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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blog for 12/28-12/29

12/27/16 –B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported that their vehicle was parked in a lot on Amory Street between 6 pm (12/27) and 7:40 am (12/28). Within that time someone entered the vehicle and took the owners quarters.

12/27/16 – B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported that their vehicle was parked in a lot on Freeman Street between 5:00 pm (12/27) and 9:15 am (12/28). When they returned to the vehicle it appeared as if someone had rummaged through their belongings.

12/28/16 – Package Theft

Officers responded to Short Street and took a report for a stolen package. Victim reports that they were expecting a package, and according to the delivery company it had been delivered, however the package had been removed from the foyer area of the building.

12/2/16- B & E Motor Vehicle

Victim reported to police that the vehicle was parked in a lot on Freeman Street. The vehicle was parked between 12/16 and 12/28 and at some point someone appeared to rummage through the vehicle.

** This is the third report in a one block radius of cars being rummaged through; a few of the owners had left the vehicles unlocked. This is a good reminder to keep your vehicles locked and keep items out of view.**

12/28/16- Arrest
Officers responded to a residence on Brook Street for a noise complaint. While investigating the source of the noise, one of the parties involved was found to have a warrant. The subject was placed under arrest for the warrant.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Arrest made in HVAC scam

Tonight officers arrested a 32 year old male from Duxbury. The subject has been linked to several larcenies from Brookline Business'. The subject is also wanted in Boston for committing similar crimes.
The subject walks into a business and ask to inspect the HVAC system or thermostats. The subject would gain access to back rooms were employees would store personal property.  The subject is facing the following charges in Brookline.

Harvard St. Location- being charged  with Larceny from a building (employees cash & credit cards)

Beacon St. location warrant issued on 12/27/16 for Larceny from a Building (employees cash)

Boylston St. location to be charged with ATTEMPTED TO COMMIT A CRIME: LARCENY FROM A BUILDING

Harvard St. Location being charged today with Larceny from a Building (employees cash) 

Beacon street location to be charged today with ATTEMPT TO COMMIT A CRIME: LARCENY FROM A BUILDING

Harvard St. location to be charged today with ATTEMPT TO COMMIT A CRIME: LARCENY FROM A BUILDING

Harvard St. location being charged today with Larceny from a Building (employees wallet with cash & cards)

The subject is wanted in other communities for similar offenses.

Other agencies assisting us in our investigation were Boston, Quincy, Cambridge, Suffolk Univ., and Kingston PD's

The Department would like to thank the Media, The Brookline Chamber of Commerce,  and The Coolidge Corner Merchants organizations for help getting the word out about the scam. Tonight's arrest was a result of an alert employee who knew of the scam.


12/26/16 - Arrest

Officers stopped a vehicle for making a right turn on red where signs prohibit on Boylston Street. Officers found that the vehicle registration was revoked and uninsured, as well as the operator not being duly licensed to operate. The operator was placed under arrest for operating without a license

12/26/16 - Arrest

Officers recognized an individual known to them on Commonwealth Ave as having a warrant. Officers confirmed the warrant and the subject was placed under arrest for the warrant.

12/27/16 – Arrest

Officers stopped a vehicle on Harvard St and found the operator to have a suspended license. The operator was placed under arrest for operation after suspension.

12/27/16 –  Arrest
While on traffic enforcement at Harvard Street and Harris Street, officers stopped a vehicle and found that the operator had a warrant for their arrest. The operator was placed under arrest for the warrant.

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 21-26, 2016,

12-19-16 1241pm Forgery

Subject came to the Brookline Police Department to report a Forgery from a business on Harvard Street, Brookline MA. The victim reports that a fraudulent check had been cashed within the business account that she manages for the group. . Reporting person was given a copy of the check that was fraudulently cashed. The check is a likeness of the checks that they use but is not from their series. Matter under investigation.

12-20-2016 2:00pm Bicycle Theft

Officers were dispatched to Beacon St. for a past theft of a bicycle.

Upon arrival, the officers were met by the victim who stated that he had last seen his bicycle when he locked it up curbside along Beacon Street on Wednesday, 12/14/16, at approximately mid-day on that date. He stated he noticed it was missing this morning, 12/20/16, at approximately 11:00am. Victim stated he had locked it up on what he thought was a street sign outside of his current residence.

The victim described the bicycle as a Black Mongoose Men's Ledge 2.1 Model Mountain bike

12/21/16 2:36pm Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle

Patrol Officer was dispatched to Webster Pl on a Malicious damage report. Upon arrival, the officer was met by the owner of the vehicle who relayed the following information.
Owner stated that he parked his vehicle opposite Webster Pl around 11:50am. Upon arriving back around 2:30pm, he noticed that his rear window had been smashed out. A closer look revealed several untouched items in the trunk. The officer reported nothing was taken from the vehicle.

12- 21-2016 2:28pm Larceny of a Bicycle

Patrol Officer was dispatched to Longwood Ave for a past bicycle theft.

