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Friday, January 6, 2012

Police Reports 1/5-1/6

O.U.I.L.: Occurred on 1/6 at 12:53 AM- Boylston St.

Officer was conducting traffic enforcement when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on Boylston St. The officer initiated a traffic stop. While speaking to the driver, the officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the driver and noticed that she was slurring her words and that her eyes were glassy. The driver agreed to partake in several field sobriety tests. It was determined that the driver was impaired due to alcohol intoxication and subsequently placed into custody for Operating under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor and additionally charged with speeding. Her license was seized and destroyed.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/6 at 1:00 AM- Longwood Ave.

Officer observed a white Oldsmobile Intrigue sedan that did not have operational tail lights. The officer then initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Longwood Ave. and Marshall St. The driver immediately stated that he did not have a driver’s license on him. A query of the operator with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor revealed that the driver had a revoked Massachusetts Drivers License. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Revoked Drivers License, Defective Equipment and Marked Lanes Violation.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/6 at 12:06 AM- Beacon St.

Officer observed a vehicle with an expired registration sticker on the license plate. The officer then conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Beacon St. and Ayr St. The operator informed the officer that the vehicle belonged to his friend who was seated in the passenger seat and further advised that he only had a learner’s permit, however he did not have it with him. A query revealed that the driver did not have a learner's permit but a Massachusetts identification card only. The driver was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle without a license. The passenger was issued a citation for Allowing an Unlicensed Person operate his motor vehicle and not having the registration sticker displayed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Police Reports 1/4-1/5

Burglary: Occurred on 1/3 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM- Davis Ave,

Victim reports that some time between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on January 3rd someone stole her son's mountain bike from the front porch of a Davis Ave. residence. Suspect gained access to the porch and removed one of many bicycles from the porch area.

Malicious Damage: Occurred on 1/4 at 3:11 PM- Gibbs St.

Officer responded to a radio call for a malicious damage report at a Gibbs St. residence. The victim stated that over the past few years he has been having incidents involving finding nails in his vehicle's tires while it has been parked inside his garage. The victim found three nails in his two rear tires.

Breaking & Entering Motor Vehicle: Occurred on 1/4 at 12:18 PM- Harvard Ave.

Officer was dispatched a Harvard Ave. residence for the report of breaking and entering to a motor vehicle. The victim stated her vehicle, a Honda Accord, was broken into. Though still intact, the driver's side window had two holes near the bottom of the window and was cracked throughout the pane of glass. It was determined that none of the victim’s belongings were missing, and the vehicle did not appear to be entered.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Police Reports 1/3/2012-1/4/2012

Larceny: Occurred on 1/3 at 8:00 PM- Kent St.

Officer was dispatched for a reported package theft. The victim stated that his laptop computer was stolen. The victim stated that he checked the status of the laptop computer that he ordered. The status indicated that it was delivered today and was signed for by an unknown party. However, the victim returned home from work and discovered the laptop was not in the lobby and he could not locate it. Based on the delivery time and the fact that someone signed for the package it is believed it was stolen at the same time.

Larceny: Occurred on 1/3 at 3:29 PM- York Terrace

Officer was dispatched to York Terrace for a larceny report. The victim explained that at 11:30AM she was in her driveway and accidentally left her purse on the trunk of her roommate’s car. She returned at approximately 1:30PM and her purse was gone. Her roommate did not move her car in the time that the victim was gone. Her roommate also did not remove the purse from the trunk of the car. The officer checked in the driveway around the car, the area surrounding the house and up the street in both directions, but the purse could not be located.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Occurred 1/3 at 8:15 AM- Brookline Ave. & Washington St.

At approximately 08:15, a box truck turning onto Brookline Ave. from Washington St. struck a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The pedestrian was struck while she was pushing her 2 year old daughter in a stroller on Washington St. The accident was low speed. The front bumper of the truck came into contact with the pedestrian's left side but not the stroller or child. The impact, however, resulted in the both parties and the stroller falling to the ground. Both mother and child were transported to Mass. General Hospital where they received additional medical attention and were released. Follow up investigation resulted in the operator being issued a citation for a failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Police Reports 1/2-1/3

Burglary: Occurred on 1/2/12 at 7:00 PM- Winchester St.

Police responded to a Winchester St residence for a report of a past Breaking and Entering. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the resident. The resident informed the officer that he returned home at approximately 6:45PM this evening to discover that the front door to his apartment had been compromised and items from inside had been removed. The residents had been on a weekend vacation

The officer observed marks on the door and the door frame consistent with a pry tool, and the dead bolt had popped out.

Arrest:Occurred on 1/2/12 at 1:45 AM- Boylston Street

An officer observed a green Toyota Camry parked to the side of the road which appeared to be occupied by at least two occupants. After traveling around to Commonwealth Ave. and back onto Harvard Ave., this officer observed the same vehicle to now be turning onto Harvard Ave, now appeared to be occupied by at least 5 occupants. The officer pulled alongside the vehicle and observed the operator hold up what appeared to be a plastic baggie with unknown substance and make the motion of wrapping the baggie up and placing it in either a jacket/sweatshirt or other article of clothing. The vehicle reached approximately 48 MPH in a posted 40 MPH zone. The officer then initiated a traffic stop. Upon reaching the driver’s side window, the officer was able to smell a strong odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.

