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Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 Subjects Charged with Unarmed Robbery. Was it Worth It To Steal A Cellphone?

Sector 3 & 5
Robbery: 8/2 at 12:05am - Washington St towards Corey Rd

Officer responded to a report of a robbery that occurred in the area of Washington St. and Corey Rd. Female victim stated that as she was walking home from the train stop at Washington St, two Hispanic males approached her from the front and grabbed her cell phone out of her left hand. She said that she was listening to music and had the phone up in front of her as she was walking and she did not see the two suspects until they were right in front of her. One subject grabbed the phone and took off running down the sidewalk towards Beacon Street. Both subjects then got into a black vehicle that was parked and fled in the direction of Washington St/Downing Rd. Victim described the first suspect as a Hispanic male in his early to mid 20s wearing a black shirt, a black flat brimmed hat, short black hair, clean shaven with no facial hair. The second suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his early to mid 20s wearing a black hat. At approximately 12:55am, a Boston Police Officer observed a vehicle, with no front plate, traveling into Brookline from Brighton matching both the description of the vehicle used in the robbery as well as the description of the suspects. This information was pass on on to Brookline Officers. With this information, a Brookline Police Officer spotted the vehicle and proceeded to followed the vehicle. The officer ran the plate and it came back to match a different vehicle. The officer pulled over the black vehicle and found a screwdriver and a cell phone that matched the description of those stolen from the female victim. Female victim recognized the two subjects in the vehicle as the suspects who stole her cell phone. Based on the description by the victim and the Show-Up ID, both suspects were placed under arrest and transported to the Brookline Police station separately. Both subjects will be charged with Unarmed Robbery.

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