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Friday, April 24, 2020

04/23--4/24 Blog Post

04/23- Officers responded to a business on Harvard St, the caller informed Officers that an unknown party had thrown an object through the window of a closed business.  Officers were able to identify the subject in the local area and they will be summonsed into court for the damage.

4/23- Officer took a report for a vehicle that had been broken into some time in the past six days. 

4/23- Officers were called to a business son Beacon St in Coolidge Corner.  Upon arrival employees informed the officers that they observed a customer leave the store with multiple items without purchasing.  Officers were able to identify the individual and they were placed under arrest for shoplifting.

4/23 - Officer responded to Commonwealth Ave for a reported shoplifter.  After speaking with the employees and canvasing the area , officers were able to locate the individual, they will be summonsed into court for shoplifting.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

4-20 / 4-23

4/20  Officers responded to the area of 797 Washington Street for a traffic crash with no reported injuries. Upon arrival, Brookline Fire and Fallon EMS had evaluated both operators and they declined any medical attention.  Both vehicles were towed.

04/20, Officers responded to a store on Beacon St for a past shoplifting.  While conducting an inventory of the merchandise of the store, an employee noticed that two weighted blankets were missing.  The employee viewed their surveillance footage and believes the person who took the blankets has taken from them in the past.  After an investigation the suspect was identified and will be summonsed into Brookline Court.

4/21 Officers responded to the area 815 Newton St. for the report of a 2 vehicle crash with no reported injuries.  One operator was cited for failure to use caution when turning, and one vehicle was towed.

4/21 Officers responded  to the Pierce School,  for a report of graffiti. The school custodian  led the Officer to the Art room where the Graffiti was located.  Photographs were taken and  the markers were collected and submitted into evidence. An investigation will be conducted.

4/21 Officers  were dispatched to the area of 1440 Beacon St. for a report of a motor vehicle crash involving a Subaru and a RCN truck. Upon arrival everyone was out of their vehicles claiming no injury.   One subject was summonsed into Brookline Court for driving without a license.

4/21 Officers responded to an address on  Beals St for a report of stolen clothes from a laundry bag on the front porch. The victim reports that she left her laundry in a bag with Garment Valet written on it, on her front porch to be picked up to be cleaned. The bag was placed behind a pillar (not easily seen from the street) on the front porch. She received a message from the laundry service company saying that they were unable to pick up her clothes. She advised the company further as to where she left the bag. The company went back and attempted to find the bag. The bag was found empty in the front garden of another house.  A follow-up will be conducted.

04/22 Officers  were dispatched to the area of 599 Brookline Avenue for a traffic crash involving town property. Upon arrival with Brookline Fire and Fallon EMS the operator declined any medical attention.      Brookline Police Dispatch notified the Parks Department to have them evaluate the damage to the fence. Photos of the damage to the vehicle and the chain link fence, and the vehicle was able to be driven from the scene.

04/22 A resident of Pleasant St. reported fraud on their Home Depot Card. The victim has since canceled the credit card and notified Home Depot of the fraudulent transactions. Respectfully
04/22 Officers responded to an address on Marion St to process the scene of a past breaking and entering.  Detectives were called in to investigate.

 04/23 S citizen arrived at the Brookline Police Station to report  a lost wallet.  The reporting party believes he lost his wallet around 1130 AM on Harvard Street,  probably in the Coolidge Corner area. The brown leather wallet that he lost had his insurance card and his Santander checkbook.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

04/20  - Officers responded to a business on Harvard St to take a report of a shoplifter.  Responding Officers were able to identify the subject and will summons them into court for shoplifting.

Monday, April 20, 2020

4/17 -- 4/19

04/17/2020  Officers took a report for online fraud.  

04/17/2020 Officers took a report for a stolen wallet. After an investigation the wallet was located however $300 USC was missing. Brookline Detectives will check with local businesses for security footage.

04/17/2020 Officers took a report for threats. The victim received threatening statements on line from someone they did not know.  A report was filed and Brookline Detectives will conduct a follow up.

04/17/2020 Officers responded to the intersection of Park St. and Washington St. for motor vehicle crash. No injuries were reported and one vehicle was towed from the scene.

 04/18/20 at approximately 17:45 hrs. Officers responded to an address on Buckminster Rd. for a report of a suspicious vehicle.  Caller reports that while out for a jog, a vehicle, described as a late model Subaru Forester slowed down as it got closer to them. This happened several times during their run, and at one point the vehicle slowed down and lowered the front window but the operator did not speak to them.  He then stopped the vehicle for a minute and then left the area. They describe the operator as a white male, approximately late 40's to early 50's years of age, short brown hair.  There was a large brown dog inside the car. The operator never spoke to them or exited the vehicle during any of the encounters.

04/19/20 Officers responded to the 100 block of Longwood Ave for a traffic crash. The vehicle was located stuck next to a tree in the backyard of a home on Marshal Street.  The vehicle made contact with the fence that divides the property.  This crash occurred when the driver was attempting to park the vehicle. Both parties were transported to the hospital, and the vehicle was towed from the yard.

04/19/2020 Officers took a report for a missing person. The subject was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black sweatpants.  A report has been filed.