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Friday, August 31, 2007

August 30th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 2:34AM (8/30)- 350 Washington Street

Teneka McPherson, 23 yrs, was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension and other traffic offenses.

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle without a license plate light, upon stopping the car they found that the driver’s license status was suspended. She was subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred at 8:39AM (8/30)- Hammond Street/Boylston Street

Samuel Bicalho, 21 yrs, was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery.

  • Occurred at 5:57PM (8/30)- 220 Reservoir Road

Scott Lapointe was arrested and charged with Possession of Hypodermic Needles, Possession of a Class A substance (Heroin), and conspiracy to violate the Drug Control Act.

Police responded to a medical emergency where they found a man unconscious, and another man later identified as LaPointe pacing next to his vehicle. It was determined that the two men had just used Heroin and a search of the vehicle yielded Heroin and hypodermic needles LaPointe was subsequently arrested.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred at 1:37AM (8/30)- 64 Westbourne Tr

Police on patrol discovered two window panes damaged at the Driscoll School. The cost of this damage is unknown.


  • Occurred between 11:30PM (8/29) and 3:50AM (8/30)- 1550 Beacon Street

Victims front passenger window was smashed and a GPS navigation device was stolen from the dash, the value of this item is unknown.

  • Occurred between 6PM (8/29) and 8:30AM (8/30)- 652 Washington Street

Victim reports that sometime overnight his headlights were stolen from his vehicle. The value of the lights is unknown.

  • Occurred between 10AM and 3:30PM (8/30)- 1 Larz Anderson Park

Victim reports while he car was parked for an extended period of time several items were stolen from the vehicle. A gym bag containing several pairs of clothes, assorted toiletries, and a digital camera were stolen. The value of these items is unknown.


  • Occurred between 6:38AM and 6:57AM (8/30)- Newton Street/Goddard Avenue

Victim reports a black VW Passat passing her on the road then making a U-turn approaching her asking for directions and eventually trying to get her into the vehicle by claiming he was from a modeling agency. The man is described as a white male, bald approximately 20-30 years old.


  • Occurred at 10:38AM (8/30)- 614 Hammond Street

Police responded to an accident scene where they were met by a woman who was hit by another driver who was not licensed. A police check validated that in fact the man did not have a license and he will be summons to court for being Not Duly Licensed, and other traffic offenses.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 29th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 1:19PM and 3PM (8/29) - 300 Harvard Street

Jamila Smith, 27 yrs, was arrested and charged with Shoplifting and Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana).

Police responded to calls of a shoplifter. The victim reported that he witnessed a woman stuff items into her bag and exit the store without paying. The suspect then returned to the store with her bag empty. The police spoke with the woman who was identified as Jamila Smith and subsequently arrested her for shoplifting. During the booking process Smith attempted to discard a piece of paper which contained what is believed to be Marijuana. She was additionally charged.

  • Occurred at 5:15PM (8/29) - 200 Ivy Street

David Urban, 19 yrs, was arrested and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Sprinkler, Trellis)

Police responded to a report of assault. Victims report one of their campers had become agitated and thrown a metal sprinkler as well as waved a wooden trellis at them. Police spoke with the man and subsequently arrested him

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 8PM (8/28) and 8AM (8/29) - 354 Tappan Street

Victim reports that his American flag which is fixed on his front railing was burnt sometime overnight.


  • Occurred between 12AM (7/24) and 8PM (8/28) - 179 Babcock Street

Victim reports that on two separate occasions she has noticed large amounts of cash missing from her room. The total amount of cash stolen was approximately $1000.

  • Occurred at 11:34PM (8/29)- 318 St Paul Street

Victim reports that while moving items from her apartment to her vehicle several of her belongings were stolen. Victim reports that she left items on the sidewalk for 5 minutes and upon returning from inside she noticed unknown suspects loading her property into their truck. She attempted to stop them but was unsuccessful. The items taken were a blue office chair valued at $40, a large lather office chair valued at $150, and a lounge chair

August 28th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 11:01AM (8/28)- 1280 Beacon Street

Ruben Rodriguez, 35yrs, was arrested and charged with being Not Duly Licensed, Operating without a License, carrying an altered registration card, and other traffic offenses.

Police noticed a vehicle traveling without an inspection sticker. Upon stopping the vehicle it was learned the driver was not duly licensed and had in his possession a doctored Massachusetts License.

  • Occurred at 2:21PM (8/28) - 25 Harvard Street

Kenneth Levine, 51yrs, was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension, Operating with a Revoked Registration, and other traffic offenses.

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle fail to stop for a pedestrian in a cross walk. The vehicle did not yield to police sirens and when the car finally did pull over after several blocks its operator immediately got out of the vehicle and approached the police. Further investigation revealed that the vehicles’ registration had been previously suspended. Levine was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 2PM (8/27) and 8AM (8/28) - 101 Sumner Road

Victim reports his bicycle was taken from his open garage sometime overnight. The value of the bike is unknown.

  • Occurred between 9AM and 11PM (8/27)- 29 Highland Road

Victim reports his laptop computer was stolen from his home. The laptop is valued at $1000.

  • Occurred between (6/01) and (8/28)- 120 Babcock Street

Victim reported storing a brass bed in the basement area of her building since the beginning of June. When she attempted to retrieve the bed she discovered it missing. The value of the bed is unknown.

Attempted Burglary

  • Occurred between 12:01AM and 6PM (8/28) - 118 Babcock Street

Victim reports that he had heard a loud noise and a dog barking and when he investigated the noise he found the door to his apartment damaged. The damage seemed consistent with attempted forced entry. This case is still under investigation.


