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Friday, September 25, 2009

September 24,2009

September 24, 2009

Attempted Robbery

· Occurred at 5:45 pm at 25 Harvard St.

Victim reports that as she was walking in the parking lot in the rear of the building she was grabbed by the neck and felt a hand against her back. She states that the subject began to demand money from her at which time she screamed very loudly and turned. She says when she did this the suspect laughed and then ran away. The Victim describes the suspect as a very thing black man, 5”5 wearing a very bright T-shirt, and jeans. He appeared to be about 15 years of age, and may have had either clear braises or a retainer in his mouth.

Attempted Robbery

· Occurred between 5:50 pm and 5:53 pm 1 Kent St at Amden Pl.

Victim reports that as she was walking through the parking lot between Kent St and Station St heading towards the Brookline Village MBTA stop she noticed a subject on the other side of the lot. The subject followed behind her, grabbed her arm, and demanded her to give him all her money. He repeated this a few more times. The victim describes the suspect as a very thin black man, 5”5, wearing a very dark neon orange T-shirt, and dark jeans. His hair was cropped short and appeared to be in his late 20’s.

Breaking and Entering

· Occurred between 6:15 pm and 8:15 pm at 67 Harvard St.

Victim reports that the passenger side window of the vehicle was pushed down and her radio had been tampered with. Nothing was reported stolen

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