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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brookline Police Commendations

The Brookline Police Department would like to congratulate the following Officers and Dispatchers for receiving Letters and Certificates of Commendation for excellence in performance of duties. For additional information please see the Brookline Police Website.

- Detective Lieutenant Andrew Lipson
- Detective Keith Lacy
- Detective Carlos Crespo
- Detective Jennifer Paster
- Detective Kenneth McHugh
- Patrol Officer Russell O’Neill
- Detective Matthew McDonnell
- Patrol Officer Timothy Stephenson
- Patrol Officer John Bradley
- Patrol Officer Michael Fay
- Patrol Officer Steven Yung
- Patrol Officer Robert M. Collins
- Patrol Officer Michael Disario
- Patrol Officer James Reardon
- Dispatcher Steven LaBelle
- Dispatcher Michelle Slavin
- Sergeant Richard Barron
- Patrol Officer Thomas Maquire
- Patrol Officer Sean O’ Brien
- Patrol Officer Alfred Amendola
- Patrol Officer Mark Harrington
- Patrol Officer Deborah Hatzieleftheriadis
- Patrol Officer Peter Muise
- Dispatcher Kevin Lessard
- Patrol Officer Yu Kajita

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