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Monday, August 6, 2007

August 3rd Police Reports


  • Occurred at 11:23 PM – (08/02/07) – 82 Fuller Street

David Vincini, 29 yrs, was arrested and charged with Possession of a Class B substance (Cocaine) and Operating after Revocation.

Detectives were monitoring a vehicle in the area of Fuller Street. When the occupant saw officers the man exited his vehicle and approached them. Police took this opportunity to speak with the man about his activity. While speaking with police, the man later identified as David Vincini was extremely nervous. He was physically shaking and his story continually contradicted itself. Further investigation revealed the man’s license had been revoked since 1998. The man then told officers there was a small amount of cocaine in the driver’s door of his vehicle. Police recovered the cocaine and upon further investigation were led to believe the man had just purchased drugs in this area.

After speaking with David Vincini police were told he had purchased drugs from a man nearby their current location. When a passenger in a taxi drove by while the officers were questioning Vincini, he was identified as the man who sold the drugs. The man, who was later identified as Donald Iezzi, 52 yrs, was found to have had several unexplainable calls from Vincini and was in possession of a large amount of cash. Iezzi was arrested and charged with distributing drugs (Cocaine) within a school zone.

  • Occurred between 2AM and 3AM (8/03)- Harvard Street/ School Street

The first suspect was arrested and charged with malicious damage, and disorderly conduct

Michael Ferraro, 24 yrs, was arrested and charged with malicious damage, disorderly conduct, and a default warrant.

Nicholas Ferraro, 22 yrs, was arrested and charged with malicious damage, disorderly conduct, and a default warrant.

Officers received calls of several youths kicking trash and throwing other objects into the street. The police interviewed the subjects who were then identified by witnesses as the ones who were kicking trash in the street. In addition to kicking trash the three had also damaged a number of items such as flowerpots, 4-5 trashcans, as well as street signs.

  • Occurred at 4:04PM (8/03/07)- 900 Commonwealth Avenue

Joseph MacDonald, 26 yrs, was arrested and charged with Shoplifting and possession of a Class A Substance.

Nicole Mandigo, 22 yrs, was arrested and charged with Shoplifting.

An employee at CVS reported that two suspects were stealing from the store. When police approached one of the suspects, later identified as Nicole Mandigo, attempted to flee. When she was apprehended police discovered $328.58 worth of stolen goods in her possession. Mandigo then identified her partner who had fled prior to police arrival as Joseph MacDonald. MacDonald was apprehended a short distance away. A search of MacDonald yielded a bag of a brown substance believed to be a Class A Narcotic. He was subsequently arrested.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (8/02/07) and 8:53AM (8/03/07)- 1 School Street Lot

Victim reported that she had parked her car in the School Street parking lot overnight and when she returned in the morning her driver’s side mirror was damaged. The cost of this damage is unknown.

  • Occurred between 11PM (8/02) and 6AM (8/03)- 1330 Beacon Street

Victim reported that sometime overnight a rock was thrown through their side window.

  • Occurred between 11PM (8/02) and 6AM (8/03)-1354 Beacon Street

Victim reports sometime overnight a rock was thrown through their window shattering it.

  • Occurred between 1PM (8/02) and 10:30PM (8/03)- 144 Cypress Street

Victim reported he had parked his car in his driveway overnight and when he returned the next morning he found key marks on the hood of his vehicle as well as on the front bumper.


  • Occurred between 1:16PM (7/23) and 1:16PM (8/02) - 115 Greenough Street

A teacher at Brookline High School reported that $125 in cash was stolen from the Language Department. The money was kept in an unlocked file cabinet and very few people knew of it whereabouts.

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