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Friday, July 15, 2016

7/13/2016 to 7/14/2016


8:11am: Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Independence Drive and Gerry Rd for a report of an Assault and Battery. On scene, officers met with the victim who reported going for a run at approximately 7:29 am that morning. While on his run, he had stopped a vehicle making a wrong turn on Gerry Rd, which is a marked one way street. The driver continued the wrong way and the reporting person took out his cellphone to record the individual. The driver noticed the victim recording him and became agitated. The victim reported the individual pushed him and knocked the phone out of his hand. After a brief exchange of words, the driver chased the victim and repeatedly punched the victim until he was able to break free.  The subject fled the scene; however, officers were able to locate the subject after a search of the area. The subject has been placed under arrest and has been charged with aggravated assault.

9:29am: Officers responded to a local business on Beacon St. for a report of a past larceny. On scene, the officers met with the reporting person, a store employee. The employee stated an individual enter the store and asked for the location of the alcohol. The store employee observed the individual grab a bottle of vodka and place it in his bag.  The individual proceeded to front of the store and asked the employee for the location of other alcohol products. At this time, the employee asked for the man’s identification and inquired about the bottle of vodka he had placed into his bag.  The individual stated he had gotten the bottle of vodka from another store.  After the conversation, the subject proceeded to exit the store and head down Harvard St. The reporting person was able to provide a full description of the subject. Officers canvassed the area searching for the individual, but yielded negative results.

11:37pm: An officer was dispatched to a residence of Beacon St for a past report of a stolen motor vehicle. On scene, the victim reported to the officer she had just returned from vacation and discovered her vehicle was missing.  She stated the vehicle was locked; however, the victim stated she leaves a valet key, capable of starting the vehicle in the center console. The victim reported calling her property’s towing company to see if they had towed her vehicle. The towing company had no recording of towing her vehicle. While on scene, the officer noticed three surveillance cameras mounted in the area where the vehicle was parked. This matter is still under investigation.


8:45pm: Officers were dispatched to a local business for a report of a larceny. On scene, a store employee stated her cell phone had been stolen from the front counter. The victim stated an individual had entered the front of the stored and asked if she could charge his phone. The employee stated she would and the individual exited the store.  Several minutes later the subject arrived and asked the employee if he could get his phone back. The employee gave the individual his phone back and returned to helping a customer at the cash register. The victim noticed the subject had lingered by the counter, and then exited the store. After finishing with her customer, she had noticed her phone was missing.  The victim was able to provide a full description of the individual and a search of the area proved fruitless. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



6:52pm: Officers responded to a residence on Jordan Road for a report of a past larceny. On scene, the victim reported leaving the bicycle unlocked in the backyard and was last seen approximately 9:00am at 7/10/2016. The victim provided the officer with a description of the bicycle. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7/10/2016 to 7/11/2016

3:00 pm: A Beals Street resident reported his bike was stolen off of his front porch. The resident was unsure if his bike was secured. Two other bikes that were secured to the porch were untouched.

4:23 pm: Officers responded to a fraud report on Browne Street. The resident reported that on 4/10/2016 she located an ad for a vacation home in Cape Cod. She contacted the Craigslist user who posted it and made a reservation for a weekend in July. She was told to transfer half of the cost of the house and a security deposit to a bank account. She was then instructed to send the rest of the costs prior to the reservation. The resident recently attempted to contact the Craigslist user and when he could not be contacted she found the rightful owners of the Cape Cod residence who denied posting a listing on Craigslist.

5:11 pm: A scooter was reported stolen from a driveway on Oakland Road. The owner stated it was parked in her legal parking spot and she had never had issues with parking the scooter there before. The scooter had been locked and covered. The scooter was not found on the tow file. The resident also checked with her landlord and neighbors, but nothing was found. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

7/6/2016 to 7/9/2016


5:50 pm: An officer assigned to the front desk of the Brookline Police Department was approached by a Brookline resident who came to report a larceny. The victim reported entering a local restaurant on 7/6/2016 to utilize the restroom. The victim reported leaving her purse on the bathroom sink and on her arrival home she immediately called restaurant to check for the bag. The employee stated the purse was no longer in the restaurant.

9:13 am: An officer assigned to the front desk of the Brookline Police Department and was approached by a Brookline resident who came to report a larceny. The victim reported on 6/4/2016, his son was selling flowers in the front of his house. While he was distracted, a white male operating a gray SUV grabbed a crystal vase used to hold the flowers and fled. The reporting person was able to give the officer a detailed description of the vehicle and license plate number. This matter is still under investigation.


10:31 am: An Elm Street resident reported she was a victim of credit card fraud. Her account was used in Detroit though she has no ties to anyone in the city. The resident is obtaining more information regarding the report.

1:32 pm: An individual reported a license plate was stolen from his vehicle while it was parked in a hotel garage on Webster Street. The car had been parked in the garage for a week. Surveillance footage was not available for the area of the garage.


12:05 am: A piece of concrete was thrown through a window of a Babcock Street residence. A pile of broken concrete was found near the window and a maintenance worker reported seeing the concrete block bench intact on 7/8/2016. A responding officer observed a group of 4-5 males in the area. These males began running when they saw the cruiser. The officer was able to stop and identify the individuals who denied any involvement in the events that took place.

12:12 am: A Babcock Street resident reported hearing his basement door open. Responding officers found the basement door wide open and cleared the basement and house. They did not locate any individuals or find anything out of place. The resident stated that the basement door is usually left unsecured, but always closed. There was no evidence of forced entry. No link has been found between this event and the malicious damage report on Babcock Street.

8:59 pm: An individual reported a suspicious vehicle parked on Kent Street. The vehicle had been left on cinder blocks without any wheels. The vehicle’s owner was informed of the situation and has made arrangements to have his vehicle moved to a secure area. Lug nuts were left at the scene and were collected as evidence. This matter is still under investigation.