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Thursday, December 7, 2017


On 12-07-2017 , while  conducting traffic enforcement at the intersection of High St. and Boylston St. Officers were approached by a citizen to report suspicious activity. The citizen reported  that a man exited a  car carrying a large black hand gun in his hand and was  walking towards on Webster Street.  A description was provided and Officers were able to locate the subject in question. After speaking with the subject it was determine that there was no weapon in his possession and he was sent on his way.

On 12-6-17 Offices responded  to a business  on Beacon St. on reports of a shoplifting.  The subject was still in the store when Officers arrived. After an investigation the subject was advised that he will be summonsed into Brookline District Court for: Shoplifting  266:30A.

On 12-6-2017 Officers responded to an address on Browne St for a fraud report. The victim reports receiving alerts on her phone about Amazon purchases. Upon learning this she immediately cancelled her credit card. A report has been filed.

On 12/06/2017 Officers responded to Washington/Boylston Street for a traffic crash. No injuries were reported and no vehicle were towed.  

On December 6, 2017 Officers responded to an address on High St for a reported package theft.
The victim reports ordering a 55 inch Samsung 4K television online. And that the delivery notice says it was delivered to the lobby of his building.  Officers will look into surveillance footage to see if the can figure out who took the TV.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Impatient Thieves Arrested for Stealing Package from Delivery Van

On December 6, at approximately 9:50am an officer observed two male subjects in the area of Fairbanks Rd. and Washington St. The officer observed the men walking up and down Washington St. and conversing. The officer briefly lost sight of the men and continued down Washington St. where she noticed a white, unmarked van. The van was pulled over and the driver appeared to be making a delivery across the street. At this time the officer observed the subjects, Suspect 1 standing by the open front passenger door of the van, and Suspect 2 standing a few feet to the rear of the van. Suspect 1 was then observed closing the van door and walking towards Brookline Village with a brown box that he did not previously have. The officer stopped the men for a field interview at which point Suspect 1 no longer had the box. More officers arrived on scene and a brown box was located at the base of a tree nearby. Both men denied having anything to do with the van or package. The delivery van driver was able to confirm that the package found on the ground was one that he had yet to deliver. Both men were placed under arrest for Breaking & Entering of a Motor Vehicle and Larceny of Property Under $250.

12/4/2017 through 12/5/2017


On December 4, a man came into the Police lobby to report a past assault & battery. The victim stated that while working on 12/2 at a residence on Allandale Rd. a coworker came towards him with a weed whacker. The victim stated that the weed whacker was running and his coworker thrust it towards his face striking him once before the victim knocked it away. The victim reported that the suspect then swung the weed whacker around and hit the victim on the other side of his face with the engine. At this time, a third party stepped in to subdue the suspect. Witnesses confirmed the victim’s story and the suspect was placed under arrest for Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

An officer responded to Beacon St. for a report of a bicycle theft. The reporting party stated that she was sitting in a vehicle on Beacon St. when she observed two males pacing back and forth on the sidewalk near two bikes locked to a pole. The woman stated the males then pulled a pair of bolt cutters from a backpack and cut the locks on both bikes. The reporting party exited her car and yelled at the suspects who then fled down Beacon St. and took a right onto Charles St.  The incident is under investigation.

Officers responded to Elm St. for a report of a breaking & entering and larceny from a building. The victim stated that he had left home at approximately 7:30am that morning and when he returned at 5:30pm the apartment was in disarray and several items were missing. Officers believe entry was made via the rear stairwell and rear door. The incident is under investigation.

An officer responded for a bicycle theft which had occurred on Sewall Ave. The victim stated that she had locked her bike to a meter and that it was stolen between 2pm and 9:30pm. Both the bike and lock were gone.


An officer was dispatched to Harvard St. for a larceny report. The victim stated that a package which was meant to be delivered to her the day before was stolen.

