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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Police Report July 2nd


· Occurred at 7:07p.m. (7/2)-Washington Street/Corey Road

. Robert Desautels was arrested and charged with possession of a class D substance (Marijuana) with intent to distribute. In addition to the drugs officers found a large amount of cash, a glass pipe, several lighters, as well as a box cutter.

Operating Violation

· Occurred at 2:11a.m. (7/2)- Boylston Street/ Brington Road

Officers traveling in their squad car observed a vehicle with an expired registration sticker. Officers pulled the car over and informed the driver he would be summoned to court for having an expired Registration and Operating After Suspension.

· Occurred at 5:37p.m. (7/02)- 1408 Beacon Street

While on patrol officers observed a vehicle that appeared to have an expired registration. When pulling the driver over for that violation police learned he has an expired license. The subject will summoned to court for Operating After Suspension and Operating an unregistered motor vehicle.


· Occurred at 10:30p.m (7/01) to 8:14a.m. (7/02)- 111 Holland Road

Victim reports that he parked his rented car in the driveway of 111 Holland Road at 10:30p.m upon return to the vehicle the next morning he discovered the passenger side window smashed and a GPS navigation device missing from the dashboard. The GPS device was valued at $300. No other items were taken from the vehicle.

· Occurred at 9:10p.m. (6/26)- 10 Brookline Place West

On July 2nd Police responded to the New England Art Institute on a report of larceny. Police met with the security director for the school, who explained that on June 26th a male came into the building and when asked to sign in he wrote illegibly. Cameras capture the man checking doors to residences in the building. When he found a door unlocked the suspect entered the residence then proceeded to steal a lap-top computer. The computer was valued at $200. This case is still under investigation.

· Occurred between 8a.m. and 12:06p.m. and from (1/29)-(7/02)- 750 Commonwealth Avenue

Police responded to the Guitar Center store on July 2nd for a report of a larceny. The manager explained that on 7/02 he discovered one of the guitars valued at $3750 missing from the store. He explained he last saw the guitar on 1/29 while doing inventory.

· Occurred at 7a.m (7/02)-230 Heath Street

Officers responded to a dwelling where the owner said a man had broken into his house and stolen goods. The man said the house was broken into sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Entry was made by breaking a back door window. The suspect stole $400 from the homeowner’s wallet which was left on the kitchen table.

Malicious Damage

· Occurred between 8:15a.m. and 4:50p.m. (7/02) -233 Tappan Street

Caller informed officers that he and his wife had left their residence at around 8:15a.m when they returned at 4:50p.m, they discovered damage to their home. The front storm door was broken.

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