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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 24th-29th Police Reports

September 24th-29th Police Reports

Tip of the week: Washing hands periodically throughout the day prevents spreadable viruses like H1N1 and the seasonal flu.

Accident of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred 3:59PM (9/29) – 1634 Beacon St.

Victim called police in regards to having been involved in a accident. Victim stated that the individual fled the scene after having struck her vehicle and caused damage from the midpoint of the passenger’s side to the rear quarter panel. A witness of the incident was able to provide the registration number. Police were able to locate the offending owner and issued a citation marked “Criminal Application.”


  • Occurred 1:06AM (9/26) – 170 Winchester St.

Police responded to a call of an altercation between five males. The caller stated that three males had been seen assaulting another individual. The caller was able to provide police with the license plate of the vehicle in which the three suspects had left after physically assaulting the victim. Police were able to locate the suspects and question them in regards to the incident. All three suspects were placed under arrest. Each of the suspects were charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. A fourth person was in possession of a stick that had been used to assault one of the suspects during the altercation. That subject will be summonsed to court and charged with assault.

  • Occurred 11:18PM (9/26) – 1407 Beacon St.

Police responded to a call of a dispute between two individuals that had become physical. Police were able to question both parties. Victim was taken to the hospital. Subject was placed under arrest for assault and battery.

  • Occurred 1:03PM (9/29) – Beacon St/Harvard St.

Police responded to a local supermarket for a fight involving two young males. Victim stated that suspect had struck him after accusing him of having stolen his bike. Victim stated that he had bought the bike off an unknown individual in his neighborhood. Suspect will be summonsed to court for assault and battery. The bike in question was confiscated and placed into storage for safekeeping.

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 6:15PM (9/24) and 8:15PM (9/24) – Harvard St.

Victim reported having found her passengers side window of her vehicle having been pushed down. Victim noticed that her radio had been tampered with. Victim stated she is unable to roll up her window.

  • Occurred between 7:00PM (9/26) and 7:00AM (9/27) – 85 Egmont St.

Victim reported that someone had broken into her vehicle and stolen her GPS unit. Victims found that front passenger side window of her car smashed. Victim stated that nothing else had been missing from the vehicle.

  • Occurred between 10:00PM (9/26) and 9:58AM (9/27) – Boylston St.

Victim reported that someone had broken into her vehicle by having smashed the passenger side window with a rock. Victim stated that the items that were stolen were an IPod and a DVD set of headphones. Victim was advised to contact her insurance company.

  • Occurred between 9:00PM (9/28) and 7:40AM (9/29) – Cypress St.

Victim reported that his vehicle had been broken into through the suspect having smashed the right front window. Victim stated that his GPS and a DVD FM radio were the only items taken. Detectives will be processing the vehicle for prints.


  • Occurred between 1:00PM (9/24) and 11:30PM (9/24) – Beacon St.

Victim reported having arrived to her apartment and finding the door left unlocked. Victim stated that once inside she found everything had been left in a state of disarray. Victim reported that nothing had been missing. Police observed that the suspect had gained entry through a rear window and exited through the front door. Pair of glasses was submitted into evidence for the possibility of fingerprints.

  • Occurred between 3:30PM (9/25) and 12:00PM (9/26) – 44 Hammond Pond Pk.

Victim reported that her contractor had pointed out pry marks that were found on the rear door of her home. Detectives will be processing the scene.

  • Occurred between 11:30PM (9/26) and 5:15PM (9/27) – Naples Rd.

Victim reported that his laptop and IPod were stolen. A check of the apartment showed nothing else had been missing. Victim’s roommate stated that a few items were out of place as though moved so that the suspect could gain access to the stolen items. Subject reported having seen a mysterious gold colored mini van that had sped away abruptly when it had been beeped at.


  • Occurred 10:29AM (9/25) – 350 Washington St.

Police were in possession of a search warrant for the residence of a potential suspect involved in numerous graffiti tags. Suspect’s roommates stated that the individual was no longer living at the residence. Based on the results of the search warrant and their findings, police have applied for an arrest warrant for the suspect.

  • Occurred between 9:00PM (9/25) and 7:15AM (9/28) – 64 Westbourne Tr.

