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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25th- 26th

April 25th- 26th

Occurred at 5:26 PM (4/25) – Brook Street/ Aspinwall Avenue

Officers conducted a traffic stop for marked lane violation. Upon investigation officers learned that the driver’s license was suspended. The subject was subsequently placed under arrests for operating after suspension. Officers learned that the passenger of the vehicle had syringes with residue of what appeared to be heroin. The subject was subsequently placed under arrests for possession of a Class a substance. During the prisoners search at the station officers discovered two clear plastic bags of substances that appeared to be consistent with heroin on the driver’s person. The driver was additionally charged with possession of Class A with intent to distribute, and violation of a Drug free school zone.

Larceny from a Building:

Occurred between 5:30 PM (4/15) and 6:00 AM (4/19) – Beacon Street

Officer responded to a report of larceny from a building. Upon arrival officers met with the victim who stated the building is under construction. The construction owner stated that several tools were missing from the site. An electrician also working in the same building complained of missing tools as well. All employees have been advised to remove their tools from the premises before leaving at night.

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