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Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th Police Report


Occurred at 12:07AM (7/05)- 19 Eliot Cres.

Denis Slivka was arrested and charged with Operating while Under the Influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a property damage crash, driving on the sidewalk, and driving with an open container of alcohol. Officers responded to 59 Eliot Street. Upon arrival officers noticed a vehicle crashed into the porch of the residence. The vehicle had apparently jumped the curb and knocked down a tree, before crashing into the porch. Upon speaking with witnesses police learned that Slivka had crashed into a fire hydrant then continued to drive down the road while being chased on foot by a resident. The car then crashed into the front of the residence at 59 Eliot Circle. In the car police found an empty Jack Daniels bottle, a ¾ full bottle of vodka, and an empty wine bottle and an empty beer bottle. Subject was arrested and transported to Beth Israel Hospital.


· Occurred between 11PM (7/03) and 2:24AM (7/04)- 234 Harvard Street

Officers responded to Kashmir Food & Spices in response to an audible alarm. Officers noticed a large hole in the wall leading to 232 Harvard Street, as well as a store shelf knocked over. It appears the suspect broke into the neighboring cleaners at 232 Harvard then broke through the wall into Kashmir Food & Spices. No items were reported missing at this time.

· Occurred between 7PM (7/03) and 2:27AM (7/04)- 232 Harvard Street

Officers responding to an alarm at 234 Harvard Street discovered a hole leading to Harvard Cleaners at 232 Harvard Street. Upon investigation it was discovered a door to the cleaners was forced open. Officers found multiple items missing as well as a file cabinet which had been pryed open. Among the items stolen are a water bottle, a crow bar, a hammer, a Red Sox baseball cap, and two boxes of perishable food.


· Occurred between 10PM (7/03) and 8:08AM (7/04)- 1067 Beacon Street

Officers responded to a call of a larceny. Upon arrival officers spoke with the victim who said that over night a Dwarf Boxwood (small bush) had been stolen from her property. The bush was valued at $75.

· Occurred between 4PM (7/01) and 4PM (7/02)-50 Goddard Avenue

Victim reported on 7/04 that sometime between Sunday and Monday an unknown suspect broke into a storage room located in the building (Polmanakos Dormitory) and stole his suitcase. The police notified the proper authorities at Hellenic College. The suitcase was valued at $500.

Malicious Damage

· Occurred between 1:30AM and 8:59AM (7/04)- 30 New Terrace Road

Victim reported that sometime over the night someone had smashed the side front and passenger windows in her automobile which was locked. In addition to the broken windows officers discovered the left rear tire punctured. The value of this damage is unknown.

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