Upon arrival, the officers were met by the victim, the reporting party who had contacted police to report two bicycles that were stolen from her unsecured backyard on this day, 12/21/16. The victim stated that she had left her home at approximately 1250 Hours to run errands. When she returned home at approximately 2:20pm two unlocked bicycles were taken from her property. The victim stated the unlocked locks and the helmets that belonged to each bicycle were left on the ground.

12-21-16 1224pm B.E. & L of a M/V

Subject came to Police Headquarters to report that his cell phone was taken from his car. His car was parked in the driveway of his home and he states that it was unlocked. The car was parked at 0900 hours on Tuesday 12-20-16 and at 3:00pm that day he discovered that the phone that was on the front passenger seat was gone. The victim contacted his provider to report the theft.

12:22-2016 6:30pm Traffic Crash

Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident at Washington St and Beacon St. Officers report 2 vehicles involved with no injuries. Officers assisted operators with the paper work.

12-23-2016 10:46am Package Theft

On 12/23/16 at approximately 10:46hrs officers were dispatched to Kent St. for a package theft from the previous night. The reporting party told the officers that at approximately 6:00PM on 12/22/16 an individual rang the doorbell. The resident opened the door and noticed a black male described as between the ages of 18 and 22 and approximately 5'7" with short dark hair. He was wearing dark pants, a dark jacket and standing near her trash can. This individual was holding an open package as well as one that was unopened. The resident asked the individual what he was doing and why he rang her doorbell. He stated he was there to deliver packages, and then he appeared to become nervous. At this time he left all of the packages and walked away in an unknown direction. The resident brought the packages inside her home. One of her packages had not been opened or tampered with, her other package had a slice in it however nothing appeared to be missing. She stated that after conferring with other residents in the area she made the decision to contact the police and report the encounter. We did not have any other reported package thefts in the area on this date.

12-23-2016 12:30pm Loud music
December 23, at12:30 in the afternoon a Chestnut street resident called to report a loud radio in a neighboring apartment. Police responded and had the music turned down.

12-23-2016 Larceny
On December 23, officers responded to a Beacon Street business, for a report of a past larceny that occurred on 12-20-2016. Upon Arrival officers spoke with the victim, who stated that on Tuesday 12-20-2016 at approximately 1600 HRS, he noticed $110.00 was missing from his wallet. Victim said that he kept his wallet in the store's office area in the rear of the building on a desk and when he retrieved it at the end of the day he noticed the money was missing. This area is used by the employees to store their personal belongings. After noticing the money was missing the victim spoke to his store manager. The manager indicated they received email from corporate about a man who gained access to other stores by pretending to be an HCAV technician. The subject would then steal money and other valuables while in the store. The stores cameras captured pictures of the subject and they believe it is the same subject that has been spotted in other business. This matter is still under investigation.

12-23-2016 9:46pm Traffic /drug arrest

December 23 at 9:46pm a traffic stop for a red light violation at Harvard and School Street results in an arrest of a subject with a suspended license. As the subject got out from the car some packets of drugs were discovered. The subject now faces drug possession charges in addition to two traffic charges.

12-24-2016 5:00am Breaking into cars

December 24, shortly after 5AM units were dispatched to the area of Russett Rd and Grassmere Rd, a resident reported seeing someone breaking into his motor vehicle, they were now following the suspect on foot. The victim stated that he heard noises outside of his bedroom window, and when he looked out into his driveway, saw a white male wearing a dark hooded jacket inside the driver’s side of his unlocked minivan. The resident went out to confront the suspect, who began walking South on Grassmere Rd. The resident stayed behind the suspect and called Brookline Dispatch as the suspect turned left onto Russett Rd. When the suspect noticed the resident on the phone, he yelled, "I didn't take anything!" and began running toward Asheville Rd. The suspect ran into the driveway of 311 Russett Rd. The resident stopped his foot pursuit and walked around the area of Asheville, Russett and Bonad Rd. until Police arrived on scene. The description provided by the victim was a white male in his twenties, 6'00" tall, wearing a thin hooded dark jacket and tight khaki pants. Responding Units cordoned the area, set up a perimeter, and searched the properties within the block, but the suspect was not found.
The resident also reported a roll of quarters taken from his unlocked car approximately two weeks ago, which he did not report. This time frame coincides with a reported break into a vehicle on December 14th when another resident of the 300 block of Russett Rd reported that they had parked their vehicle around 6AM and at approximately 7AM they noticed their Phone was missing from the unlocked vehicle and approximately $18.00 in coins also missing. These matters are under investigation

12-25-2016 2:45am Hit and run M/V crash

Sunday, December 25, around 2:45AM officers investigated a call for a Hit and Run on Browne St.
Two vehicles were parked out front of the residence and had damage. Reporting parties stated they parked their vehicles between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM on the evening of Saturday, December 24, 2016 (parked one behind the other). Stated that they came outside at approximately 2:47 AM on the morning of Sunday, December 25, 2016 to move their vehicles and that is when they noticed that they were damaged. It appears the vehicles were hit by another vehicle driving down Browne St. The vehicle apparently side swiped both vehicles. The street is a hill sloped downwards in that direction of the parked cars and the road conditions were reported to be icy. That may have played a role in the crash. There were no calls at any time throughout the evening reporting any crashes. thsi matter is under investigation.