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Friday, January 4, 2013

Police Reports 1/4

Burglary/Attempt- 1/4  at 12:35am – Browne St
Officer responded to a call of a victim who returned home from vacation to find her apartment had been attempted to be entered. The lock to the front door had been bent, and several of the screws to hold it in place were missing. The back door to the house had some damage as well, as if an attempt were made to pry it open. The attempt to enter the apartment was unsuccessful and nothing was missing. Other burglaries were reported in this area during the same time frame. 


Sector 2
Larceny- 1/3 at 12:00pm  – Linden Place
Officers were dispatched for a report of larceny from a nativity scene. Officers were able to review footage of a camera that shows two suspects taking two pieces from the nativity set. Police are undergoing an investigation. 

St, Mary's Church Brookline Mass: The manger is set up in front of the rectory at 5 Linden Place. On December 22, 2012, at 12:25 AM Two woman are seen, one climbs in the manger and has her picture taken by the other one.  The woman is seen taking a Lamb then returning about 15 minutes later and taking a cow. Police are following up with the video and are hoping people may recognize these woman from the neighborhood. The video also shows a resident walking a small white dog who may have seen the young women. Anyone with information regarding the two suspects, or a resident in the area of Linden and Hurd Rd owning a small white dog are asked to call the Brookline Police. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Suspect Wanted for Breaking and Entering

The Brookline Police are requesting any information regarding the following suspect who is wanted for Breaking and Entering.

On 12/31/2012 at approximately 1845 hrs, there was a residential break-in on Short St, Brookline MA where a neighbor observed a subject running from the scene. After an investigation, an arrest warrant has been issued for Roy BONE for this crime. BONE often utilizes windows and sliding glass doors to gain entry to residences. It is believed he is on foot and he often steals electronics and jewelry.


Anyone with information regarding this individual is asked to please contact the Brookline Police at 617-730-2222 or the Brookline Detective Division at 617-730-2244

Police Reports 1/3

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Sector 4
Operating after Suspension- 1/3 at 1:30am – Washington St
Officers observed a vehicle travelling with a defective headlight and pulled the vehicle over. A license and registration check revealed the operator had a suspended license, and was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

Sector 2
Operating after Suspension- ½ at 8:42am – St. Paul St
Officers observed a vehicle operating with an expired registration sticker and pulled the vehicle over. A license and registration check revealed that the operator did have a suspended right to operate a vehicle, and confirmed the vehicles status had been revoked. Operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Police Reports 1/2

Sector 3
Burglary- 1/1 at 8:30pm – Beacon St
Officers responded to a call of a breaking and entering, and larceny. The victims reported going out the previous night, and the next morning discovered several items to be missing. There was no sign of forced entry, and several of the windows may have been left unlocked.

Sector 9
Operating after Suspension- 1/1 – Independence Rd
Officer observed a vehicle travel through a red light, and also observed the operator not wearing a safety belt. Officer pulled the car over and after running a check of the license and registration, it was discovered that the operator had a suspended license. The operator was placed under arrest and issued citations for Operating after Suspension, Red Light Violation, and Seatbelt Violation.

Burglary- 1/1 at 1:39am – St. Paul St
Officers responded to a call of Breaking and Entering, as the caller returned home to find his house had been entered and several electronic items were missing. It was determined that someone had gained access to the house through a rear sliding glass door

Sector 1
Not Duly Licensed- 12/31 at 8:40pm – Beacon St
Officer observed a vehicle make a sudden maneuver that caused other vehicles to brake to avoid an accident. The Officer pulled the vehicle over and asked for a license and registration. The operator did not have a license and was placed under arrest. The owner of the vehicle will be mailed a citation for Allowing an Improper Person to Operate his vehicle.

Sector 3
Larceny- 12/31 at 7:08pm – Short St
Officers responded to a call of a Breaking and Entering. Victims returned home to find their apartment door was deadbolt locked, which the tenants claim they never do. As one of the tenants attempted to enter the apartment they could hear someone on the other side of the door, however nobody was found inside once police arrived. A screen to the window on the side of the building had been tampered with and it was determined this is how entry was made.

Sector 2
Larceny-Shoplifting- 12/31 at 4:47pm – Harvard St
Officers responded to a call of shoplifting for a suspect who was seen fleeing on foot. A store employee and officer on detail were able to pursue on foot and give a description of the suspect. Other officers detained a suspect fitting the description, and the store employee was able to identify him as the one seen fleeing the store. Suspect was placed under arrest for Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest, and two active warrants against the suspect.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Police Reports 12/27-12/30

Sector 2
Larceny- 12/30 at 8:40pm – Littell Rd
A guest of a bed and breakfast called the police after discovering their iPad had been taken from their room while they were gone. The iPad was the only item missing from the room, while a laptop remained untouched. Police are investigating those who may have had access to the room.

Sector 4
Traffic Offense- 12/29 at 2:40am – Harvard St
Officers observed a vehicle traveling closely to the vehicle in front of it. A registration check of the vehicle revealed it was expired. The vehicle was pulled over, and it was discovered that the operator of the vehicle had a suspended sentence. The registration sticker of the vehicle had also been forged. The operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension and Forging an Inspection Sticker.

Sector 5
Larceny-Shoplifting- 12/30 – Washington St
Officers responded to a call of shoplifting. Employees observed a male exit the store as the store security alarm went off. The male did not stop, and one employee followed him out and watched him enter a vehicle. Employees then reviewed the stores security cameras and were able to confirm the shoplifting and then alerted the Police.

Sector 1
Larceny-Shoplifting- 12/29 at 6:10pm – Commonwealth Ave
Officers were dispatched to Comm Ave and given the description of a suspect for a shoplifting that had just occurred. Officers were able to find a suspect fitting the description. The store clerk who called the police had witnessed this suspect putting an item into the carriage of her child while in the store. Officers were able to retrieve the item taken, and the suspect was placed under arrest.

Graffiti Law- 12/28 – Webster St
Officers observed two male suspects emerge from an alcove carrying a bag as they quickly walked down the street. A new “tag” of graffiti was observed where the males had just left. Officers then went in the direction of where they had seen the males walking and found them facing a brick wall, as one of the males quickly put a can of spray paint back into the bag. The two males were placed under arrest for two counts of Tagging.

Sector 2
Not Duly Licensed- 12/28 at 4:55pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle make an illegal left turn onto Harvard St and pulled the car over. The operator of the vehicle presented the officer with an expired license. The operator was placed under arrest for Not Duly Licensed.

Sector 5
Operating after Suspension – 12/28 at 3:40pm – Boylston St
Officer observed a vehicle travelling through a red light and pulled the car over. The operator refused to present any form of identification or registration after several attempts by the officer. The operator was placed under arrest and taken back to the station where he was identified and it was found that he was not duly licensed. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and issued a citation for allowing an improper operator of her motor vehicle.

Sector 4
Larceny- 12/27 at 8:50pm – Washington St
Officers responded to a caller who reported that a package delivered to their house had been stolen. The caller had recently returned home after several days and a package addressed to her had been found opened, with the contents of the box missing, in the front of the house.

Sector 6
Not Duly Licensed- 12/27 at 9:35am – Boylston St
Officer pulled over a car for nearly hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The operator was able to give the registration of the car to the officer, but did not have a license. The operator was placed under arrest for being Not Duly Licensed.