The operator was informed that the officer had observed him looking at a bag of marijuana while stopped for a red traffic signal at Harvard St. and Beacon St., at which time the front passenger picked up a black sweatshirt from the floor and handed it to the officer saying it was inside. A search of the sweatshirt revealed a plastic sandwich baggie containing a substance believed to be marijuana. Also in the sweatshirt was a red metal pipe with residue. A subsequent search of the occupants and the vehicle revealed more marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Four occupants of the vehicle were arrested for Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D, and School Zone Violation.

O.U.I.-L:Occurred on 1/2/12 at 12:20 AM- Commonwealth Ave.

Approximately 12:20 AM an officer was in the area of Washington St. at Commonwealth Ave. stopped for a red traffic signal. Before the traffic signal turned to green and while still on solid red, a maroon colored Chevrolet Astro van, accelerated to a high rate of speed through the solid red light and continued to accelerate at a high rate of speed on Comm. Ave. towards Warren St. At this time the officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle.

The vehicle then made an abrupt lane change into the right hand lane, getting behind an MBTA bus. The officer activated the emergency blue lights and siren in an attempt to get the vehicle to stop. The driver made no attempts to stop and continued traveling on Comm. Ave and finally came to a halting stop in front of 750 Commonwealth Ave.

Upon approaching the driver’s door, the officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol. The driver was asked to the exit the vehicle and was observed by the officers as unsteady on his feet. The driver agreed to partake in several field sobriety tests. It was determined that the driver was operating the motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and he was placed under arrest for OUI-L, Failure to Stop, Operating to Endanger, Speeding, and Red Light Violation. His license was seized and he was notified by police that effective immediately his license was suspended.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Police Reports 12/30-1/1

12/30 Larceny of a Motor Vehicle

Police responded to Parkway Road to take a report of a stolen vehicle. The victim stated that their vehicle was stolen sometime between 6:00 PM on 12/29 and 8:00 AM 12/30. The vehicle was parked in their off-street parking spot. Upon further investigation, the vehicle had been found stripped of parts and a license plate by the Milton Police.

12/30 Burglary

Police responded to St. Paul Street to speak to the caller about a possible break in her building. The caller reported that she had reported her apartment had been broken into back on 12/26. She was alerted to an open window to another apartment in the building. She went to talk with the neighbor and found the front door appeared to have been forced open. A check with the resident confirmed the apartment was not how it was left. Detectives are continuing to investigate.

12/30 Fraud

Victim came into the police station to report someone had been using her debit card without permission. The victim stated she was alerted to the fraud by unknown charges on her statement.

12/30 Malicious Damage

Police responded to Washington Street to take a report of malicious damage. Victim reported to Police that a portion of her fence had been damaged.

12/31 Arrest

Officers conducted a traffic stop at 1:36 AM after observing a vehicle fail to stop for a red light. During the stop it was found that the operator’s right to dive had been suspended in Massachusetts and that he had a warrant for his arrest. The operator was placed under arrest for the warrant, operating with a suspended license and traffic offenses.

12/31 Arrest

Officers conducted a traffic stop at 7:23 AM. During the stop it was found that the operator had a warrant out for his arrest. The operator was placed under arrest for the warrant.

12/31 Malicious Damage

Officers responded to HRI Hospital on Babcock Street for a reported disturbance. During the disturbance there was excessive damage to the building and property inside. The responsible party will be summonsed into court by Officers.

01/01 Arrest

Officers conducted a traffic stop at 4:52 AM after observing the vehicle driving erratically on Beacon Street. During the stop the officers found that the operator was not recognized by the Massachusetts registry. The operator was placed under arrest for operation without a license.

1/1 Malicious Damage

Officers responded to Blake Road for a report of Malicious Damage. The victim reported to police that their vehicle had been parked in their driveway and at some point over night the windshield had been shattered and the mirror on the driver’s side had been broken.

1/1 Malicious Damage

Police responded to Washington Street for a report of Malicious Damage. The victim reported that he was driving down Washington Street around 4 pm when his vehicle was struck by an object causing damage to the front bumper of his vehicle. Officers found broken glass bottle in the street near where the victim’s vehicle was struck.

1/1 Malicious Damage

Police responded to Middlesex Road for a report of an attempted Breaking and Entering Report. The victim reported to police that they came home to find the glass in their entry door had been smashed, but did not appear that anyone had gained access to the house.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Larceny at St. Marys Church

St. Marys Church on Harvard Street reported today that the baby Jesus and a lamb were taken from the nativity set. They were last seen last night out front in the set on the corner of Harvard Street and Linden Street. Any one with any information is asked to contact the police.