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Friday, November 2, 2012

Police Report 11/1

Robbery/Firearms: 11/1 at 9:51pm – Harvard St
Victim stated that she and her brother were closing up the store when a male suspect entered the store and demanded for their money. Male suspect displayed a firearm. After receiving the cash, subject fled up Thorndike St. towards Clarence St. Suspect is described as a dark skinned Black male, late teens-early 20's, 5'7", thin build, wearing a white hoodie, blue jeans, with a red cloth covering his face.

Violation of Town By-Law: 11/2 at 6:50am – Summit Ave
Officer responded to a report of nuisance noise of a large group of runners who meet up at the top of Summit Ave and run up and down the street every Friday morning. There have been complaints from the residents of the area for several weeks. The group organizer was issued a Town By-Law Citation.

Malicious Damage/Auto: 11/1 at 2:38pm – Harvard Pl
Victim stated that her passenger side front window of her vehicle was found broken. No items were taken nor tampered with.

Dress for Success Clothing Drive

The Brookline Commission for Women will be holding its 8th annual Dress for Success Winter Coat & Clothing Drive on Friday November 2nd (11:00am-7:00pm) and Saturday, November 3rd (8:00am-11:00am) at the Brookline Public Safety Headquarters, 350 Washington Street, Brookline.

Dress for Success is a not-for profit organization that offers services to help disadvantaged women enter the workforce and stay employed. Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and a week's worth of separates when she gets the job.

Please limit your donations to winter coats, business suits, shells, and separates, as well as gloves, jewelery, scarves, shoes, handbags, and briefcases, etc. This is NOT a general clothing drive. All donations should be appropriate for the workplace and clean/ready to wear (please bring on hangers if possible). Cash donations for the Dress for Success Program will also be accepted.

As with all their events, the Brookline Commission for Women is happy to accept nonperishable food donations for the Brookline Food Pantry!!!

Friday, November 2nd @ 11:00am-7:00pm
Saturday, November 3rd @ 8:00am-11:00am

350 Washington St, Brookline
Brookline Public Safety Headquartes
Community Room

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Police Reports 10/31

Not Duly Licensed: 10/31 at 2:26pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle making an illegal U-Turn in front of Harvard St. A vehicle registration check revealed that the operator had an expired license status. Operator will be charged for the illegal U-Turn and Operating Without a License.

Larceny: B/t 10/28 at 3am & 10/31 at 10:07pm – Naples Rd
Victim stated that he invited 4 individuals over to his home. The following morning, the victim noticed his items missing and unauthorized charges were made to his account.

Warrant/Default: 10/31 at 6:06pm - Harvard St
Officer responded to a report of an employee who had stolen money from the store. Loss prevention officer stated that an employee of the store, along with a male subject, made fraudulent transactions with the register. A query check of the employee revealed hat she had a straight warrant. The employee was under arrest for the straight warrant and two counts of Larceny. Officer was unable to locate the male subject involved in the larceny. Subject is described as a white male of average build approximately in his 20's with dark short hair.

Under Investigation: 10/31 at 9:51am – Elm St
Officer responded to a report of unusually large amounts of deposits being made. Caller felt that the owner of the checking account may have been a victim of exploitation or the checks had been forged without his knowledge. Officers were able to identify the suspect who has been depositing the checks. This case is under investigation.

Larceny/Bike: B/t 10/26 at 4:30pm & 10/28 at 5:00pm – Jefferson Rd
Victim stated that two bicycles had been taken from her back yard. Victims stated that the tires wer flat and were not worth much of value.

Warrant: 10/31 at 12:40am – Brookline Police Station
Owner of a vehicle came to the station to get a release for his vehicle that was towed. A records check of that license revealed that the owner had a Straight Traffic Warrant. Owner was placed under arrest.

Fraud: B/t 9/15 & 10/30 – Green St
Victim reported that fraudulent charges were made to his account. There were 3 unauthorized charges from unknown locations.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Urban Shield/Boston 2012

The Brookline Police Department will be participating in URBAN SHIELD/Boston 2012 (a 24 hour full scale training exercise taking place at multiple locations in the greater Boston area). This training exercise is designed to enhance the ability of our police department, along with many other area Public Safety organizations, to coordinate and communicate during major events, incidents, and emergencies.

