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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wednesday, October 17th

3:30AM- Officers were dispatched to Brookline Place for a larceny.  They were met by a security officer who reported seeing through surveillance footage a white male coming out of the garage and dropping two duffel bags full of copper near the construction site.  He then walked away from the garage near Brookline Avenue.  Due to several thefts of construction equipment Police have been patrolling the area.  It appears the suspect saw the police car when he exited the garage and dropped the bags.  An officer saw an individual matching the suspect’s description on Kent Street and pursed him unsuccessfully.  The officer recognized him as a known individual.  His description was radioed to other officers.  Boston Police and a K-9 were involved in the pursuit on the MBTA Green Line.  At 5:00AM a State Trooper responded to the area around the suspected individuals address to see if he was in the area and if he matched the description of the suspect.  The suspect spotted a state police officer and ran into his home.  After trying to make contact with him by knocking and calling his name for about 40 minutes the suspect attempted to flee through a rear window where he was detained.  He was asked if he had stolen copper from a construction site in which he responded yes.  During questioning at the Police Station the subject admitted to the theft.  The follow up investigation resulted in a search warrant being executed at the subject’s residence.  The search resulted in the recovery of construction tools.  Any construction workers in the area who may have missing tools should stop by the station to see if we’ve recovered any of yours.  The suspect is being charged with breaking and entering at night to commit a felony, larceny from a building and trespassing.

7:38AM- An officer was dispatched to Winthrop Road for a burglary.  The reporting party and her mother reported being away from home for a while.  When they returned they found items were missing.  Maintenance, cleaning staff and health aides has had access to the home.  This case is under investigation.

5:00PM- A report of a larceny was made on Harvard Street.  The store manager relayed to officers that around 3:57PM she was on the sales floor and recognized a female individual from a previous shoplifting incident.  She asked the individual if she needed assistance in which the response “no” was given.  The manager then observed the individual being approached by another female who placed several items into the recognized female’s hands.  The two females stayed in the store for about ten more minutes and then exited without paying.  They were observed taking a specific bus route.  The manager described both females to officers.  This case is being investigated.

6:29PM- Officers were dispatched to Chapel Street for a report of an animal bite.  The complainant reported leaving her building from a rear exit when her neighbor’s dog came toward her and bit her right leg just above her ankle.  Officers observed a two inch scratch that had penetrated the skin.  At the time, the dog was being walked by a dog walker who refused to give her name and left the scene.  The dog was described as a small black and white dog that she knows belongs to her neighbor.  An officer tried to speak with the neighbor but she was not home.  This case is under investigation. 

11:42- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  The reporting party stated while he was in the back of the store around 11:40 two males and a female entered the store.  He viewed one male putting an unknown amount of candy in his jacket pocket and the other male putting candy down his pants.  The female exited the store.  The employee confronted the males and they denied taking items and exited the store toward Commonwealth Avenue.  This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 16th

5:11PM- Officers were dispatched to Hancock Road for a break and entering and larceny of property.  When officers arrived on scene they were met by two victims who reported upon their return from being away they found their home had been broken into.  Since 10/2/18 around 8:00AM their home had been unoccupied.  Officers determined after processing the scene that the lock of the front door had been broken and force was used to open the door.  An attempt to gain entry was made through two windows which displayed damage.  Three bedrooms were targeted having shown dresser drawers and shelves rummaged through and items strewn around the rooms.  This case is under investigation.

5:45PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  An officer spoke with the store manager who relayed that he observed the suspect placing items in their bag.  He confronted the suspect and requested they pay for the items they took.  The suspect then exited the store without paying.  The suspect then fled on foot northbound on Harvard Street.  The suspect was described as a black individual, possibly female, with long black hair, black facial hair appearing to have been shaved recently, wearing a black suit with red stripes, carrying a denim messenger bag and weighing about 150lbs.  The manager believed the individual was transgender.  A customer in the store approached officers and notified them that he witnessed the suspect run back into the store’s parking lot and entered a car of which he took a picture of and the license plate.  The vehicles description and license plate was broadcasted to responding units.  After, running the license plate officers found the car was owned by a rental company.  By contacting the company, the renters name was provided, which was a traditional female name.  The name yielded negative results for any matching individual or driver’s license.  An officer then searched the address on the license in which a person with a different first name and sex but same last name appeared also having the same date of birth.  This license showed a black male with long straight hair and black facial hair.  Officers believed that the person in the photo was possibly transgender.  The difference in sexes and name change describes a transitioning male and explains why the vehicle was rented to a female.  A photo array was compiled for the store manager.  The officers conducting the array had no knowledge of the appearance of the suspected individual.  The manager chose the suspect out of the array.  The suspect will be summonsed to court.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Monday, October 15th

12:30PM- Officers were dispatched to Brookline Place for a report of a larceny.  An officer was met by the company manager who stated in the past few weeks employees in the office had reported items missing including money.  He had spoken with employees of other offices in the building who stated the same things had been occurring there.  This case is under investigation.

