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Friday, August 10, 2007

August 9th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 8:21AM (8/09)- 323 Walnut Street

Katrina Dhority, 37 yrs, was arrested on a default warrant.

Charles Lehr, 35 yrs, was arrested on a default warrant.

Detectives aided by officers went to the residence of the suspects where both were immediately arrested upon entry. Due to the amount of dog feces and uneaten food visible throughout the residence the health department was notified and the residence was condemned.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 3PM (8/07) and 8AM (8/09)- 128 Sewall Avenue

Police responded to a report of graffiti on the walls and floor of a basement storage room. The messages, one of them explicit, were seemingly directed at the rodent problem in the building. This case is still under investigation.


  • Occurred between 9AM and 9:10AM- 295 Reservoir Road

Victim reported she had left a bag of golf clubs along with another small bag on the front steps of her residence for around five minutes. When she returned both of these items were missing.

  • Occurred between 9:30AM and 12PM (8/09)- 145 Aspinwall Avenue

Victim reported that sometime during the day his bike had been stolen from his front porch. The bike had been secured by cable lock which appeared to have been cut.

  • Occurred at 2:48PM (8/09)- Harvard Street/ Beacon Street

A mentally unstable man was caught shoplifting at CVS. He will receive a No Trespass Order and will be aided to get the mental help he needs.

  • Occurred between 8AM (8/06) and 4:15PM (8/09)- 576 Washington Street

Victim who is physically handicapped reported that she had left her car parked for about 3 days and when she returned to use it she found the steering column was damaged and her Nokia cell phone was taken from the vehicle. The phone was valued at $200.

  • Occurred between 6PM (8/02) and 8AM (8/06) - 30 St. Paul Street

A woman reported that her rear spoiler had been stolen from her car days earlier. The value of this item is known.


  • Occurred between 10:19PM (8/08) and 8:30AM (8/09)- 228 Cypress Street

Police responded a business for a report of graffiti. The tag was painted on the middle shutter of the establishment and was 5 feet high by 3 feet long.

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