklessly. Photos of the jeep and the damage caused from hitting the officer will be submitted into evidence.

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred 12:42AM (7/23) – 60 Cramond Rd.

Victim reported having heard the sound of broken glass and a white male fleeing the scene. Victim went outside to investigate and found that the front passenger side window of her vehicle had been smashed. The only item missing was a gray leather handbag. Victim described the suspect as a white male in his late teens to early twenties, approximately 5’8”-5’10,” wore blue jeans, white t-shirt, a baseball hat, and carried a red bag. Detective will be processing the scene for prints.

  • Occurred 5:00PM (7/22) and 7:56AM (7/23) – 178 Dudley St.

Victim reported that her car had been broken into. Upon investigation she discovered that two Tupperware containers had been removed, along with the money that had been within the containers. Police will follow up on the case.

  • Occurred between 9:00PM (7/2) and 7:00AM (7/3) – 44 Beverly Rd.

Victim reported that his car had been broken into and his briefcase had been taken. A neighbor found the victim’s briefcase in the woods behinds her house.

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (7/23) and 8:00AM (7/24) – 108 Naples Rd.

Victim reported that someone had smashed the rear passenger side window of her vehicle. She had canvassed her vehicle and discovered that a car seat and change from the center console were missing. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred 8:00AM (7/25) and 8:00PM (7/25) – 755 Boyston St.

Victim had come to the police station to report that his room had been broken into. He stated among the items that were missing were: his laptop computer and guitar. Victim stated that he had locked his door well and there were no items missing from the other rooms in the apartment. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (7/24) and 7:51PM (7/26) – 22 Linden Pl.

Victim reported that her apartment had been broken into. Victim stated that her two laptops, a Nikon digital camera, and her jewelry were all missing. Entry had been gained through the rear glass window. The glass of the window had been left outside and was submitted for prints, as well as the jewelry boxes that had been touched.

Domestic Abuse

  • Occurred 1:40AM (7/23) – 39 Irving St.

Victims reported having been assaulted by their son who was intoxicated at the time. The two female victims reported experiencing aggressive and belligerent behavior towards them. Their son was placed under arrest for a Domestic Assault and Battery. He will also be charged with three counts of Assault and Battery.


  • Occurred 11:20AM (7/24) – 1195 Boylston St.

Police responded to a CVS store where the manager stated that a black male had purchased a series of items with seven counterfeit five dollar bills. The manager stated that all bills had the same serial number and didn’t feel like normal currency. Both items will be submitted into evidence.


  • Occurred between 6:46PM (7/20) and 9:24AM (7/23) – 525 Harvard St.

A male individual was placed under arrest for theft at a local store. Police were informed that the suspect was a previous employee. Police took possession of suspect’s cell phone for evidence. Detectives are looking into identifying the female suspect involved within the conspiracy and larceny.

  • Occurred 6:00PM (7/22) and 10:00AM (7/23) – 216 High St.

Victim reported that all four of his wheel covers had been stolen. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred 6:00PM (7/23) and 7:30(7/23) – 250 Harvard St.

Victim reported that her bike and its cable lock were missing from the parking meter they had been attached to. The bike will be entered into the NCIC system.

  • Occurred between12:15AM (7/23) and 12:50AM (7/23) – Brookline Pl.

Victim reported that her purse had been stolen from the floor at her work desk. She was advised to call the credit card companies.

  • Occurred 5:00PM (7/17) – 125 Browne St.

Victim reported that his bike had been stolen from a storage area. Attached to the bike was his school ID. The victim doesn’t know the serial or model numbers of his bike.

  • Occurred between 8:15PM (7/24) and 9:00AM (7/25) – 29 Englewood Av. (Rear Lot)

Victim reported her moped missing from her parking spot. The moped was found in a corner with multiple scratches on the right and left sides. The ignition had been tampered with and the license plate was missing. The plate was later found in the grass and returned to the victim. Police advised victim to call her insurance company.

  • Occurred 11:32AM (7/25) – 25 Harvard St.

A local shop owner contacted police in regards to a female who had stolen a few articles of clothing, but returned them once owner confronted her in the parking lot. Victim described the suspect as a white female 40-50 years old, blonde hair, light eyes, approximately 5’6,” wearing a pink tank top, and a tulip skirt. Police were able to locate the suspect and issue her a verbal no-trespass order. Suspect will be summoned to court for shoplifting.

  • Occurred between 1:15PM (7/25) and 3:00PM (7/25) – 46 Meadowbrook Rd.

Victim reported that his bike was stolen from his garage. Moments after police had left, victim called back and stated the bike was in the garage and must have been overlooked.

  • Occurred between 8:00AM (7/25) and 7:45PM (7/25) – Beacon St/Webster St.

Victim reported that her bike had been stolen from a public bicycle rack. She stated that she had secured and locked the bike well on the rack. Victim had found the bike lock cut. The bike lock used had held two bikes, one of which was left alone. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 5:30PM (7/25) and 9:30PM (7/25) – 24 Bowker St.

Victim reported that her bike was stolen off the porch of her house. The victim will attempt to locate serial number for the bike and notify police.

  • Occurred between 4:00PM (7/25) and 6:39PM (7/26) – 16 Harrison St.

Victim reported that his daughter’s bike had been stolen from the fence it was locked to at a local school. Victim’s daughter stated how she had locked it well with a twist lock. Victim had observed the bike in the possession of a subject. The victim had followed the suspect and located the bike locked to a fence. The victim was able to unlock and retrieve the bike. Police were able to contact the individuals who lived at the house where the bike was locked.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred 8:00PM (7/19) and 5:01(7/23) – Winslow Rd/Babcock St.

Victim reported that the rear window of her vehicle had been broken in two places. Victim stated that nothing was missing from the vehicle. Victim was advised to call her insurance and the property management. Police will be following up on the case.

  • Occurred 9:04AM (7/24) – 342 Harvard St.

A tenant of a local housing complex reported a broken window pane of the buildings front foyer. There is no evidence of an instrument that may have been used to cause the damage.

  • Occurred between 12:26AM (7/10) and 8:00AM (7/24) – 73 Thatcher St.

Police responded to a call by a maintenance person of a local building. Subject stated that the rear door of the building’s roof had been damaged. He stated the door is always locked with a pad lock. Upon observation, the damage to the door and padlock was consistent with someone using force on the door. A walk on the roof revealed several empty alcoholic beverage cans and blue cups. The owner of the building was called on scene. The owner felt that the damage could have been done by tenants since a key is required to open the front and rear doors.

  • Occurred between 4:00PM (7/24) and 10:00AM (7/25) – 99 Longwood Av.

Police responded to a call in regards to a crack in the windshield of the victim’s car. It's unknown whether the act was criminal or if the crack occurred unnoticed from routine driving.