We will be conducting a multi-agency joint exercise at 399 Chestnut Hill Ave on 8:00am on Saturday November 3rd , through 8:00am on Sunday November 4th. The majority of activity will be confined to the interior of the building; however there may be some outside activity. There will be multiple police officers entering and exiting the parking lot and building to engage in the training scenario. Scenarios will include the use of FAKE/NON-LETHAL rounds, there will be NO use of real simunitions. We want to make you aware of the exercise in the event that you happen to notice "Police" activity and the chance of hearing "gunshots" in the area.       

DATE: November 3 & 4, 2012
TIME: 8:00am Saturday through 8:00am Sunday
LOCATION: 399 Chestnut Hill Ave Brookline, MA (former Cleveland Circle Cinema)

Police Reports 10/30

Fraud: 10/24 at 4:00pm – Beacon St
Victim stated that she conducted a transaction after receiving a call from a false representative asking if she was interested in a protection plan for her laptop. Victim was informed that the charge was fraudulent.

Larceny: 10/30 at 4:50pm – Perry St
Victim stated that she noticed items taken from her front porch.

Malicious Damage: 10/30 at 1:00pm – Monmouth St
Victim stated that he found scratches on his vehicle.

Not Duly Licensed: 10/30 at 11:00pm – Washington St/School St
Officer observed a vehicle fail to stop at a posted stop sign. A query check revealed that the driver’s license status was expired. Driver will be charged for Stop sign violation, License not in possession, and Operating without a License.

Fraud: 10/29 at 4:23pm – Gerry Rd
Victim stated that unauthorized transactions were made from her debit card in New York. Victim cancelled her debit cards.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Police Reports 10/29

Revoked Registration: 10/28 at 5:28pm – Cypress St/Washington St
A random query check revealed that a vehicle had a revoked registration status. Operator was charged for Operating after Revocation, and Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

Larceny: 10/28 at 1:07pm – Harvard St
Victim stated that her vehicle had been stolen from a parking lot. Victim stated that she hung her rain coat in a locker room with her belongings inside the pocket. Victim returned to find that her personal belongings were taken from her coat pocket, including her car keys which provided access to her vehicle.

MV Pursuit/Traffic Offense: 10/28 at 12:23am - Boylston St at Norfolk Rd
Officer was alerted of a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and had refused officer’s orders to stop. A query check revealed that the driver had a suspended driver’s status. Officer was able to pull over the driver and place him under arrest. Driver will be charged for Speeding, Failure to Stop for Police Officer, Operating To Endanger, One Way/Wrong Way, Operating After Suspension (License).

Operating After Suspension: 10/27 at 11:15am – Marion St
Officer observed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. A vehicle registration check revealed that the operator had a suspended licenses status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for operating after suspension and expired inspection sticker.

Larceny: 10/27 at 7:45am – Harvard St
Officer was dispatched to a report for a suspicious activity. Caller/store manager stated that a customer had lost his wallet in his store. Manager later observed a subject leave the store with the wallet. Subject is described as a light-skinned black male with a median build, about 5'7" to 6' in height, wearing a white long sleeve T-shirt, gray sweat pants, black sneakers or shoes, tan baseball style cap (no lettering), and a white dew rag bandana under the hat.

Warrant/Default: 10/27 at 2:38am – Commonwealth Ave
Officer observed a male subject with a backpack walking through a rear parking lot of an auto dealership and was looking into vehicles. Officer advised the subject of "No trespassing" signs. Subject became agitated and expressed his anger for being stopped, disobeyed officers commands and proceeded to flee the scene. Officer was able to catch the subject and place his under arrest. Subject will be charged for a warrant for his arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Trespassing.

Warrant: 10/26 at 11:01am – Washington St/Harvard St
A random query check revealed that the vehicle's registered owner had an active warrant for his arrest. Owner of the vehicle was placed under arrest and charged with Fugitive From Justice.

Leave Scene Accident: 10/26 at 9:50am – Pearl St
Officer responded to a report for a hit and run motor vehicle accident. Victim stated that a vehicle drove closely to his vehicle and scraped its left side. Victim stated the driver of the other vehicle stopped, looked at him, and then drove off slowly. Driver was contacted and will be charged for Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident.

Operating After Revocation: 10/30 at 12:12am – Harvard St

A random vehicle registration check revealed that the vehicle had a status of revoked registration. Vehicle was towed and the owner of the vehicle will be charged for Operating after Revocation and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle.