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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Police Report June 29th-July 1st

June 29th, 2007


· Occurred at 3p.m. (6/29)- 204 Chestnut Street

A woman reported that her child’s bike, a blue and white Mongoose; had been stolen from 204 Chestnut Street at around 3pm on June 28th. The bike was valued at $200.

· Occurred at 1:50p.m.(6/29)- 400 Washington Street

A victim came into the station to report a stolen green Trek Antelope 800 bicycle. The victim stated he left his bike unlocked at 400 Washington Street and unattended for several hours. Upon his return his bicycle was gone. The bike was valued at around $100.

· Occurred at 10:50p.m. (6/29)- 419 Washington Street

A victim reported a stolen 18 speed red and gray Mongoose bicycle. The victim said he locked the bike at around 8pm. Upon his return at 10:50pm the bike was missing. The bike was valued at $250.

· Occurred at 10:40a.m. (6/29)- 117 Clinton Road

Officers responded to 117 Clinton Road at approximately 10:40am to a call of a breaking and entering, and larceny of a motor vehicle. Upon arrival the victim reported to police she had found her car unlocked and her purse missing the morning of June 29th. The purse contained $90; no forced entry of the vehicle was discovered.

June 30th, 2007


· Occurred at 1:54p.m. (6/30)- 1129 Beacon Street

Upon arrival officers spoke with two witnesses who reported seeing two males leaning over a scooter. One of the witnesses went to investigate and found the scooter running and the front starter panel ripped off, lying on the ground next to the scooter. At this point witnesses called police. The witnesses were able to give police a through description of the suspects seen by the scooter. At this point officers several blocks away on Longwood Ave. radioed in after reporting seeing a male on a bicycle fitting the description given by the witnesses. The juvenile was found in possession of a small screwdriver. He was placed under arrest. The juvenile is charged with possession of burglarious tools, larceny of a motor vehicle, and malicious destruction of a motor vehicle.

· Occurred at 1:17am (6/30)- Sears Road/Lee Street

Irfan M. Usman (Male, age 21) was arrested when officers responded to a motor vehicle crash on Lee St. near the rotary at Warren St. Upon arrival Officers saw a green 2006 Dodge Caravan with heavy front end damage disabled on the road, and a concrete light pole knocked over lying in the street. Usman was charged with operating while under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and a marked lanes violation.

Malicious Destruction of Property

· Occurred at 10:14am (6/30)- 71 School Street

Officers responded to a report of a car with a smashed window. The owner of the vehicle reported that the car was left in the rear parking lot of 71 School Street on June 29th at approximately 9pm. The owner returned to the vehicle the next morning (June 30th) and noticed the front passenger window smashed. Upon investigation a rock was discovered in the front seat of the automobile. Nothing was reported missing from the vehicle.

Malicious Damage

· Occurred at 7p.m (6/30)- Hawes Street/Colchester Street

Officers responded to the intersection of Hawes Street and Colchester Street for a report of an attempted larceny of a motor vehicle. The owner of the vehicle stated he had parked his car on Hawes Street and Colchester, at around 7pm. Upon return he noticed his window smashed.

July 1st 2007

Crime Report


  • Occurred at 11:02 p.m. (7/1/07)- Longwood Avenue (C#3754)

A twenty-five year old female was arrested for Domestic Assault and Battery.

  • Occurred at 12:15p.m. (7/1)-92 Harvard Street (C#3737)

Sharon Surprise (female age 37) allegedly entered the home of a neighbor demanding money for medication. Upon being rejected the funds Surprise apparently punched the man in the head, and then again demanded cash. Surprise was arrested at her home without incident.


-Occurred at 9a.m. (7/01) -1030 Commonwealth Avenue

Upon arrival Officers noticed the front door of the establishment (Kayuga Japanese Cuisine) completely smashed and partially open. The store owner stated that around $600, and a Dell lap-top computer had been stolen from the cash register. Upon further investigation the officers noticed the phone lines behind the building outside in the ally had been severed. This tactic prevented the alarm company from being immediately notified of the break in.

-Occurred at 5p.m. (7/01)- 5 Caitlin Road

The owner of the vehicle reported he had gone away on vacation on June 24th, and had just returned. Upon arrival the owner found his car’s drivers side window smashed. The owner noticed his Garmin c550 GPS device valued at $800 missing from the dashboard


-Occurred at 11:17pm (7/1/07) -179 Babcock Street

The victim reported that she was leaving a friends house when she heard several people running from behind her. When she reached the corner of Babcock and Dwight Street, a male ran from her right side grabbed her by the shoulders. As the male held the victim, 3 females proceeded to rifle through her pockets, grabbing her purse. Among the items stolen were a leather handbag, cell phone, an iPOD shuffle, a Sony digital camera, and a ladies wallet containing several credit cards. The victim was advised to immediately cancel the credit card services. The victim was able to give police an accurate description of the suspects. The group was described as consisting of three female’s who all had dark skin tone, and were all early to mid 20’s, one of the females was wearing a blue shirt.

-Occurred at 11:31p.m (7/01) - Harvard Street and Naples Road

Officers responded to a report of a robbery which took place on Harvard St near Commonwealth Avenue. The two victims who were visibly shaken were interviewed by police. They reported they were walking along Harvard Street with hooked arms listening to an iPOD, when suddenly they were split apart by a female who demanded everything the two had. The female was accompanied by 3 males and 1 other female. The females were described as 18-24 years old one of the females is about 5’6” and was last seen wearing a white shirt and black headband. The other female was described as being 5’8” with dark skin tone also wearing a white shirt with a black headband. One of the males involved was described as 18-24 years of age with a medium build and was last seen wearing a white shirt. The other two suspects were described as dark skin tone and both were wearing white shirts.

Motor Vehicle Theft

-Occurred at 7p.m. (7/01)-1 Larz Anderson park

Dispatch received a call of a stolen motor vehicle. The owner reported he parked the car on Goddard Avenue by the lower lot of Larz Anderson park. The owner entered the park at around 3pm and last saw his car around 6:50pm. When he arrived 20 minutes later the owner discovered his car missing. The owner reported all his doors were locked and the keys were in his possession. The owner could not give an estimated amount for the cars value.


-Occurred at 1:25p.m. (7/01)- 1530 Beacon Street

Officers met with a woman who claimed the two involved used to be roommates but were not getting along. The victim had moved out of the apartment two weeks ago and was staying with a friend. The victim returned to 1530 Beacon Street at approximately 12:30pm July 1st, to secure some of her property. Upon arrival the roommate became angry with the victim allegedly raising her hand in a striking manner as well as throwing a magazine in her direction. The argument then turned verbal in which the victim alleges the roommate said she would “kill you”, with the threat targeting the victim. After that statement there was no further discussion between the two and the victim promptly exited the apartment and reported the incident to the Brookline Police Department. The police spoke with the roommate who said she did not want any problems with police and the roommate could come back to claim her property at anytime without incident.

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