A custodian at a local school reported that he found numerous doors and school property to have been defaced with spray paint. Photos were taken of all the marks. A school department employee was able to remove all the graffiti marks.

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (9/26) and 10:40AM (9/28) – 678 Brookline Av.

The manager of a local animal hospital reported graffiti marks found on the rear of the building. Pictures were taken to be submitted into evidence. Police will be following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 2:00PM (9/26) and 6:39PM (9/28) – 5 Davis Av.

Subject reported having come across graffiti marks on the building across his alleyway. Police observed the marks which are consistent with those found on other occasions. Photos of the marks were taken for evidence.


  • Occurred 4:27PM (9/22) – 312 Harvard St.

Subject reported that a stroller was stolen from his store. Suspect was described as an older white female, approximately 5’7,” around 145 pounds, gray hair, wore tinted glasses, gray sweater, shorts, and had leather brown sandals. The stroller was green with black. Detectives will be following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 2:30PM (9/25) and 7:30PM (9/25) – 3 Lawrence Rd.

Victim reported that someone had stolen his backpack from a local park. Victim stated he had not seen any suspicious individuals or anyone in possession of the bag.

  • Occurred between 7:30PM (9/26) and 12:24PM (9/27) – Lancaster Tr.

Victim reported that a bag of mulch had been stolen from her front yard. Victim had left three bags overnight and found one of them missing the next day. A report was filed.

  • Occurred 1:33PM (9/27) – Beacon St.

Police were called to a local store where a wanted suspect for a robbery had been seen. Police were able to positively identify the suspect for a previous theft and placed her under arrest. Numerous stolen items were found in her possesion. Suspect will be charged for shoplifting and receiving stolen property.

  • Occurred between 6:00PM (9/28) and 7:54AM (9/29) – 254 Cypress St.

Victim reported having found the drivers side of his vehicle propped open by a plastic milk crate. Victim stated that the driver’s side front wheel and tire had been removed. No other items had been removed from the vehicle. Victim was advised to contact his insurance company.

  • Occurred between 9:30PM (9/28) and 6:30AM (9/29) – 39 Lancaster Tr.

Victim reported having found his vehicle placed onto a milk crate to keep the vehicle from resting on the ground. Victim stated that he is unable to locate the vehicles lug nuts. Police found the lug nuts in a damp portion of the grass. A maintenance worker approached police to state that he found the victim’s car missing its right front tire/rim. Victim was advised to contact his insurance company.

  • Occurred 12:00PM (9/29) – 4 Brookline Pl.

Victim reported that someone had stolen her bag that contained her camera. Victim hadn’t seen any suspicious individuals. Detectives will be following up on the case for a possible resale of the camera.

  • Occurred between 10:00PM (9/26) and 2:00AM (9/27) – Kent St.

Victim stated that her laptop and cell phone had been taken from her room during a party that was held at her apartment. Victim was able to identify two possible suspects who happened to be the only ones with a duffel bag. Victim will be providing a list of the guests and their phone numbers.

  • Occurred between 5:00PM (9/29) and 5:45PM (9/29) – 31 Pleasant St.

Victim reported that her wallet was stolen from her bag when she was at the local library. Victim had canceled her credit cards. Victim was advised to cancel all her cards and to contact the credit reporting bureau.

  • Occurred 8:53PM (9/29) – 361 Washington St.

Victim reported that his computer bag was stolen of a bench at the local library. The bag contained a great deal of important documents. Victim had searched the local trash containers hoping the documents may have been thrown away.

  • Occurred between 6:00PM (9/29) and 10:30PM (9/29) – Amory St/Commonwealth St.

Victim stated that his scooter was stolen while it was parked next to a tree. A report was filed. There were no witnesses at the time of the theft.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 10:00PM (9/24) and 11:00AM (9/25) – 12 University Rd

Victim reported that the window pane, of his building, in the vestibule door was found smashed. The damage to the window was consistent with someone hitting the window and spidering as a result.

  • Occurred 3:15PM (9/27) – Babcock St.

Victim reported that someone had broken a stained glass window of his front porch. Victim stated that he has no known enemies. Police observed a metal design that was bent within the window suggesting that strong force had been used. Police searched the surrounding areas for possible suspects. The damage to the window appears more of vandalism then an attempt of a breaking and entering.

