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Friday, April 11, 2008

April 10th Police Reports

April 10, 2008


  • Occurred at 7:36 PM 294 Harvard St.

Subject was arrested and charged with attempted breaking and entering and possession of burglarious tools.

Police responded to reports of a past attempted burglary. The caller, employee of CVS, reported that he saw the subject enter the store from the rear door. He then observed the male proceed to the fragrance counter, which has glass doors, and attempt to open it with some sort of tool. The employee then approached the subject to ask what he was doing; at that point the subject fled the store and ran onto Harvard St.

Police observed a male fitting the description of the subject on the corner of Harvard St and Stedman St. Police placed the subject under arrest for attempted breaking and entering and possession of burglarious tools.

Breaking and Entering

  • Occurred between 9:00 PM 4/9 and 6:00 AM 4/10 105 Oakland Rd Ext.

Police found five vehicles along Oakland Rd. Ext that had been broken into overnight. The vehicles window’s had been smashed to gain entrance and the property that was stolen were valuables that were visible from outside the vehicle. Such as GPS units, loose change, and pocket book.

  • Occurred between 9:30 PM 4/9 and 6:00 AM 4/10 20 Hawthorne Rd.

Victim reports that over night his wife’s car had been broken into. The victim reports that $4.00 in change was taken from the vehicle.


  • Occurred between 11:30 PM 4/9 and 7:04 AM 4/10 12 Jamaica Rd.

Victim reports that sometime over night her vehicle had been stolen. She stated to police that she parked her 2002 white Chevrolet Cavalier in her garage and when she woke that morning she noticed that the vehicle was missing.

  • Occurred between 6:00 PM 4/6 and 8:00 AM 4/10 339 Washington St.

Victim reports that the left front tire of his vehicle had been taken, and that there was a small dent and minor scrapes on the rear right side of the vehicle.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 9th Police Reports

April 9, 2008


  • Occurred at 4:52 PM Harvard St/ Harvard Ave.

Subject was arrested and charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Police while patrolling Harvard St. observed the subject shoving a male several times and yelling at the corner of Harvard St. and Harvard Ave. The victim stated that the subject had been shoving and knocking him to the ground and would not leave him alone. The subject was placed under arrest for assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

  • Occurred at 4:11 PM 40 Bowker St.

Subject was arrested and charged with larceny.

While responding to reports of a past larceny police observed a male on a bicycle that matched the description of the reported stolen bike. Police returned to where they last saw the male but were only able to locate the bike. At that time a man called down to the police and told them that the subject that was just riding the bicycle had jumped some fences into backyards and ran towards St. Paul St. and Aspinwall Ave. The subject was then apprehended and placed under arrest for larceny.


· Occurred between 9:30 PM 4/7 and 6:30 AM 4/8 Brookline Pl.

Police responded to the above address for a past burglary report. The buildings security officer informed police that two suites on the fourth floor had reported that their offices had been broken into.


· Occurred between 12:00 AM 4/4 and 5:00 PM 4/4 1782 Beacon St.

Police responded to reports of a graffiti complaint. Upon arrival police met with the caller who stated that he noticed a large “tag” spray painted on the side of the building. Police observed one “tag” done in silver and back spray paint.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 8th Police Reports

April 8, 2008


  • Occurred between 10:00AM 1/25 and 12:00 PM 3/25 30 Webster St.

Victim reports that in the past few months a black IBM Inkpad was stolen from the above address. She states that back in January six laptops were delivered to the address and that on March 25th the noticed that one of the laptops was missing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 7th Police Reports

April 7, 2008


  • Occurred at 2:33 AM Washington St.

Subject was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

After being pulled over for a traffic violation, police placed the subject under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Occurred at 1:24 PM 156 Lawton St.

Subject was arrested for assault and battery.

Police responded to reports of a student assaulting staff members. When police arrived they noticed four staff members trying to restrain the student. During the struggle the subject was flailing her arms around in a violent way, often striking the staff in the shoulder, chest and head area. As the officers attempted to assist, the subject began to kick at the officers. The subject was then place under arrest for assault and battery.


  • Occurred between 9:00 PM 4/6 and 6:34 AM 4/7 1760 Beacon St.

Victim reports that someone had removed the passenger side front and rear tires from her Honda Civic. When police arrived they observed the vehicle, with its two side tires missing, held up with a cinder block.

April 4th-6th Police Reports

April 4, 2008


· Occurred between 4:50 PM and 5:12 PM 525 Harvard St.

Subject was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Police responded to reports of shoplifting at TJ Maxx. When police arrived they spoke with store security that stated that they observed the subject remove tags from a pair of athletic shoes. The subject then returned the pair of shoes in exchange for store credit. The subject was then placed under arrest for shoplifting.

· Occurred at 6:34 PM 44 Netherlands Rd.

Two subjects were arrested and charged with armed robbery.

Police responded to reports of an armed robbery on Netherlands Rd. Police spoke with the two victims that stated that two males had approached them and attempted to rob them with a knife. Police also spoke with three other witnesses that confirmed the descriptions of the subjects. Another witness then told police that they saw the two subjects in the Mission Park area. The two subjects were located and placed under arrest for attempted robbery with a knife.


  • Occurred between 7:30 PM 4/3 and 8:00 AM 4/4 Stetson St.

Victim reports that sometime during the night someone had removed the two front tires from his vehicle. When police arrived they observed the victim’s vehicle on top of a stack of bricks and the front tires removed.

April 5, 2008


  • Occurred at 4:38 PM Beacon St.

Subject was arrested on a default warrant.

Police while on patrol observed two men placing flyers on the windshields of vehicles on Beacon St. Police noticed that every time the subjects placed a flier on a car they would pause and look inside the vehicle. Police asked the subjects for identification. One of the subjects was found to have an outstanding default warrant. He was then placed under arrest.

  • Occurred at 2:51 AM Mountfort St/ Carlton St.

Subject was arrested for being disorderly person.

Police while on surveillance of Commonwealth Ave. alive of the recent armed robberies observed a man that they believed matched the description of one of the suspects, and who was walking in and out of neighboring yards. When police began to follow him the subject began to sprint away from the officers. When police finally located the subject they observed that he was intoxicated. The subject then became extremely belligerent when police began to ask him questions. The subject was then placed under arrest for being disorderly person.

April 6, 2008


  • Occurred at 3:05 AM Boylston St/ Sumner Rd.

Subject was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Police pulled the subject over for a traffic violation. While talking to the subject the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer searched the subject’s vehicle. Upon the search of the vehicle police found a metallic container that contained marijuana. The subject was then placed under arrest for possession of marijuana.