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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Police Reports 7/30

Larceny: 7/30 between 5:30pm & 5:45pm – Beacon St
Victim reported that he had cash removed from his wallet. While he was on the run with a friend, victim left his shorts hidden behind a bush in the indoor atrium. He later discovered cash he had recently withdrawn from an ATM was missing. Officer will attempt a follow up.

Accident: 7/30 at 5:20pm – Aspinwall Ave
The operator of a vehicle veered off the road and struck another vehicle parked on the road. Two parties in the car were transported to the hospital for minor injuries.

Larceny: 7/30 between 9:00am & 5:00pm– Hurd Rd 
Victim stated that she found her scooter missing from where it was parked and locked in a parking lot. The scooter, along with a white helmet, a chain and a lock were all missing. A stolen vehicle report was filled out and entered by dispatch.

Recovered Scooter: 7/30 at 5:37pm - Talbot Ave
Missing scooter stolen from Hurd Rd was recovered from Dorchester.

Fraud: 7/30 at 4:45pm – Columbus St
Victim came into the station to report fraudulent activity. Victim stated that he purchased concert tickets from an individual online but never received any tickets. He attempted to contact the individual but was unsuccessful. Upon further investigation, officer was able to retrieve contact information of the unknown individual.

Accident: 7/30 at 2:55pm - Harvard St
Officer responded to a scene of a motor vehicle accident. Victim stated that her vehicle was hit in the rear by another motor vehicle. The operator of the other vehicle was issued a citation for following too closely. A passenger who was secure in a child seat in the back seat was transported to the hospital. No other injuries were reported.

Assault: 7/30 at 11:45 am – St. Paul St and Egmont St
Several units were dispatched for a dispute between a female victim and a male subject. Female victim suspects that a male subject, who had twice previously spit on her, flicked a lit filtered cigar at the back of her head. Female victim claimed that the attack was completely unprovoked. Male subject was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon.

Accident: 7/30 at 9:25am – Newton St
While traveling west on Newton St, a wheel located on the rear axle of a street sweeper broke loose and struck two parked vehicles. One of the vehicle sustained minor damage to the front left quarter panel.

Identity Fraud: 7/12 at 12:16pm & 10:51pm - Columbus, Ohio
Victim reported that there were two separate accounts of fraud use on her debit card. No further fraudulent activity was identified on the card. Her debit card was cancelled and the bank was notified of the fraudulent activity.

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