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Friday, October 16, 2015


On October 13th, an officer assigned to the front desk, was approached by a Brookline Resident to report the Breaking and Entering and Larceny of his motor vehicle.  The victim reported having his vehicle unlocked, and parked in the driveway of his home on Salisbury Rd. The next morning, the victim noticed the vehicles driver’s side door was open ajar and noticed a small sum of loose change and MP3 player missing from his vehicle. No signs of damage or forced entry into the car.  

On October 14th, an officer was dispatched to a residence on Russell Street for a report of a past larceny of a bicycle. On scene, the victim reported parking his bicycle in his garage in the rear of his property.  The following day the victim noticed his bicycle missing. Nothing else is reported missing at this time.

On October 15th, and officer assigned to the front desk was approached by a Brookline Resident, who wanted to report the theft of his cellphone.  The victim reported being in the Coolidge Corner area the night before and had his cellphone attached to his belt.  The victim strongly feels he did not misplace, or drop the phone, and believes the phone was taken from his belt.

On October 15th, an officer on patrol on the intersection of Mountfort Street and Carlton Street, and conducted a random query of a vehicle’s registration, stopped at a red light.  The query revealed the vehicles registration was expired.  The officer initiated a traffic stop and asked for the operator’s license and registration, which were both expired.  The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, and the officer observed the driver was attempting to grab two plastic bags in the back seat.  After the subject was detained, the officer investigated the bags, which revealed a small quantity of package drugs, along with other drug paraphernalia associated with distribution.  Subject was placed under arrest and transported to Brookline Police Station. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Officers make an arrest of a subject for breaking into a home. 10-14-15

Last night at 8:47 PM Dispatch received a call from residents of Freeman street. The residents reported as they were watching TV in the front of their home they heard a loud bang coming from the back. As they looked toward the source of the noise they saw a male jump out the back window. Responding officers stopped a subject in the area of Commonwealth Ave. The subject had in his possession items reported stolen from the home. The subject has been charged with unarmed robbery and larceny over two hundred and fifty dollars.

Monday, October 12, 2015


On October 9th, an officer was dispatched to a restaurant on Harvard St. for a report of a larceny.  On scene, the employee reported two individual stealing the restaurants tip jar and gave a description of the two subjects.  The officer on scene broadcasted the description of the subjects over the radio. After hearing the broadcast another officer realized she had just seen the individuals board an inbound MBTA train on the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Harvard Street. The officer caught up to the trolley and signaled for the operator to stop.  The officer boarded the trolley, and located the two individuals and, had them exit the trolley. The officers read them their Miranda rights and were asked several questions on where they were prior to boarding the trolley.  The answers to the questions gave the officer probable cause to search the duffel bag one of the individuals was holding. The search revealed the stolen tip jar and both subjects were placed under arrest.

On October 9th, officers were dispatched to a grocery store on Harvard St. for a report a shoplifting in progress.  Brookline Dispatch broadcasted a description of the shoplifters over the radio.  On scene, the store manager reported observing both subjects place items into their shopping cart and when they arrived to the checkout line several of the items were missing.  Officers asked both parties to step aside and answer a few questions after being read their Miranda rights. A search of the subjects tote bags reveal several of the stores items that were not paid for.  The subjects were placed under arrest and transported to the Brookline Police Station.

On October 10th, an officer was dispatched to a local business on Beacon St. for a past report of shoplifting. On scene, the employee reported witnessing a female individual enter the store and leave rather quickly. Upon viewing the video surveillance, the employee realized the subject had stolen a purse near the entrance of the store. This matter is still under investigation.

On October 11th, an officer was dispatched to Gibbs St. for a past report of a Breaking and Entering. On scene, the victim reported leaving his apartment the night of October 10th. On his arrival home the next day, he noticed his living room window and screen open. The victim reported missing his laptop and backpack. This matter is still under investigation.

On October 11th, an officer was dispatched to a local business on Beacon St. for a report of a larceny of a wallet. On scene, the victim reported going to pay for her groceries and could not find her wallet.  The victim traced her steps in the store and searched her car and returned home but did not locate her wallet. The victim stated someone must have taken her wallet from her purse while she was reaching for an item.