On December 5 a man came into the Police Department to report malicious damage to his motor vehicle. The victim stated that his car had been parked on Beacon St. from 12:30-12:45pm and when he came back his car had been keyed.

An officer was dispatched to Boylston St. for a larceny report. The victim stated that her phone had been stolen from the locked break room at her work the day before. She stated that it went missing between 12:30pm and 2:45pm.

Officers responded to Hammond St. and Laurel Rd. for a report of an Assault & Battery. The victim stated that she does transports for a company that supports individuals with with substance abuse problems. She reported that she had picked up a male subject on Hyde Park Av.  in Roslindale who appeared under the influence of alcohol. The victim stated that when they reached the Horace James Circle, the suspect became enraged and grabbed the victim’s hair, yanking her head back and striking her face. Officers located the suspect and he was placed under arrest for A & B on an Elderly Person and for an active arrest warrant.

An officer was dispatched to Kent St. for a larceny report. The reporting party stated that she never received a package which was confirmed as delivered.

An officer responded to Vernon St. for a stolen package report. The victim stated that a package was confirmed as delivered on November 30, but he never received it.

An officer took a report of a past breaking and entering and larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he had parked his vehicle on Walnut St. on December 4, and sometime between 9:30-11:00am someone broke in and stole his wallet.

An officer responded to a residence on Beacon St. for a report of a package theft. The reporting party stated that her package had been confirmed as delivered on December 1 yet she never received it.

The Grinch Who Almost Stole Christmas

On Tuesday 12/5 Officers responded to the area of Pleasant St. and Parkman St. for a report of suspicious activity, a male throwing an empty package box over a fence. A witness flagged down an officer and pointed out the vehicle of the suspect, parked on Parkman St. The witness stated that he had seen a Hispanic male wearing a black jacket and orange hat walk up to the courtyard of one of the buildings.  Officers located the suspect who stated that he was in the area looking to pick up free items left out for trash. The suspect told officers that they could look inside his car. Officers retrieved the empty package boxes in order to determine if the suspect was in possession of any of the contents. Inside the driver’s side door was a receipt and the matching clothing was located in the suspect’s trunk. These items were later linked to one of the open packages. Also located in the trunk were 4 drapes, 4 bottles of shampoo & conditioner, and 4 Disney watches. All of these items were matched to stolen packages in the area. The suspect was arrested for Larceny over $250, Larceny under $250, Receiving Stolen Property over $250 and Receiving Stolen Property under $250. After his arrest the suspect admitted to taking the items from the packages. He also stated that he has come to Brookline in the past to find valuables that have been left out as trash. The suspect claimed to have Facebook and Craigslist accounts where he sells the items he finds.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Arrest Made In Home Break In

Arrest made in a home break in yesterday.
Yesterday the department received a call from a Chestnut Place resident. The resident claimed a subject had just broken into their home. The resident sated they heard noises coming from inside the home. They stepped into their hall way and encountered a male subject. The subject fled, taking a laptop. A description was given out and the subject was stopped on Chestnut Street still carrying the laptop he had stolen from the house.  As the investigation progressed it was found the subject had tried to break into another home on Chestnut Place. The subject was arrested and charged with one count of Breaking and Entering and one count of Attempted Breaking and Entering.

Yesterday another break in was reported on Elm Street. The residents reported they returned home at 5:30PM they found their home broken into and two laptops had been taken.

Last week on November 27, we had a reported attempted break in on Roberts Street. It appears the residents were home at that time. No entry was gained but an obvious attempt at the door lock.

Last week on November 27 we had a reported break in on St. Paul Street. The resident came home to find their residence had been broken into and a laptop had been taken.

At this time we cannot clear all these prior cases with the arrest of yesterday’s subject. These cases are still under investigation. We ask people be observant of anything suspicious and call us. Try to keep laptops and other valuables out of sight from public view.