  • Occurred between 5PM (6/05) and 8AM (8/07) - 120 Seaver Street

Contractors reported leaving material at their jobsite for an extended period of time. When they returned the items were missing. The value of the materials taken amounted to $4,705.66.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 27th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 3:48AM (8/27)- Boylston Street/ Lee Street

Sean Kushi was arrested and charged with Possession of a Class B substance (L.S.D), Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana), and various traffic offenses.

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle failing to display a rear license plate light. Upon stopping the vehicle a strong smell of Marijuana emanated from the occupants. A search of one of the passenger’s yielded a bag of a green leafy substance consistent with Marijuana. A further search of the vehicle yielded aluminum foil with several squares of paper inside, the paper strips are believed to be L.S.D. Kushi was additionally charged.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 11:30PM (8/26) and 7:07AM (8/27)- 189 Aspinwall Avenue

Victim reports parking his car in his driveway overnight and upon returning finding small scrapes and dents on his vehicle, the cost of this damage is unknown.

August 26th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 1:50AM (8/26) - Washington Street/Juniper Road

Damian Diaz, 26 yrs, was arrested on a default warrant.

Anthony Pajotte, 29 yrs, was arrested and charged with Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana) and other traffic offenses.

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle with a defective tail light upon stopping the car officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana, and a subsequent search yielded a bag of a green leafy substance. Upon further investigation it was learned that the passenger of the vehicle, Diaz, had an outstanding warrant. Both Pajotte and Diaz were subsequently arrested.

Attempted Larceny

  • Occurred between 4PM (8/24) and 11:10AM (8/26) - 133 Park Street

Victim reports leaving her vehicle unattended and upon returning she noticed her rear window had been smashed. No items were reported missing at this time although it does appear the suspect went through the vehicle.


  • Occurred between 12:05AM (8/24) and 12:30AM (8/26)-214 High Street

Victim reported leaving his bicycle unlocked in his outside hallway. When he returned the bike was missing, the bike is valued at $300.


  • Occurred between 8AM (8/13) and 1:29PM (8/26) - 421 Westourne Terrace

Victim reports giving her bank information out to a third party, and that several fraudulent charges had recently been attributed to her account. These fraudlent charges amount to approximately $107.

Annoying Calls

  • Occurred between 12:09AM (8/25) and 7:45PM (8/26) - 3 Bradford Terrace

Victim reports receiving a number of annoying calls from an unknown caller. This case is still under investigation.

August 25th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 9:19AM (8/25) - Harvard Street/Beacon Street

John Ricci, 36 yrs, was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension.

Police on patrol noticed a vehicle make an illegal left turn as well as an illegal U-turn. Upon pulling the vehicle over it was discovered that the operator’s license had been suspended, he was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred at 4:13AM (8/25) - 175 Freeman Street

Police responding to a call of broken glass discovered an apartment which appeared to have been broken into. The owners were notified and this case is still under investigation.

August 24th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 2:02PM and 3:45PM (8/24) - 52 Fairway Road

Ronald Hockaday, 47 yrs, was arrested and charged with knowingly violating town bylaws.

Police responded to calls of aggressive solicitors. After a brief altercation police arrested Hockaday.


  • Occurred between 1:38AM and 2:19AM (8/24)-1559 Beacon Street

Victim reports she was robbed while walking down the street. The victim reported that a teal sedan pulled up along side her and a man exited the vehicle and grabbed her handbag causing her to fall to the ground. The suspect is described as a black male 18-22 years old about 6 feet tall last seen wearing a black baseball cap and dark jeans. The stolen handbag was valued at $300.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred at 3:06AM (8/24) - 185 Harvard Street

Officers on patrol noticed an establishment with a smashed front window. The cost of the damage is unknown.


  • Occurred at 9:34AM (8/24) - 194 Boylston Street

Officers on patrol witnessed a vehicle make an illegal U-turn, and upon pulling the vehicle over learned the driver’s license had been revoked. The driver will be summoned to court for Driving after Revocation and other traffic offenses.


  • Occurred between 3:45PM and 4:15PM (8/24) - 1285 Boylston Street

Victim reported that several items were taken from her unlocked vehicle while it was left unattended for about half an hour. Among the items taken were a cell phone, Ipod, laptop computer, and various business items including checks. The value of these items is unknown.

  • Occurred between 5:30PM and 5:35PM – 25 Harvard Street

Victim reports while she was at yoga class her watch was taken. The value of the watch is unknown.

August 23rd Police Reports


  • Occurred between 12:37AM and 1:34AM (8/23)

Xavier Green, 18 yrs, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

Police stopped a suspicious person and while interviewing the suspect later identified as Green it was learned he had two stolen laptops in his possession. The value of these laptops is unknown.


  • Occurred between 10PM (8/22) and 6:28AM (8/23) - 18 Pleasant Street

It appears that an unknown suspect gained entry to the store by prying open its rear door. Stolen from the establishment were several cartons of cigarettes as well as approximately $1500 cash.


  • Occurred at 6:13PM (8/23) - 48 Jamaica Road

Police stopped a woman who was fraudulently using a handicapped placard to park illegally. She was cited for Wrongful Displaying a Handicapped placard.


  • Occurred between 10AM and 12PM (6/02) - 55 Garrison Road

Victim reports while moving into their new condo a box of items was stolen from the sidewalk. The box contained a Yale class ring, gold money clips, a gold pocket watch and other assorted jewelry. The value of these items is unknown.