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Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 23rd Police Reports

September 23rd Police Reports


  • Occurred between 9:19PM (9/22) and 9:20PM (9/22) – 191 Clyde St.

Police were granted a search warrant to search a vehicle suspected of being used in a series of robberies. Police located the car and after a search of the trunk, were able to retrieve a large quantity of confirmed stolen property. All seized items were placed into evidence. Police were given surveillance footage that had been taken during the robbery. Two suspects were placed under arrest.


  • Occurred 1:39PM (9/23) – 678 Brookline Av.

While on patrol, police observed a series of graffiti tags on the rear wall of a local animal hospital. An overnight technician was able to give an approximate time in which the tags could have been placed. Police will be following up on the case.


  • Occurred 8:32AM (9/23) – 900 Commonwealth Av

Police responded to a local store for report of a female suspect that had fled the store after attempting to steal cosmetics. Police were able to catch up to the suspect and question her. The store manager stated that he had notified the suspect that he will be contacting police, at which point she dumped the items and ran out the store. Police placed suspect under arrest for shoplifting.

Straight Warrant

  • Occurred 6:33AM (9/23) – Addington Rd/Addington Rd

Police responded to a call of an individual sleeping on a local park bench and being obnoxious to those passing by. Police were able to question the subject as to whether he had a place of residence and why he was sleeping in the park. Police ran a check on the subject within their system which turned up a warrant out in the subject’s name. Subject was placed under arrest for the warrant.

Traffic Offense

  • Occurred 8:40AM (9/23) – Boylston St/Philbrick Rd

Police observed suspect having sped through a red light and coming in close contact of hitting pedestrians, during the process. Suspect was stopped and cited for operating to endanger, failure to stop for a red signal, and failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

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