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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday, November 28th

Shortly after 6 AM this morning Boston Police informed us they found a Menorah in West Roxbury at Church Street and Weld St.  The Menorah is described as being about 6 feet tall and over three hundred pounds. The Boston officer had already determined it had been taken from Temple Emeth in Brookline, a short distance from the location it was found. The Menorah was taken back to the Temple. It appears the statue might have been targeted by scrap metal thieves, due to its size, however we have not eliminated the possibility of this being considered a hate crime. The matter is under investigation.

1:54AM- Officers observed graffiti on the exterior brick wall of the small gym at Driscoll School.  The graffiti appeared to be a tree with a smiley face and “fish” spray painted in white on the Westbourne Terrace side of the school.  This case is being investigated.

9:05AM- A larceny report was taken on Abbotsford Road.  The complainant reported viewing a male carrying a bike frame without the front wheel.  He approached an apartment on Abbotsford Road, went on the porch and took the front wheel off a black and red Schwinn Midmoor bicycle.  The bicycle was secured to the front porch with a bike lock.  Officers spoke to the homeowner who stated he had last seen the front wheel attached to the bike at 7:00AM.  This case is under investigation.

10:18AM- Officers were dispatched to Sears Road for a report of annoying text messages.  The reporting party reported her son, had been receiving personal messages to “meet up for fun” and other similar invitations along with links to suggestive photos.  She contacted her phone providers and phone manufacturer who told her to block and delete the messages.  This case is being investigated.

12:42PM- Brookline Police received a report of graffiti on the Clinton Path Tunnel.  Upon arrival an officer observed several tags made with white spray paint.  The reporting party believes the incident occurred between 11/21 and 11/28.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, November 27th

8:30AM- A report was taken on Wolcott Road.  The reporting party stated she received a phone call on the family’s home line on 11/26.  The husband picked up the phone.  A male voice stated that a family member of theirs had been arrested in Baltimore and ended the call.  The phone rang again thirty minutes later in which the wife picked up the phone.  She reported the male on the phone stated he was the family members defense attorney, relayed the crime involved and stated she needed to send bail money.  He informed her that the money needed to be in cash.  He instructed her to go to the bank, withdraw the cash and call him.  She withdrew the cash from a bank and called the individual when she returned home.  He told her to send the cash to a location in New York and once he received the bail money her family member would be released from jail.  On 11/27 she received a call at 9:00AM that the defense attorney had received the money.  The reporting party called the family member a few hours later and was told he had never been arrested in Baltimore as he lives in another state.  The reporting party then notified the police.

8:30PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a package theft report.  The complainant reported leaving her apartment at 7:15PM and noticing her package inside the locked door but did not bring the package to her apartment.  When she arrived home at 8:30PM she saw her package was gone.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Monday, November 26th

 Monday, November 26th
11:09- A dog bite was reported by a client of a doggy day care in Brookline.  The reporting party reported sending her dog to the day care on Beacon Street on 11/17 around 4:00PM.  She received a message from the owner of the day care stating that her dog had been attacked by another dog and sustained an injury.  The dog belonged to the owner of the day care.  The owner of the victim noticed a large gash on her dogs left cheek when she arrived.  This case is under investigation. 

5:28PM- Officers responded to a report of an indecent assault and battery at a business on Beacon Street.  Upon arrival officers were met by the female victim and the store manager.  The victim reported she was waiting to pay at the register at the front of the store when a male, standing behind her, grabbed the bottom and under area of her buttocks over her pants.  She stated that she did not consent to it. She turned and looked at the individual who appeared as if nothing had happened, then he exited the store. The victim left the store and returned about an hour later and reported the assault. The store manager called the police and then began viewing the camera footage on the in-store surveillance system.  He was joined a short time later by the responding officers. The surveillance footage showed the assault as the victim described it. It also showed the suspect re-enter the store a short time after the incident, purchase an item and exit the store again. As an officer concluded his viewing of the camera footage he exited the security office and noticed an individual matching the suspect’s description in the rear of the store.  Officers were able to positively identify the man as the suspect and placed under arrest. He was charged with Indecent Assault and Battery on a person over 14 years of age. 

5:45PM- A shoplifting incident report was taken on Beacon Street.  A store employee reported at 3:21PM a young male walked into the store and stood around the playing cards for about two minutes.  He then walked to the back of the store and left about two minutes later.  The employee then looked at the cards section and noticed a deck of cards missing.  He exited the store to look for the young male.  He observed him running east on Beacon Street towards Coolidge Corner.  This case is being investigated. 

7:07PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a report of a package theft.  The complainant reported ordering a package.  He believes he saw the package on the table inside his building on 11/24 when he was leaving however when he returned home later in the day there were no packages addressed to him.  The package was inside of a secure second door of the front vestibule.  Officers observed several packages addressed to other occupants of the building.  The package was confirmed delivered on 11/24.  This case is under investigation.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sunday, November 25th

3:00PM- A report of a larceny of a bike was taken on Chestnut Street.  The complainant reported his bike was stolen from the back hallway of his residence.  It was not secured.  The bike was described as a black and yellow racing bike.  This case is being investigated.

6:14PM- Officers received notification of a shoplifting incident that had occurred on Beacon Street.  The suspects, male and female were described to officers.  Two individuals fitting the description were located at a bus stop on Harvard Street and Beacon Street.  Video surveillance at the store confirmed that the two individuals at the bus stop had committed a larceny from the store.  Bags found on the two individuals contained items the store employees observed the suspects take.  The items included 17 bottles of Biolage Shampoo, 9 cans of Axe deodorant spray, three bottles of Dove moisturizer and two bottles of coke.  Both individuals were placed under arrest.

Saturday, November 24th

9:02AM- Officers noticed an empty package at the corner of Saint Paul Street and Thatcher Street and another package in front of a building on Saint Paul Street.  The officers proceeded to the address listed on the first package where the recipient informed officers that she had ordered a package that was confirmed delivered but had not received it.  This case is under investigation.

Officers proceeded to the address on the second package.  The owner was able to be contacted by cellphone who confirmed ordering the package on 11/9.  The package was confirmed delivered on 11/23.  The contents were still in the package.  This case is being investigated.

9:53AM- While investigating package thefts officers found an empty plastic shipping bag on Naples Road.  A package theft had recently occurred at the address where this package was found.  The delivery address was located on the shipping label.  When officers arrived at the address they spoke with the person the package was addressed to.  She confirmed placing an order on 10/20 and had received a delivery confirmation.  This case is being investigated.

9:37AM- Officers located an empty box on the corner of Pleasant Street and John Street.  They were unable to locate an owner.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, November 22nd

8:39AM- Officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Avenue to take a larceny report.  The victim reported arriving to the work out facility around 7:05AM.  He secured his personal effects in a locker and placed a lock on it.  When he returned around 8:40AM he found the lock missing and most of his items gone.  He searched nearby lockers and recovered a few items but others were still missing including a laptop and his wallet.  This case is being investigated.