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Thursday, July 2, 2020

06/29 - 07/1

Officers assisted EMT/Fire with 9 different calls for assistance.

At approximately 9:30 PM officers responded to a report of malicious vehicle damage on Harvard Avenue. Once on scene, officers met with the reporting party who told police that when he went out to his vehicle he discovered his tires had been slashed. Officers are investigating.

At approximately 9 AM officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on Seawall Avenue for multiple reports of stolen packages. Once on scene officers were able to identify three separate victims who had their packages stolen. The packages were all cut open and left in the lobby with the valuable items removed. Officers are investigating.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

06/26 - 06/29

06/26/20 -
At approximately 1:26 AM officers were dispatched to Armory street for a report of a suspicious person. The victim told dispatch that he was awoken by a white male attempting to enter his garage via the door, but was unsuccessful due to the door being locked. Rather than confronting the intruder, the victim kept quiet and dialed 911 while getting an accurate description of the suspect.

Officers were on scene in under 3 minutes after receiving the call and located a male matching the description a couple blocks away. Officers made contact with this individual who was advised of his Miranda Rights prior to questioning. The suspect told police that he was not on any ones property but was just in the park across the street from the victims home. The suspect has 129 entries on his board of probation record, 42 of which were "successful" B&Es that he was convicted for.

BPD then conducted a field lineup, where the victim confirmed the identity of the suspect while remaining anonymous in a BPD cruiser. Following the lineup, the victim was certain that the suspect was the same individual that he saw on his property.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, the suspect was placed under arrest for Attempted B&E with intent to commit a felony.

06/27/20 -
Officers assisted EMT/Fire with 8 different incidents.

06/28/20 -
At approximately 4:19 AM, an off duty BPD officer was awoken by the sound of two individuals attempting to steal a moped outside their home on Beacon Street.

After witnessing this from their window, using their department issued radio the officer reported the crime in progress to dispatch. The suspects noticed that they were being watched from the window, and attempted to flee on a small motorized bike.

Officers were on scene minutes later, and quickly began to follow the motorbike with lights activated attempting to stop them. The suspects refused to stop and began driving erratically, going down wrong way streets and eventually broke line of sight. Because of this dangerous behavior, the pursuing officer disabled his lights, and told other officers not to pursue if they located the suspects.

A short time later, officers found the suspects and witnessed them nearly strike two vehicles before exiting Brooklines jurisdiction, and moving into Boston via Huntington Avenue. Officers are investigating.

06/29/20 -
Officers took 4 different reports of fraud.