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Friday, July 6, 2007

July 5th Police Reports


Occurred at 8:52AM (7/05)- Harvard Street/Thorndike Street

Eric Swartz was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle after suspension, and a number plate violation. Police noticed a vehicle without a front license plate. After pulling the vehicle over Officers learned the driver’s license to operate was suspended. Eric Swartz was subsequently arrested.

Bomb Threat

Occurred between 1:27PM (7/05) and 3:20 (7/05)- 1 Harvard Street

Officers responded to a call from a receptionist at Northeast Security. Victim reported that at approximately 1:04PM he received a call the caller said, “There’s a {explicit} bomb in the building get the {explicit} people out now”. Police evacuated the building, and did a security sweep concentrating on any suspicious packages, none were found. Police are looking into who made the false claim.

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