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Monday, July 30, 2012

Police Reports 7/26-7/30

Fraud: Occurred 7/26 at 6:28pm & 6:29pm – Houston, Texas
Victim reported two fraudulent charges made on her account. She claims that she did not give her card to anyone else to make the purchase and currently has possession of the card. No other unauthorized charged have been made on the account. Officer advised the victim to contact the credit bureaus. Account has since been closed.

Burglary: 7/27 at 11:05am – Boylston St
Officer was approached by the property manager of a building claiming that someone had kicked in a window that had been boarded up in the front of the building. The building has been vacant for quite some time. Building has been secured.

Accident: 7/27 at 10:07am – Parkman St at Pleasant St
Operator of a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign causing it to strike two other vehicles. Operator of the vehicle was cited for failure to stop at the stop sign and failure to yield the right of way at the intersection.

Breaking & Entering & Larceny: 7/27 at 4:30pm – Brookline Ave
Officers were given a description for a male suspect who attempted a B&E of a motor vehicle. Witness stated that they observed a male suspect (white male,  6'00" tall, wearing a black baseball cap with white letters on it, a white t-shirt and blue jeans) walk into the parking lot and  attempt to open multiple vehicles’ front passenger door. The witness approached the male suspect and then proceeded to call 911. Officers observed a subject fitting the description of the suspect. Suspect was sweating heavily, was breathing heavily, and was short of breath when speaking. Witness identified the person as the same male suspect. Suspect was under arrest and was charged Attempted B/E of a motor vehicle.

Larceny: Occurred 7/27 between 1:40pm & 3pm –Goddard Ave

Victim stated that her new phone was stolen from her pocketbook during work. The pocketbook was placed in a conference room where numerous other campers store their bags and personal items when they go outside.

Larceny: Occurred 7/27 between 6:30pm & 9:45pm – Mason Terrace

Caller stated that two bicycles were stolen from his opened garage door. Caller’s sons did not hear anything while at home and the area is dimly lit.

Larceny: Occurred 7/26 at 1:09pm – Beacon St
Victim stated that she ordered a laptop last Thursday, 7/26 and believes it was taken from her apartment building. She was told that the laptop was delivered and left at the residence. Victim stated that she checked the mailroom and also with a neighbor in an attempt to locate the package, however, she was unsuccessful. Case is under two separate investigations.

Fire in Building: 7/28 at 3:52pm – High St
Caller reported that there was smoke coming from the area of the front porch of his apartment. Brookline Police, along with the Brookline Fire Department, discovered that there was a cigarette that was not properly disposed of and was smoldering and starting to catch fire. Fire was put out and declared safe. Residents of the building were allowed to return to the building.

Armed Criminal Act: 7/28 at 6:18pm – Hurd Rd
Victim reported that she was woken up by a male suspect who had entered her apartment, held her down, strangled her, and then fled from the apartment. She also reported the suspect to be holding a black colored frying pan above her head during the assault, but at no time struck her with it.  Victim had slight swelling to the top left side of her lip and had a small scratch/redness on her back.  Upon inspecting the scene, officers found no signs of forced entry but did find a screwdriver that might have been left by the suspect. Male suspect is described as being a light skinned black or Middle Eastern male (not Hispanic) with a heavy accent, 25-35 years old, no facial hair, wearing a black bandana or doo rag on his head, and possibly wearing a long sleeve shirt/maybe white in color. Victim stated that she believes that the male suspect lives in the area.

Operating to Endanger: 7/30 at 1:51am –Channing Rd
Officers observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on Boylston St approaching Fisher Av. Registration check revealed that the operator had an expired Learners Permit. Operator was placed into custody for Failure to stop for a Police Officer, Operating to Endanger, Racing to break a record and speeding. 

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