Monday, December 4, 2017

11/30/2017 through 12/3/2017


On November 30, 2017, Officers responded to an address on University Road for a report of fraud by credit card. The victim reports finding an unauthorized transaction in his Western Union account in the amount of 1,052.99 USD. He also found another unauthorized transaction in a different account that he holds. He was advised to close his accounts and to follow up with his bank’s Fraud department.

On November 30, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Babcock Street for a report of a dog bite. The victim sustained a bite to her Achilles, breaking the skin. Animal Control was notified and conducted an investigation resulting in a citation being issued to the owner of the dog who committed the biting.

On 11/29/2017, Officers were dispatched to 880 Commonwealth Ave for possible fraud at the ATM. The reporting party stated that two males that are believed to be involved in using counterfeit ATM cards at numerous Banks in the Boston area had left that location between 1730 hrs and 1735 hrs. Detectives are following up on this case.


On Friday 12/1/2017 Officers responded to the area of Commonwealth Ave and Essex St for a report of an Uber driver who had just been assaulted by a passenger. Officers were unable to locate the assailant. The Uber driver received a minor scratch to his wrist.  A report was filed and will be followed up by the Detectives.

On December 1, Officers responded to an address on Boylston Street to investigate a possible indecent exposure.  Officers arrived and located a subject who was not wearing a shirt but did have pants on. Officers were unable to determine if there was in fact an indecent exposure as they were having trouble contacting the reporting party. The subject did have outstanding warrants and was subsequently arrested.

On 12/1/17 Officers responded to an address on Kent St for a fraud report. The victim reports noticing she had money missing from her bank account, and upon noticing this she immediately contacted her bank. The Bank realized that a fraudulent check had been cashed and they were in the process of returning her money. A report was filed.

On Friday, 12/01/17, a citizen entered the Brookline Police lobby to report that packages had been stolen from her building’s vestibule on Babcock St. She reports that her roommate’s packages were missing as well. A report was filed.


On Saturday December 2nd, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a report of a loud party coming from the first floor of the building. The caller wished to stay anonymous but resided in one of the adjoining buildings. The responding Officer could hear electronic dance music with heavy bass coming from the first floor apartment. The resident informed the officer that he had received a warning in the past due to a noise complaint. The resident was issued a citation Article 8.29.4 - Noise Nuisance/Loud Party $100.00 first offense.

On Saturday, 12/02/17, a resident came into the Brookline Police Station to report the theft of her bicycle. She stated that her bike, a white SPECIALIZED brand hybrid with aftermarket accessories including lights, helmet, and travel rack, was stolen from a bike rack on Beacon St. There are security cameras located in that area and she has requested the footage from the property manager.

On Saturday 12-02-2017, Officers conducted a traffic stop on Commonwealth Av. just east of Carlton St.  for a red light violation. During the stop it was discovered that the driver had a suspended license. Further investigation revealed the driver had a warrant for her arrest, and was in possession of drugs.  The driver was charged with the following:   (94C/34) Possession of a Class B Drug (2 counts) for possessing two types of ADHD medication classified as amphetamines; (94C/34)  Possession of a Class E Drug (2 counts) for possessing loose nalaxone tablets without a valid prescription, as well as  possessing Celexa prescribed to another
(90/23); Operating After Suspension (89/9); Red Light Violation   (89/4A); Marked Lane Violation; and (90/13B) Improper Cell Phone Use.

On December 2, an officer responded to Cameron St. for a report of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that he had left his car in the parking lot overnight and when he returned the windshield had been damaged. The incident is being investigated.

About 3:51 PM, on Saturday, December 2, 2017, Officers responded to an address on Cameron St. on reports of malicious damage. The victim showed the Officer damage to his vehicles windshield. He was unaware who or what may have caused the damage. He was advised to file a report with his insurance company. 


On Sunday December 3, an officer was dispatched to Beacon St. for a report of a stolen package. The reporting party stated that he received confirmation that his package was delivered on 11/27 but when he went to retrieve it the evening of 11/28, it was gone.