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Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 8th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 9:23PM (8/08)- Harvard/Commonwealth Avenue

Anthony Kovach, 24 yrs, was arrested on a default warrant.

Disorderly Conduct

  • Occurred at 3:16PM (8/07)- 221 Washington Street

Female victim reported that she caught a man attempting to look up her skirt. She reports she was standing with her back to the entrance of the store when she felt someone quite close to her. When the victim turned
around she witnessed a black male described as heavyset wearing a dark
do-rag, dark hooded sweatshirt, baggy black jeans, with bad acne on his
face kneeling on one knee pretending to tie his shoe. The man has frizzy
black hair and medium to light skin complexion and is around 20 years of
age. The victim was unable to leave the store because the man was blocking
the entrance. The employee at the store verified the victim’s story and
explained to police when she attempted to confront the man about the
incident he left the store quite quickly. Detectives, aware of a similar incident in July
where a suspect was arrested after an investigation, located a subject fitting the
description of Tuesday's suspect a short time later in Mission Hill. The man will be
summoned to court for disorderly conduct in regard to this incident.


  • Occurred between 12PM and 1:42PM (8/08)- 28 Harvard Street

Victim reported she had stored her purse in an open cubby while in yoga class. When she returned an hour later it was missing. The purse contained about $40 cash and various identification and bank cards. Victim was advised to immediately contact her bank and cancel her card.

  • Occurred between 3:58PM (7/05) and 3:58PM (8/08)-1223 Beacon Street

Victim, a receptionist at a doctor’s office, reports that someone had attempted fill a prescription that was most likely stolen. Recently, the office had fired an employee and was missing a block of prescription pads from their office. This case is still under investigation.

Id Fraud

  • Occurred between 6:34PM (8/01) and 4PM (8/08)- 54 Babcock Street

Victim reports that she received a telephone bill totaling over $800. She said the phone number on the bill is not hers and believes that someone may have used her identity to charge that amount.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 12PM (8/05) and 4PM (8/08)- 138 Harvard Street

Victim reported that his flower pot and underground stabilizing wire were damaged sometime over a 3 day period. The value of this damage is approximately $100.


  • Occurred between 1PM and 1:14PM (8/08)- 1111 Beacon Street

A victim reported that she was indecently assaulted while riding on an elevator. She explained while on the elevator she felt someone breathing on her neck. At that time she felt a hand caress her upper arm/shoulder area leading towards her breast. She yelled, “stop it” and turned around to a creepy white male who is described as completely bald with no facial hair wearing a collared shirt with a vertical stripe. The man proceeded to follow her out of the building but took a right turn before the woman arrived at her vehicle. She immediately reported this incident to police. This case is still under investigation.

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