  • Occurred between 3:00PM (9/25) and 7:02AM (9/27) – 54 Egmont St.

A local property manager contacted police in regards to having found damage done to a door that had been put in place to seal off a boiler room. Victim stated that the boiler room had a fire recently so the basement was under investigation. The door that had been boarding the room was left locked but had its bolts removed. Victim is unsure of who could have caused the damage.

  • Occurred 9:13PM (9/28) – High St.

Police responded to the scene of a dispute involving a father and son. Police observed a damaged laptop that the son had broke during the heated argument. Subject was placed under arrest for malicious damage of property.

Not Duly Licensed

  • Occurred 6:13PM (9/25) -7 Franklin St.

Police stopped subject for a motor vehicle violation. Subject was asked for his license and registration. Subject stated that he was operating without a license. Subject will be summonsed to court for causing gridlock and operating without a license.

Operating after Suspension

  • Occurred between 2:53AM (9/25) and 3:30AM (9/25) – Beacon St/Centre St

Suspect was stopped for failing to stop for a red signal. Suspect’s license check came back as having been suspended. Police also confirmed a straight warrant that was out on the suspect. Suspect was placed under arrest for the straight warrant and for operating after suspension.

  • Occurred 11:54PM (9/24) – 323 Boylston St.

Subject was stopped during a routine traffic stop for an expired license plate. Subject was given a citation to give to the owner of the vehicle for having allowed operation of a suspended registration. Owner will be summonsed to court for the offense. The license plates were taken off the vehicle and placed into evidence.

  • Occurred 12:39AM (9/25) – 1793 Beacon St.

Subject was stopped for driving without any headlights or tail lights. Subjects license check came back suspended. Subject will be summonsed to court for operating after suspension, operating a vehicle without a license, and operating with no headlights at night.

  • Occurred 5:14PM (9/25) – 283 Harvard St.

Subject was stopped by police after having blocked traffic. Police had observed that the suspect was busy on his cell phone and was driving without a seat belt. Subjects license check came back suspended, along with a revoked registration. Subject was informed of his additional violations and placed under arrest. Subject was issued a citation for operating after suspension, revoked insurance, causing gridlock, impeded operation, and not wearing a seat belt.

  • Occurred 2:51AM (9/27) – 0 Dummer St.

Subject was stopped by police for driving down the wrong way on a local street. Subject’s license check came back as expired. Subject’s right to operate a motor vehicle in MA had been suspended as well. Subjects license was seized and he will be summonsed to court.

Protective Custody

  • Occurred 12:26AM (9/24) – Davis Av/Elm St.

Police observed an individual lying in the middle of the road. Subject had gotten up and started to walk away but returned a short while later to lie on the road once again. Police were able to get subject off the road and question him. Subject stated that he had been at a bar earlier. Police observed that he had alcohol emanating from his breath and slurred speech. Subject was placed under arrest for his intoxication and questionable behavior.


  • Occurred between 5:50PM (9/24) and 5:53PM (9/24) – 1 Kent St. at Amden Place

Suspect was placed under arrest for attempting to rob an individual at a bus stop. Suspect is a juvenile. Therefore, suspect’s parents were called to the police station and explained of the actions of their son. Suspect’s parents were advised that their son would be held without bail and sent to a juvenile facility. Suspect will be charged with Unarmed Assault with Intent to Rob.


  • Occurred 10:17PM (9/27) – St Paul St.

Police were called by the victim who was in fear of her safety. Victim reported that while her daughter’s father was dropping off their child, he had threatened to hurt the victim several times. Suspect will be summonsed to court for the threats.

Traffic Offense

  • Occurred 4:34PM (9/26) – 774 Boylston St.

Subject was stopped for speeding. Subject stated that he didn’t have a license. Subject was placed under arrest and will be cited for operating a motor vehicle without a license and speeding.

  • Occurred 1:10PM (9/28) – 300 Harvard St.

Subject was stopped by police for having been double parked and blocking traffic. Subject was asked for a license and registration but was unable to provide one. Subject was cited for obstructing the free flow of traffic and for not being duly licensed to operate a motor vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was cited for allowing an improper person to operate a motor vehicle. Subject was sub sequentially placed under arrest when the police confirmed that she lied about her identity

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