3:30PM- A report of a package theft was made on Hamilton Road.  The reporting party reported to an officer that she ordered an item.  The item had a tracking number and was delivered at approximately 1:00PM on 10/5/18.  She returned home at 6:00PM and the package was not there.  This case is being investigated.

5:33PM- A malicious damage report was made on Parkman Street.  An officer spoke with the complainant who stated he parked his vehicle in the rear of an apartment complex on Parkman Street on 10/13/18 at 2:00AM.  When he returned to his vehicle on 10/15/18 he noticed the passenger side door had been keyed.  An officer observed the scratch to be a deliberate marking made with a key.  This case is under investigation.

10:19PM- A call was received from Greenough Street for a report of a break and entering.  The home owners relayed to officers that they were out of town since 10/11/18.  When they arrived home they noticed dresser drawers in the bedroom opened and contents strewn about.  They immediately exited the house and called police.  Officers arrived and noticed a window was forced open and the lock was broken.  Drawers were open, bags were gone through and items were scattered on the floor.  This case is being investigated.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Sunday, October 14th

1:15 AM- Officers responded to Weybridge Road for a report of a break and entering.  The reporting party reported leaving the residence at 6:05 PM on 10/13/18.  He and his wife returned home at 11:30 PM.  He noticed items were missing, moved, and a window sustained damage.  Officers determined the burglar made entry through a window and fled through a door.  This case is being investigated.

8:47 AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street to investigate a theft of a bicycle.  The reporting party led an officer to a location opposite an apartment of Strathmore Road where the bicycle had been locked.  It had been locked to a town line pole.  He reported locking the bike to the pole on 10/12/18 around 5:00 PM.  He was away over the weekend and discovered the bike missing on the morning of 10/14/18.  After taking a look at the title officers determined the theft was of a motorcycle.  A multi-tool was found on the ground.  This case is under investigation.

A larceny report was made at the station.  The complainant stated approximately two weeks ago he and his family put an inflatable pumpkin on their lawn.  Sometime between 10:00 PM on 10/13/18 and 8:00 AM on 10/14/18 the pumpkin was stolen. 

Friday, October 12th

7:28 PM- A report of a larceny was made at an establishment on Commonwealth Avenue.  An officer spoke with the manager who stated he was approached by an individual in regards to money that went missing on 10/10/18.  An officer then spoke to the complainant who reported entering the establishment on 10/10/18 around 2:20 PM to work out.  She reported placing her items in a locker room but did not lock it because the business was “empty”.  When she finished her work out and left around 4:00 PM she noticed money was missing.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, October 11th

A report of a larceny of a scooter was made on Fairbanks Street.  An officer met with the reporting party who stated he parked his scooter across the street from his building and used a chain to secure it to a small tree.  He last saw it on 10/9/18 around 7:00 PM.  He noticed it was gone on 10/10/18 around 9:00 AM.  The scooter is described as a Genuine Scooter, roughhouse model that is red with an MIT faculty sticker on the rear.  This case is under investigation. 

3:50 PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  The store manager relayed to officers that an employee notified him that a female was placing items into her bag.  The suspect attempted to exit the store after passing the registers.  The manager stopped the suspect and asked if she was going to pay for the items in her bag in which she responded she didn’t have anything to pay with.  The manager asked the suspect to empty her bag of the items she stole and she complied.  Police placed her under arrest for shoplifting.  Some of the items in the bag were not identified by the store manager as their products.  Officers went to surrounding stores that could possibly sell the items unaccounted for and asked the managers if they could identify the items as theirs and if an individual matching the suspect had been in their stores.  One store was able to confirm the suspect’s presence and the items.  The other store confirmed their store sells the items but could not determine if the suspect had been in the store.  The suspect is being criminally charged.