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The following information is based on initial reviews of incident reports and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all incidents reported. The blog reports do not include sex crimes, domestic abuse, juvenile information, medical reports, and other sensitive police reports. The blog may differ from local news sources as well as trends reported at

Thursday, November 17, 2016


On November 16, officers responded to the area of Harvard St. and Aspinwall Ave. for a report of a man in need of medical attention. The man was found to be OK and an investigation found the man to be in possession of illegal drugs. The man was placed under arrest for possession of Class B and Class C substances.

An officer was dispatched to Beacon St. for a larceny report. The victim stated that he had parked his car overnight in rear of his building and that when he went to it the next day, his car was on milk crates and the tires were gone. The matter is under investigation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016



On November 15, an officer was dispatched to Marion St. for a larceny report. The victim stated that when he went to his car that morning he found that all of the tires had been removed and the car was left on milk crates. The matter is under investigation.

In the morning of November 15, officers responded to an alarm from a bank on Boylston Street. Employees stated there was no weapon shown and no injuries. They were able to provide officers with descriptions of two men who reportedly robbed the bank. The matter is currently being investigated.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


3:59pm: While monitoring traffic on the corner of Powell and Beacon Street, an officer observed a vehicle accelerate at a high rate of speed and continue to increase in speed as it approached St. Paul Street. The officer activated his emergency blue lights and safely initiated a traffic stop. A query of the vehicles information revealed the owner of the car had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The officer approached the vehicle and asked the motorist for his license and registration, which confirmed he was the owner.  The individual was placed under arrest without incident. 

Monday, November 14, 2016



On November 10, an officer responded to Commonwealth Ave. for a report of larceny. The victim stated that items of his had been stolen from a locker within the building. The matter is under investigation.


On November 11, an officer responded to Wolcott Rd. for a report of a credit card scam. The reporting party stated that she had received multiple phone calls from a male subject who claimed to be a family member. The male subject reportedly stated that he was being held in jail and needed money for bail. The incident was confirmed as fraud and is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to the area of Brookline Ave. and Aspinwall Ave. for a report of a bicycle theft. The victim stated that he had left his bike leaning against a tree while taking photos of the area when he turned and saw a man ride off on his bike. The matter is under investigation.


On November 12 during a routine patrol, an officer ran a random query of a vehicle travelling on Cypress St. and found that the registered owner had an active warrant in his name. The officer conducted a field stop, confirmed the identity of the driver, and placed the man under arrest.


On November 13, an officer was dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Ave. for a report of shoplifting. The reporting party stated he had seen a man enter the store and take items without paying. The matter is under investigation.

On November13, officers were dispatched to LaGrange St. for a report of a two car accident. One of the drivers stated that her vehicle had been struck from behind by another vehicle which had left the scene. The woman was able to give police the license plate number of the other vehicle and police were able to locate the second driver. While in contact with the driver, officers noticed the smell of alcohol coming off of the woman and that she had glassy, bloodshot eyes. Based on this information, the woman was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor and leaving the Scene of an Accident.